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  2. Looking for a group to play with and have some fun
  3. PC Look for group Eng or LV
  4. Looking for team (Dutch)
  5. [DAWN] Quantum Dawn Gaming is recruiting all operators for PC!
  6. Recrutement Team Competitif [ PC !!!! ]
  7. Rainbow Six Siege - Post your Uplay ID
  8. Adult only EU clan is recruiting
  9. Search Team for RB6S (EU Deutsch/English
  10. North American Team Taking Profiles [Competitive Talent Search]
  11. Mercenary Games
  12. Looking for team Rainbow Six Siege :)
  13. Looking for group(Lets make some squads)
  14. Dutch Elite Division |DeD|
  15. [PC] HEAT clan (Greek team) looking for players from Greece.
  16. ATG - Anzac Tactical Gamers - PC - Australia recruiting
  17. looking for active pc clan
  18. *=SAS=* Stars and Stripes ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)
  19. Looking For r6 Siege team| 15 years of r6 experience
  20. Looking for rainbow 6 siege team
  21. eMpire MultiGaminG recruiting FR & BE players
  22. Gunchester
  23. RainbowSix Siege Competition PC
  24. QC Team Competitive RainbowSix Siege
  25. [TeamCGN] Recruiting PC Gamers
  26. [TG] Tactical Gaming Community Is RECRUITING EU & US
  27. [GROM] Gramy po polsku!
  28. RainbowSix:Siege Search Players/Team
  29. Looking for Team [EU/PC] with eSports ambitions (Competitive Team)
  30. Looking fir Esports team.
  31. Gamer-Community Team Pyrolyse sucht (competitive und casual)
  32. [PC][US] vN- E-Sports Recruiting
  33. TAW Recruiting Gamers for Rainbow Six Siege, Big and Friendly Community
  34. Rainbow Vet. looking for team
  35. Recruiting players to a squad! Competitive in mind! :))
  36. Warthog gaming team FR recrute
  37. Looking for fun,laid back players
  38. Rainbow six siege | shield squadron now recruiting! Pc
  39. Recrutement FR-CA (Québec, Canada)
  40. [Search] [German] [Adult] [PC] Clan
  41. India - pc users
  42. [GER] Sparta-Gaming sucht Member 18+
  43. aSp Clan sucht Member 16+
  44. Looking for competitive team
  45. [PC][GER] | Jianji - JnJ | Wir suchen Teamspieler! (18+)
  46. looking for HongKong player
  47. Vanguard Gaming - Recruiting the best of the best.
  48. Looking For Team/Clan with EXP Preferred
  49. Clan League - eSport gaming in Rainbow Six Siege
  50. Exile Gaming Rainbow Six Division
  51. [PC][AUS] Looking for a PC Clan based in AUS
  52. XCR Multi Gaming Clan - Recruiting - Over 18
  53. looking for milsim team
  54. [RO]looking for
  55. Deutsches zweier Team sucht Unterstützung
  56. Spieler für Squad.
  57. [EU] Looking to make a team (that could go competitive in the future)
  58. [PC][FR/ENG]Recrutement/Looking for a team serious for e-sport & tournaments
  59. [US] violent Nature- LFM
  60. I want to join a clan
  61. [U.S ONLY] Radec's Finest Recruiting serious and open minded players
  62. Abstract [EU]|Recruitment Thread
  63. [EU] Looking for high-top skilled players to stack ranked with
  64. [US] Veteran CS and CAL Admin LFG
  65. Looking for active mature and serious competitive friends to play with.
  66. New PC Gamer, Looking TCR6S for group.
  67. Searching for professional Team! [ENG/GER] [CLOSED BETA PLAYER]
  68. (TEAMSPEAK BRASIL) Para jogadores BR
  69. [GER/ENG] Playeer looking for Team/Clan [Open Beta player]/preordert
  70. Joueur FR cherche d'autres joueurs pour jouer un équipe !
  71. Searching CSGO Global's (High skill gamers) for Siege team.
  72. Evocati | Recruitment Thread - 2 String Team Searching for COMP + CASUAL players [US]
  73. [US] HeaT - Searching for one talent for competitve.
  74. Looking for an oceanic clan.
  75. [rus\eng] ВСТУПЛЮ! Собираем сквады!
  76. Co-operative Team players Wanted
  77. Looking for Team/People to play with!
  78. EU Players|Ranked
  79. [PCE] PC Elitist Gamers 18+ | US-Based Invite Only PC Gaming Community.
  80. SMFC on CSGO Looking for Teammates
  81. searching for dutch clan
  82. Squad
  83. [PC] nPUC - EU/NA Adult Casual Clan - New to R6
  84. =VX9= India Co. // Tactical Squad - US - PC
  85. Cherche Team Quebecois
  86. US EST Player Looking for Comp
  87. Looking for team for casual-to-competitive play US EST 8-10PM Wkdy- All day wknd
  88. Looking for German Team Members!
  89. Night Watch Gaming is recruiting!
  90. Looking for english clan 18+
  91. Northern Dallas TEXAS (USA) Players - Forming Team
  92. Gunslingers ~ The Rainbow Six Siege Clan for Adults!
  93. AUS Clan recruiting.
  94. Suche Deutsche PVELer für R6S
  95. Czech / slovak
  96. [UK][LF] Mature, Fun - Friends to own casual/rank
  97. Looking for an English Clan 18+
  98. Looking for team for Terrorist hunt
  99. Looking for a Realistic Terrorist Hunt group[EU]
  100. RECRUTEMENT | InvictVs Recherche joueurs +18
  101. Suche Deutsche Spieler 18+
  102. Funclan/Feierabendzocker suchen Mitspieler
  103. LFM Danish players!
  104. [PL] Szukam graczy do gry z mikrofonem
  105. My.Conviction Clan erweitert auf Rainbow Six Siege
  106. US Player looking for people who are serious about teamwork
  107. [EU] Serious Team - Looking to play Tournaments
  108. UK player looking for players to play with
  109. Small Community, Non Clan, 18+, No Application, Language is fine.
  110. AUStralian Terrorist hunt WANTED! Realistic mode!
  111. Group
  112. GER Spieler Sucht Clan
  113. EGUK Recruiting
  114. [IT] Looking for 2-3 players to play together.
  115. [PC] League / Tournaments & Siege Wars
  116. LF a team to play some high lvl comp. with. (CSGO Global Elite)
  117. Ferocity eSports
  118. LFG Multiplayer Ranked
  119. Scottish Gamer Looking For Group
  120. [BrazilTeam] Recrutando pessoal!
  121. 15 year old boy searching for clan
  122. [BOPE] Está recrutando pessoal!
  123. Can pc players play online with ps4 R6 Siege?
  124. [TFB] Task Force Bravo
  125. Suche Mitspieler oder Gruppe der ich mich anschliessen kann
  126. Competitive Player LF People/Team/Clans to play with.
  127. Adult looking for tactically oriented folks
  128. Looking for Oceanic Clan
  129. Clan gte español
  130. Competitive Teams Looking for scrims list
  131. LF mature Group/Clan/players
  132. LF Team
  133. Mutual Sim [MS] - Looking for Mature Gamer
  134. Strict NAT type players
  135. Looking for +2
  136. Looking for friends (secret handshake included)
  137. People for ranked Today ASAP?.
  138. Clan GTE Español
  139. suche Mitspieler
  140. Zoek een NL/BE clan
  141. PC Clan AG recruiting
  142. Looking for an Uk Clan.
  143. TEAM looking to recruit players
  144. [EU]Looking for Norwegian or English Mature Players
  145. EU player looking for people to play with
  146. NA Player looking for regular group.
  147. EU player looking for steady comp group
  148. EU Players looking for more teammates
  149. US East Coast; -=ION=-
  150. Just need some friends to play with
  151. Looking for a team to play with!
  152. Wanted: Casual Players
  153. KMG Clan "Kripo Multigaming Clan"
  154. [ESP] Busco squad o grupo español
  155. US Northeast player LF serious clan
  156. [AUS/NZ] Looking for serious clan
  157. Team Special Forces
  158. Competitive player looking for friends.
  159. [PL/EU] Looking for teammates | szukam drużynki
  160. Looking for BeNeLux team/players
  161. US West Coast Players
  162. Scrims
  163. [EU] Team Looking for 2 More
  164. Medium size community - 15+
  165. Agregando amigos nuevos para jugar // Adding some friends to play with
  166. Comunidad GTE Español
  167. Looking for like-minded gamers
  168. Looking for teammates for Terrorist Hunt Realistic
  169. TD - Team Diligent Looking for people to Join Gaming Community and eSport Team NA/EU
  170. Looking for team
  171. US east coast LFG
  172. Looking for Arab players
  173. Loking for players - EU
  174. Looking for casual group [NA]
  175. Lost Boyz Wants You for RB6 Siege
  176. Cerco clan ita
  177. (EU) Looking for Tactical players or group
  178. ES Comunidad GTE Español
  179. A Touch of Madness Gaming Recruiting Now - PC
  180. eMpathy esports Seeking Players
  181. Anarchy Gaming community Recruiting
  182. Anarchy Gaming community Recruiting
  183. [DANISH] Konkurrenceminded søges!
  184. Anarchy Gaming Community looking for people to join RB6: Siege!
  185. [NA] Looking for competitive team
  186. Add me if you want to join a mature community
  187. French Canadian (Montréal) player looking for team (recherche team)
  188. Looking For People To Play T-Hunt With
  189. Anarchy Gaming Community Recruiting
  190. U.S. West Coast player
  191. [PC][EU] Looking for 1-3 players that are looking for a team and are aspiring to be t
  192. [PC][US][EST] Looking for Team Orientated Teammates
  193. [US] Looking for late night casual
  194. Fuze/Smoke Looking for a Team
  195. looking for group
  196. Scorpio Clan is recruiting
  197. (FR) Recherche team Competitive
  198. Looking for group (Dutch)
  199. [PC][NAEast] Looking for clan / group for Ranked
  200. [FR] [EU] Cherche équipe pour faire des tactiques de groupe
  201. [FR] [EU] Cherche équipe pour tactiques de groupe
  202. Belgium special forces - Friendly clan searching for any type of player
  203. Ubisoft, What Is The Standard Rule Set For Tourneys? Scrim Questions.
  204. 2 players looking for team.
  205. Looking for more, any skill
  206. Decent player looking for a decent team
  207. Team (im Aufbau) sucht 2 weitere competitive Spieler! (18+)
  208. Clan Scrims
  209. [PC][USA] LF Core Ranked Team Members (Read Entire Post)
  210. [EU/DK] 2 Players Searching for 3 players to start a Decent TEAM
  211. [GER] Suche deutschen Clan fuer taktische Games am Abend / WE
  212. Ferocity eSports looking for 3 more
  213. Team 7 sucht aktive Member!
  214. [eu] abstract | high-calibre competitions | rainbow six 10-man team
  215. [PC][SEA] Casual Players to form up
  216. [PC][EU][LFM] 2 Top-tier players, need +3
  217. [PC][AUS]/[SEA] Looking for clan/community/people to play (compet./casual)
  218. Looking For a Clan
  219. Rainbow 6 Siege Lithuanian community
  220. AUT Spieler sucht gruppe oder clan
  221. Looking for a group. (Rainbow Six Seige)
  222. East US looking for a group
  223. Sukam osób do clanu [EU][PL]
  224. Brand new and need friends
  225. ES Comunidad GTE Español
  226. Old CSGO player looking for a serious team
  227. The Tac Team [TTT]
  228. 81-3 Ranked win/loss ratio with one or only two other people half the time. I need..
  229. CST Recrute! (Cherche des joueurs Français et Motiver pour une team sérieuse)
  230. Last Operational Strike Team is recruiting new members!
  231. Far falcon gaming recruiting
  232. Looking for a team? Look no further!
  233. Søger Dansker
  234. Looking for a Clan to play with on Rainbowsix
  235. [EU,18+] 1OAK competitive team
  236. ITALIA entrate se siete ITA :D
  237. Nederlandsers OPGELET! Greater Legion is recruiting!
  238. [LFM][Steam][PC][NA][EU] Tactical Gaming's New Rainbow Six Division-Structured
  239. Looking for serious Esports TEAM!
  240. ROTA e-Sports (clan Brasileiro)
  241. NL/EU Fun Clan TSI (The Shooting Idiots)
  242. ForeVer.EU seek 4 players
  243. Looking for some people to play Rainbow Six Siege with
  244. Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast! Suche Teammitglieder.
  245. [pl] / [eng]
  246. Looking for a different team in AUS to play siege with
  247. Looking for players to squad up!
  248. Looking for team!
  249. [PC] Team Kraken EST/CST
  250. (EU) Looking for serious team to join