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  1. [EAU] Looking for ranked squad
  2. [EU] Looking For Serious HIGH LEVEL Ranked team
  3. Looking for players to join our Team
  4. [SEAS]Looking for a good ranked squad
  5. [EU] [PC] Lucky Thirteen eSports - Recruiting (Gold 1 +)
  6. [EU][ENG/GER] Looking for a serious Team
  7. Suchen 2 mates fÜr rankeds ab plat
  8. [NA/PC]-New Team Adrenaline eSports|Recruiting New Members-Try Outs Available
  9. OSG Looking for mature players
  10. [Eng - UK/EU]Two Guys looking for another three players to play ranked
  11. Looking for gold 3+ players
  12. [English Speaking][18+][PC][Community] Looking for some 18+ semi-casual fun? Try HSG
  13. [English][PC] The Immortals clan looking for members!
  14. [NA] Looking for Casual Group
  15. LF team for rankeds (EU)
  16. [EU] [PC] Lucky Thirteen eSports - Recruiting (Gold 1 +)
  17. EU - Aiming for Challenger League or higher.
  18. [PC-NA][RECRUITING]Powerhaus Gaming Recruiting Casual&Ranked Players
  19. Sync Esports Recruiting for GO4R6 and Higher Competition
  20. Shadow wolfs looking for another teams\clans\communities.
  21. English Dutch player searching for a team
  22. Former ps4 plat. Looking for some people to play with.
  23. Looking for a squad
  24. Looking for smol asian women to join me and my friend in playing this game.
  25. Noob looking for a team
  26. Looking for people to join a semi-serious clan
  27. In need of a a late night west coast clan!
  28. friends to play Rainbow six siege
  29. [PC] Greedy Criminals are looking for new members
  30. Tired of playing solo
  31. Australia - Looking for friends to Siege with.
  32. Help with Ranked! Need to climb out of Elo Hell
  33. [PC] Greedy Criminals are looking for new members!
  34. ranked help
  35. FirstImpact - 16+ | PC | EU/NA | ❢ RECRUITING ❢
  36. Looking for people (mature) to play with (RANKED and casual)
  37. Discord Looking For Players
  38. Looking for a team :D
  39. [NA] HYDRA Gaming Recruitment
  40. Looking for [mature] players for ranked and casual.
  41. Casual player looking for group
  42. Let's play Ranked and casual
  43. Zyponix is recruiting a 5v5 ranked team
  44. Gold 2 looking for a Team
  45. [NA/PC]-New Team UndeaD eSports|Recruiting New Members-Try Outs Available
  46. [N.A, PC] Cryonic - North America, Now seeking active and dedicated players!
  47. [EU/PC] Tron Gaming
  48. [Recruiting] SkaZ eSports
  49. Food Gods Discord Recruiting
  50. ScrubSquad Enlistment
  51. PC Gaming Community for grown ups
  52. looking for a Team
  53. looking for a team
  54. EU player looking for team
  55. Small new clan - The Divine Clan
  56. LFT - Rank: Silver 2 / Name: PeeingPegasus MORE INFO IN DESC!
  57. [NA/PC]-New Team| Toxicity eSports|Recruiting New Members-Try Outs Available
  58. Gold 2 Player locking for a team, EN,PT, FR
  59. Disco.Penguin looking for some people to Disco Squad D:
  60. [recruiting] SkaZ.Esports
  61. ****new team/community recruiting now! Na - pc********
  62. Looking for a team (EU)
  63. Cryptic E-Sports Looking for ESL Players
  64. Looking for group - EU
  65. looking for team - EU
  66. Searching for plat2+ team.PC/EU
  67. Looking for players for new ESL team
  68. In need of a team!!!
  69. Looking for 4 experienced players.
  70. Looking for 2 players
  71. Looking for a clan to join
  72. YouLemon sucht Verstärkung
  73. Lookin for clan. Prefering Competative/ESL Clans
  74. Militia Gaming- clan recruitment (17 or over only)
  75. DsY Clan looking for new recruits! [ESL Tournaments and ranked]
  76. New Player, wanting people to play with and teach/learn (SEA server)
  77. Je recherche une team !
  78. friends to play R6 whit !!
  79. New player search new players
  80. Seek competetive team. Ready for daily tranings. Tactics maker.
  81. Looking for people to play with.
  82. Looking for people to play with (Ranked, Mic, Mature)
  83. Looking for like minded players 20+, bronze (i've been low ranked for bad teams), mic
  84. lvl 40, copper rank looking for player that communicate
  85. I'm looking for the team , LvL 115 , Rank Gold
  86. Cheese Recruiting
  87. Looking for R6 Ranked Team
  88. Im lvl 81 and i go back and forth between copper and silver and wants people to play
  89. trying to get better
  90. Recruiting Experienced Players(LVL 80+) For Ranked
  91. [EU][NA] Svalinn Gaming
  92. [ANZ] Looking for 2 players for Ranked/Competition
  93. New M+K, Gold on PS4, looking for folks to play with while I hone my PC skills.
  94. Looking for a team
  95. Newish to pc looking for a group in NA who is down to be competitive and have fun
  96. [EU] Looking for a team who play mostly at night times.
  97. 18+, EU, Gold-Platinum, Use mic!
  98. [FoC] Community: Recruiting all ranks!
  99. Vistality Clan Recruitment
  100. Looking for a Solid team / Players for Ranked - Plat / Diamond.
  101. Looking for more good coordinated players for Ranked to join our gaming group.
  102. Looking for good NA group of players to play RANKED with.
  103. Dazed Discord!!! Come Join and make the community bigger!!!
  104. ranked/PLATS/EU
  105. Greedy Criminals are looking for new members!
  106. Good player looking for a serious ranked and go4r6 team
  107. Looking for people to play with
  108. friends to play R6 whit !!
  109. 4-Man Looking to pick up one more for PRO League
  110. Looking for high level players in EU or US.
  111. Looking for SEAS players!!
  112. About:Teammate lv
  113. I want to speak and play with someone R6
  114. Looking for GOLD players [NA]
  115. Looking for people to play Terrorist Hunt
  116. AJMO BALKANCI!!!(Cro,BiH,serb)
  117. Build a team to go pro
  118. (NA) looking for Rank/Go4 team !
  119. Rainbow Six Siege Fans!
  120. Looking for a team Gold+ (EU or NA)
  121. Looking for Go4 and Ranked Team
  122. Hello There,I'm looking for players to join my clan(for go4r6,esl)
  123. Ninja Clan Recruitment!!
  124. EX Plat looking for a main team to play ranked with prefer gold or higher
  125. Friends
  126. I would like to recruit players that Will be My MAIN RANKED TEAM
  127. Zyponix is recruiting a 5v5 ranked team
  128. [NA PC] Looking for a competitive ESL team
  129. Dutch Players
  130. 2 gold 1 palyers looking for team to play ESL ect
  131. Team Dawn Recruitment's
  132. QC Recherche une team
  133. Team Quantum Recruitment!
  134. Australia and New Zealand PRIME is recruiting
  135. SEA (WJA) Looking for English speaking Players to play ranked with! Silver~Gold
  136. Great discord channel
  137. LF clan/friends - Oceanic
  138. Looking for COPPERS. American server
  139. New player looking for clan/group
  140. New(bad)player in need of patient and friendly people to play with
  141. friends to play R6 whit !!
  142. New ESL team in the making EUW
  143. Gold Player - Looking to Play Ranked.
  144. Greedy Criminals are looking for new members!
  145. EU/PC Searching for good active rainbow six siege team
  146. Imagine Esports Recruitment for EU PC.
  147. I would like to recruit players that Will be My MAIN RANKED TEAM
  148. The Olympus discord server needs new members!
  149. HYDRA Gaming Recruitment
  150. Looking for good people
  151. Need friends to help a noob with starter edition.
  152. Looking for Team for rank
  153. [EU]/Uk Looking For Serious HIGH LEVEL Ranked team, Active!
  154. Looking to make a solid team for siege, [Comp ESL etc]
  155. MCB Looking for players
  156. Sertching Rainbow Six Siege Pro or Semi Pro Team Pc/EU
  157. Need a team for Ranked.
  158. ESL clan looking for players EU/NA
  159. LF Ranked Team
  160. Anyone want to create a brand new WEU team?
  161. [EU][ENG] Team looking for 5th. Aiming for CL/PL.
  162. We looking for a 4500+ team to play scrimmage:)
  163. Ranked Team SEA
  164. Looking for EU TEAM || ESL Boundries
  165. Team Generation (TGR) recruitment - ESL bound. ((EU))
  166. Looking for a group/New Player
  167. Looking for Team Play and Tactics
  168. eam Generation (TGR) recruitment - ESL bound. ((EU))
  169. Greedy Criminals are looking for members [pc]
  170. looking for a group
  171. Looking For Group
  172. Looking for group
  173. The slayers recruitment!!!!!!
  174. Looking for Team
  175. Need a team US, PLAT 3
  176. Dreamerz Esports is looking for a top level team to represent our organization!!
  177. Looking for players
  178. Looking for a group/Team
  179. [EU][ENG] Whatever R6S looking for a 5th for CL/PL
  180. Just looking for some people to mess around with
  181. Dreamerz Esports is looking for 2 players for our team!!
  182. DreamerZ Esports is looking for a team manager.
  183. [NA][PC] Iron Blooded Gaming - Seeking Competitive Players
  184. [NA]{PC} The Slayers Esports Recruitment: Open Tryouts
  185. [NA]{PC} The Slayers Esports Recruitment: Open Tryouts *Edited*
  186. Looking to fill friend list with team players and microphones!
  187. DaZe Team Recruitment
  188. R6 Siege
  189. Looking for Players or a Community to game with.
  190. Looking for 2 players to fill our go4/ESL/CCS team
  191. looking for 2 people!! TIRED OF PLAYING WITH BUMS
  192. Looking for Players from UK - Cov/Bham Preferred.
  193. Global Force Gaming is recruiting NA players!
  194. Tips For All Team & Clans
  195. [PC][EU] PomfPomfKimochi
  196. [Recruiting] -The Beacon- New multi-gaming community
  197. Searching either for a clan to join or for a few people to join us in ranked
  198. [Clan] Team Community-Gaming-Network (PC)
  199. `
  200. Looking for people to join clan + clan name suggestions
  201. [EU][ENG] Whatever R6S looking for a Support
  202. Searching for people to play with
  203. Lfg r6 siege
  204. Lfp r6 siege pc
  205. LF R6S Mature Players (Ranked - PC - UK)
  206. Looking For More?
  207. [EU] 18+ clan recruiting for ESL
  208. The Pack Esports are searching for more members
  209. Looking for The players To play Siege
  210. ♠ Team Apex ♠ Looking For Members! ♠
  211. LFM The route towards Pro League
  212. Procurando grupo BR
  213. MI- Rebirth of a community
  214. Looking for people/team to play RANKED /CS:GO Global
  215. LF group/clan 25+ European
  216. Cerco amici per R6
  217. LF Team
  218. looking 4 people to join my team
  219. The Ethereal Guild
  220. LFT please help!
  221. The Slayers Recruitment!!!
  222. Lone siege eX-Pro Player looking for team.
  223. [EU] Looking to go Pro - or atleast to the top. ( Read inside )
  224. [NA] Looking for Ranked Team
  225. Looking for Players that want to play Ranked and Competitive ESL MLG.
  226. Looking for Clan PC- Any server
  227. Zephyr Griffins is recruiting a 5v5 ranked team
  228. LF team to just play casual ranked
  229. Play with Soul. Recruitment. [EU] [Competetive]
  230. Rainbow Six Siege | Ela , Ying and Lesion official gameplay !!!
  231. Looking To Make Competitive/Ranked Team [EAU]
  232. Replica eSports Recruitment
  233. Looking for some people to play ranked with (Western EU)
  234. Replica player Recruitment
  235. Looking for some nice people to play ranked with (EU)
  236. [AUS/NZ] Looking for team for ranked/casual chilled out games.
  237. Discord for people to find a team
  238. FURY looking for FURIOUS players
  239. Looking for two more Players for ESL Tournaments hosted on Sundays
  240. TCK Recruiting now
  241. [EU/Pc] we are looking for a player to join our esl team :)
  242. Greedy Criminals are looking for members [pc]
  243. [EU] Player looking for team
  244. Team y royalty - NEED MEMBERS
  245. [UK] Looking for rainbow six siege players.
  246. (EU/DE) Looking for ESL Team
  247. I want to make a community !!!
  248. EUS/Looking for comp team new/old
  249. Searching for a Rank Team
  250. New Recruit Searching For Player(s) to show me the ropes!! (UK)