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  1. Flagship Gaming. Multi-gaming, Members only 18+ NA and EU
  2. Online Tournament
  3. [PC] Looking for Casual/Competitive group to play with
  4. Just looking for a group to play with ;)
  5. [PC] Beginner looking for a clan/group to play with
  6. Looking for players to join a ranked team *REQUIREMENTS*
  7. Looking for Team (Competative)
  8. [LFM] Australian Region Players
  9. Laughable Antagonists looking for fresh meat
  10. Looking For A 5th
  11. Looking for casual players/community
  12. Looking for fellow Ark players
  13. Getting into Diamond
  14. Looking for serious players/team (US)
  15. Team Cu9 is looking for players gold+ {EU}
  16. New player LF friends. EU/SWE
  17. Looking for people to play with in casual!
  18. Looking to assemble team for Ranked play. Add MooseDingles
  19. NA PC Plan Eagle 18+ Clan looking to add fun and competitive members!
  20. Need an EU Squad
  21. Plat 2 Xbox Player, now tryna play give PC siege a tryl.
  22. Hey i am making a Serious ranked Team [EUW] (NEW POST)
  23. Rainbow six siege mysteriously added to my Uplay games library.
  24. Looking for a serious player / team to join to/create
  25. New clan, recruiting people any age, EU.
  26. [NA] FTeSports -- Need 2 ESL Players -- Gold 1+
  27. Looking for a Team for serious ranked play [EUW]
  28. Looking for some People for some casual and Thrash-Talk/Derp...
  29. Looking for serious ranked team for diamond. (WEU)
  30. Noob
  31. Beginners Community
  32. PhyZz recruiting
  33. PLat 3 Looking for group US
  34. searching for Swedish people to play with. -SWE
  35. [PC][NA][EU] Project Warfare is looking for members on R6S! 18+
  36. Looking for players (Any Age/Skill)
  37. Carry me Pc
  38. Looking for some people to play ranked with [EU]
  39. [DXG] Delta Exile Gaming, Recruiting New Members! [Multiplayer Gaming Community]
  40. [NA]Looking for mature and active Players at least Gold or a 1KD to join JFR
  41. LF People! (read for more info)
  42. Looking for serious ranked team for diamond. (WEU)
  43. Match 5 Team Recruitment ESL/R6S
  44. [PC/EU] Looking for a serious team
  45. [US] Looking for players/team for ranked play
  46. looking to play with
  47. Plat skill player looking for team
  48. Hey Making A Serious competitive Team [EUW] (ELS)
  49. [PC][EU] SSq Esports is recruiting 1 experienced and serious player for Pro League
  50. Meme Team
  51. Make R6 great again
  52. Finding chill komrades and gud players )))))
  53. Recruiting Any PC Players
  54. Speak dutch? Read this!
  55. Looking for a team (ASIA Server)
  56. Unity - rekrutacja!
  57. iKEA Squad - Any rank, any level
  58. The Chaos Vanguard is recruiting! [EU] [PC]
  59. [TF] [ENG - International] Laidback R6 Clan for Casual/Ranked (The Fallen)
  60. Looking for a squad on Rank need to rank up with a real team not randoms
  61. New streamer looking to a grow community and play with like-minded players.
  62. Match 5 ESL Competitive Team R6S *Recruitment*
  63. Looking for players
  64. looking for people to play with
  65. Looking for clan members the slayers
  66. [PC] Looking for 3 players
  67. Szukam drużyny. Looking for team. [Plat+]
  68. Searching for Swedish players!
  69. Looking for some ranked teammates! (Gold 3+)
  70. Just wanna have fun
  71. Facebook pc only group
  72. Boys just wanna have fun (and win)
  73. Looking for team to play BeNeLux GO4
  74. GB player looking for a team, Rank: Gold 1
  75. [GER] Looking for a team
  76. FishLips Needs You!
  77. join us or don't I don't really care
  78. Darkside Gaming Community looking for players
  79. OPN wants you!
  80. PC player looking for team
  81. Clan recruitment for PC
  82. AOD clan looking for (new) active players
  83. [EU] Looking for a serious competitive COM cup/ frequent scrim practice team
  84. friends to play R6
  85. Looking for a team
  86. Nederlandstalige groep zoekt spelers om clan te starten
  87. Looking for plat+ team
  88. [NA] Antii Clan recruiting, looking for mature players looking to play casual/Ranked
  89. ---Team Recruitment---
  90. wanna join good team
  91. Gold 1.0kdr player looking for mature Na clan or small group
  92. Looking for people to play ranked with (EU)
  93. Looking for professional team to play with [EU]
  94. Looking for clan or players for play ranket!
  95. Streamers Making a Ranked Team.
  96. Avis aux joueurs francophones de Rainbow Six Siege !
  97. Need someone to play with
  98. New Players for FW
  99. Just a group for fun :)
  100. FBG Community
  101. Looking for good people (mature) to play ranked
  102. Youtube
  103. Tactical Gaming wants you to our Rainbow Six Siege Division
  104. Anyone up to play?
  105. Tactical Gaming wants you to our Rainbow Six Siege Division
  106. Looking for serious and mature people to play with (EU)
  107. LOOking for indian players ....
  108. [SFR-Yugoslavia] Recruiting!!!
  109. Copper Team - get outta copper train
  110. 👑Suspect eSports Organization | Professional eSports Club (Sponsored by Red Bull)👑
  111. [EU/PC] Looking for BeNeLux players! (ESL Cup)
  112. friends to play R6
  113. Looking for professional team to play with [EU]
  114. Looking for some people to play some ranked with
  115. [PC] Looking for teammates for ranked [EU]
  116. help Needed!
  117. team saturn recruiting (creation)
  118. Arruolamento Clan The Italian Basher
  119. ☢ Australian/Oceania Syn_RG Clan RECRUITING ☢
  120. Team Tera
  121. Recrutement Rainbow Six Siege - PC
  122. Looking for Team/Recruiting Team Members - (USA/NA)/(PC)
  123. Looking for Recruits @FeaR Gaming **New Clan/Team**
  124. Raze eSports - 15+ | PC | EU/NA | ❢ RECRUITING ❢
  125. [NA] Ex Semi Pro ESL Player LFTeam
  126. Team RUST
  127. 5-man premate team (eu) for some serious ranked gaming
  128. Looking for friendly people to play Siege with
  129. [PC] Looking for high gold/plat players for ESL
  130. Plat LFT to take on high plat/diam prems. EU only.
  131. Looking for Team. Ready for daily traning, and playing competetive [Plat]
  132. Battle Buddy Tactics [NA] is looking for people!
  133. Team MP
  135. Looking for clan
  136. Darkside Gaming Community NEEDS YOU!
  137. [EU][ENG/GER]Looking for a Team
  138. Supervise recruitment!
  139. [eu/pc] Tera Gaming
  140. SynRG clan Australia/Oceania RECRUITING
  141. Finding people to play with!
  142. Anyone Can Join Us! Holographic Gaming Is Recruiting [Casual, Ranked and ESL teams]
  143. TeamKickOut Looking for players!
  144. Starting A Clan
  145. Looking for Friends and/or team
  146. New clan
  147. Looking for a casual group of players?
  148. [GER][PC][18+] Kneipentruppe sucht rekruten!
  149. Recrutement eSuba [FR]
  150. Finding friends to play with
  151. [PC] LF friends to play with (read)
  152. Looking for a Team (Mature and a teamplayer)
  153. Diamond LFT
  154. LF 3-4 people to make a team
  155. Gold 2 looking for new team
  156. Looking for a clan (only ranked play)
  157. 195 Level looking for a competitive clan for ranked and training in custom game .
  158. Making a competitive team Silver/gold [EU]
  159. Looking for an active team who would play ranked
  160. Making a competitive team Silver/gold [EU] LAST 2/1 SPOTS OPEN
  161. Looking for 2 more people to join me and 2 friends looking to get plat
  162. Looking for 3-4 squadmates
  163. Fisty-Nation Gaming Community! Recruiting
  164. Looking for competetive team, ready for daily tranings. Tactics maker.
  165. Looking for any casual players to have fun with!
  166. Looking for a serious/friendly group of players
  167. Competitive & Casual Gaming Community Team
  168. new Serious ranked Team [EUW](ESL)
  169. ______ Team looking for Members
  170. [PC][RECRUITING] Task Force Team Six
  171. LOOKING FOR 3 Mature team players to finish push to diamond
  172. (read) LF people to play siege and to make a group/community to play siege (Read)
  173. Supportive gaming community for mental health issues.
  174. [PC][Eu] Looking for other Plat. people to grind out Diamond.
  175. Looking for Competitive Team
  176. Methodised Gaming looking for members (discord)
  177. Belgium player is looking for a team
  178. Rainbow Assault Force - R.A.F Looking for 1 player for serious strategic game play
  179. [GER] [16+] FV-Clan suchte neue Member für Casual und Locker
  180. -=[ Seismic Gaming ]=- ✫✫ Mature || Discord || 16+ || RECRUITING ALL SKILL
  181. Looking for some friends to play the game with [EU]
  182. UK player looking for team
  183. [PC][NA]Team Recruitment
  184. Rainbow Six Siege : "Let's Go" / Fancy Squad Playing Ranked
  185. PC EU players needed for Rainbow Six Siege Team!
  186. Lucky Thirteen ESL RECRUITING (Plat 3 +)
  187. Sons of Mayhem Gaming | Casual 18+ gamers
  188. Suspect eSports
  189. Looking for a serious team
  190. [German][Recruit] Oversalted sucht neue Member
  191. Dirty Money Gang recruiting
  192. Looking for serious team
  193. [PC] Chill and respectful gaming community.
  194. Looking for people to play with
  195. Looking for a team to play Ranked with regularly
  196. Drop Zone [dZ] looking for experienced players
  197. Lucky Thirteen ESL RECRUITING (Plat 3 +) [EU]
  198. Looking for fellow Malaysia player [MY]
  199. Looking for experienced players to teach me and help me to master the game
  200. Looking for players for a new team that can grow together
  201. Honor Gaming Network is recruiting players.
  202. [Recruiting] =VX9= Gaming Community - Vanguard Company
  203. ***looking for pro league team members***
  204. OPN recruiting new members
  205. I'm looking for a team/clan for ranked and casual (nothing ESL)
  206. Looking for Ranked Squad, MUST be Plat 3 of higher.
  207. Solar Gaming R6S Recruitment/ No age requirement, looking for competitive players.
  208. group or clan/guild
  209. [NA] HYDRA Gaming Recruitment.No Age Requirement/Looking for players to play ranked
  210. [PC][EU] Flawless
  211. Silver 2-Gold 1 Level 102 Looking to play Go4R6
  212. TS clan recruiting english speaking players from NA and EU.
  213. [NA] HYDRA Gaming Recruitment.No Age Requirement/Looking for players to play ranked
  214. Global Force Gaming is recruiting!
  215. [EU] [PC] Lucky Thirteen ESL - Recruiting (Plat 3 +)
  216. Any solid adult R6 players on East coast?
  217. Looking for people to play with
  218. [EU]I've recently started to play this game and LF some Teammates
  219. [BB]Looking for German Players Platin +
  220. ISO A Team or Players Looking For A Team.
  221. [NA] HYDRA Gaming Recruitment
  222. Die Ballerkneipe sucht dich ! Rang egal! Level Egal! Newbies willkommen!
  223. Cherche des joueur du niveau Gold pour créer une Team
  224. RmR | Reapers Midnight Recon | Competitive Ranked Gaming Community | Skill Required
  225. Looking for a non toxic team
  226. 2 Gold Ones, 1 Gold 2/3 - looking for either one or two more players to join us
  227. TheSlayers Recruiting
  228. Scorpio Clan is recruiting! Making a road to diamond team
  229. FTM Recruitment
  230. [EU] Looking for some company
  231. Equipe =SB= recrute joueurs
  232. Unknown Nation Recruiting
  233. Looking for players! Chilled ! English 16+!
  234. Team VexX recruitment [FR]
  235. Any group/ clan to join?
  236. Finding friends to play ranked or casual with
  237. Feel free to join
  238. Six Siege ranked group
  239. Looking for a groupe!
  240. Looking to start a clan.
  241. Greedy Criminals are looking for new members!
  242. Searching for clan members for Rainbow Six Siege
  243. Need to find players in EU or US.
  244. Looking for skilled US Players
  245. Looking for NA players of all Skill Levels
  246. Looking for a ranked team
  247. Looking for Gold ranked NA to play with
  248. 27 y/o Gold 1 - clearence level 120 looking for gold+ 21+ team/clan
  249. LF players who are fun friendly, non-toxic to play ranked (Gold4+)
  250. Former console plat/diamonds needs friends on pc