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  1. Looking for Team to play online & competitively - G04R6 and Pro League -
  2. [PL][ENG] Diament poszukuje drużyny. Diamond looking for team.
  3. PL Szukam Teamu.
  4. Royal Sovereigns : Looking for Plat - Diamond players
  5. New Clan [Clutch Nation] Looking for dedicated players for G04R6 + team play
  6. Battle Buddy Tactics [BBT] is recruiting!
  7. Looking for players to group up with
  8. (EU) Looking For Ranked-Players
  9. Looking for people to play ranked. (Plat 1)
  10. Siege, Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield, Rogue Spear etc
  11. =VX9= is Recruiting
  12. Wortex-Gaming is looking for R6 team
  13. ZXP Clan Recruiting (APPLY HERE)
  14. looking for esl team!!!!!
  15. Looking for people to create a group with
  16. EU Looking for group.
  17. [QC] Team Québécoise!
  18. Join ts.LNTgamers.com for a TeamSpeak server to find people to play with!
  19. ION Gaming
  20. Looking for a skilled group
  21. [EU] Casual and 18+ looking for extra players
  22. ION Gaming Now Recruiting!!!
  23. [LFM] Australian Players
  24. ION Gaming Now Recruiting!!!
  25. [EU] Looking for team!
  26. Looking for Clan/Group.
  27. Diamond player looking for a team.
  28. ION Gaming Now Recruiting!!!
  29. ION Gaming Now Recruiting!!!
  30. NL_BE Community
  31. {PC} Casual Gamers Discord Community
  32. Need friends to help me get better.
  33. Looking for team mates.
  34. Team Venom Network ESL
  35. PLAT 1 Looking for a team
  36. Girl R6 elite player looking for friends and active squad
  37. Royal Privilege - Recruitment
  38. [EU][PC] Full Team Boosters (+190%) - weekend deal
  39. Szukam graczy do wspólnej gry (25+)
  40. Looking for a clan [weu]
  41. Norsk Clan søker medlemmer.
  42. Ranked Team: EmGG ( EasternMediaGamingGroup )
  43. Clan vs clan any one? For Pc Ark
  44. Szukam graczy do R6 Siege
  45. [PL] 2 zgranych graczy szuka drużyny esportowej
  46. Multi Diamond PS4 Player LF Pc Players
  47. Looking For Competitive Team
  48. Looking to make a group of laid back Can/US players for some ranked fun.
  49. Add me and we can play
  50. Newer Player! (Looking for group or people to play with!)
  51. Konvict Gaming Recruiting [NA/EU]
  52. New player looking for a small group to join
  53. Looking for good people to play with
  54. New player looking for people to play with
  55. ESL Amateur Team Recruiting 2 Dedicated/Mature Players ( North America)
  56. EU Team looking for competitive players
  57. Clan Recruitment, Accepting All, The Crimson Paradox
  58. New!! Looking for people to play with
  59. [BKNE] Ballerkneipe sucht DICH!
  60. 1st wave player is looking for competetive team. (PC EU)
  61. Looking for Nordic / Danes for XI-Gaming
  62. [LFM] Australian Players
  63. Solo players LF a team to play with DAILY ( come here )
  64. Rorschach Reapers Community Looking For New Members!
  65. Looking for a reasonably skilled and chill group
  66. Looking for some decent but chilled players to play ranked/casual with EU
  67. [ESL][NA / EU] SCVS Looking for dedicated players!
  68. Estamos Buscando Jugadores Latinos!
  69. Diamond ranked player looking for competetive team
  70. Clan looking for a scrim
  71. Fairly new to siege, LF more people to play with and possibly ranked with.
  72. Cabinet Blocking View Glitch
  73. Lucky Thirteen Clan Recruitment (APPLY HERE)
  74. PC player looking for players to grow with EU
  75. Fairley new in R6 Siege; Looking for people around EUROPE
  76. TPG - 18+ Community Looking for Siege Players (AMER)
  77. =VX9= 18+ Gaming Community
  78. Looking for nice and active Players at least Gold or a 1KD
  79. [PC] Looking for a "mentor"
  80. Getting back into R6S
  81. Looking for 2 more players or more
  82. Looking for more good coordinated players for Ranked to join our group.
  83. Looking for Competitive players for Ranked - ( read rest )
  84. [Looking for player] Casual siege group with inhouse tournaments
  85. JPG Clan Looking for 1KD or at least gold
  86. Hey i am making a Serious ranked team
  87. New player looking for people to pal up with
  88. Need 3 for ranked. Currently Gold 1. Was High Plat last season.
  89. PS4 Player coming to PC Looking for group to play with.
  90. [LFM] Australian Region Players
  91. lvl 173 looking for team (1.4 diamond ranked K/D)
  92. Beholder Of The Angelic - BOTA
  93. LF Silver players
  94. Arcade mafia an international multi game community/clan
  95. Konvict Gaming, massive multi game community expanding into Siege!
  96. [PC][ESL][EU] Arconi
  97. Looking for team to play with
  98. Looking to recruit NA members
  99. Veteran Gamer/New to Game seeks players
  100. Looking for group/community/team with mics.
  101. Looking for clan/group to play with
  102. Looking for a discord group to play with? Join us!
  103. Silver 1/Gold 4 European with microphone looking for team
  104. Looking For Players Any Region
  105. [GER/ENG] Searching group
  106. Pc eu =]
  107. [LFM] Australian Region Players
  108. Looking for Mature Players
  109. Loocking for a Clan
  110. Copper 3 looking for decent teammates [EU]
  111. Need people to play with
  112. Looking for Dutch players to form a team
  113. Uk Players
  114. EU people! English speakers ^^
  115. Looking for gold/plat players, ranked play over ts/discord.
  116. Recruitming For Unknown Nation
  117. [NA] Recherche francophone avec objectif compétitif
  118. looking for team
  119. Looking to form a team plat+ only
  120. Looking for clan
  121. beginner looking for other beginners
  122. [PC] [NA/EU] The Marauders. Recruiting for Casual and Competitive
  123. Trying to setup a Rainbow six siege community
  124. Looking for a consistent group
  125. UK Gamer looking for UK community/clan
  126. PC Ghost Mode no Hud - Seeking Squad
  127. [LFM] Australian Region Players. Avoid P2P Lag
  128. Yoo
  129. Looking for Squad/Clan
  130. Unknown Nation recruiting new members!
  131. Looking active players for ranked
  132. Looking for a Team/Players to play with.
  133. [eu] lfm /lfg
  134. TS_CLAN Recruitment
  135. lvl 51 looking for a team to play ranked with!!!
  137. RECRUTEMENT 18+ Joueurs agréable - Last joueur - PC
  138. NL_BE Community
  139. VDC - Virtual DynamiC Communty GERMANY
  140. ALLR6.COM | Discord | New Community Looking For Players
  141. [LFM] Australian Players
  142. [PC] Dutch player looking for players to play with.
  143. ☆ [AA] ☆ Alcoholik Assassins ☆ Seeking mature and dedicated players
  144. Looking for team to play ranked with....
  145. PC- Recruiting members
  146. PC- Recruiting members
  147. Need a clan or just friends in general!
  148. Looking for people to play with.
  149. Rainbow Six Siege Group Finder/ permanent people to play with on Ranked
  150. [LFM] Australian Region Players
  151. Looking for players ( India )
  152. Looking for mates to play with.
  153. [NA] Fatal Tactics - Ranked/Competitive/ESL
  154. Looking for teammates
  155. Looking for Team
  156. Looking for a EU pc community
  157. looking for teammates
  158. [PC] [NA/OCX] Havoc Corps is recruiting!! multi-gaming community
  159. looking for teammates
  160. Ranked 5 man
  161. [LFM] Australian Players
  162. Making a Team For Rainbow6Siege (Ranked).
  163. Swedish players 20+?
  164. Looking for group - NO CLANS
  165. Looking for friends or clans to play with Swedish and English communities
  166. (US) LF other SKILLED aimers to climb Gold into plat
  167. Looking for players to join in Ranked
  168. Looking for team to play ranked
  169. Like most, looking for a serious team.
  170. Need a team..BADLY
  171. Looking for a team or players
  172. Uk Players
  173. Looking for (swedish) gold+ players 18+
  174. PC NA Looking for ranked players going for diamond
  175. Szukam drużyny. Looking for team. [Plat+]
  176. **RECRUITING ALL RANKS** Competitive Play - Tournaments, Ranked, Etc
  177. [EU] 2 former Professional CS:GO Players looking to make the switch.
  178. PC NA Looking for a ranked player going for diamond
  179. Suchen 2-3 deutschsprechende Gold/Platin-Spieler (25+)
  180. Unknown Nation Recruiting! Join Now!!!
  181. [PC][EU][ESL] Raven Shield
  182. Looking To recruit 18+ or turning 18 this year
  183. [PC] Team Proximity Recruitment [Gold +][TS]
  184. ESL Team Manager Position
  185. [PC] [NA] [EU] Team Cunning Stunts - Now Recruiting!
  186. [EU][HUN] Magyar csapattársat keresünk!!44! / Looking for hungarian players
  187. Ако си от България и нямаш отбор можеш да м&am
  188. Looking for casual players in ASIA region!
  189. Fighting Thirteenth is recruiting! (again)
  190. [NL] & [EN] - looking for discord company
  191. XiLe LF 2 New players for ESL
  192. [PC][EN] uD is now recruiting! Looking for players for ESL!
  193. Unusually Deadly (UD) Gaming Team Recruitment
  194. Looking for a team to play in competitive.
  195. [PC] PHOENIX CLAN!!! New clan looking for members! [Competitive] [EU] [English]
  196. [PC][PS4][XB1][Global] Tactical Gaming is looking for like-minded gamers
  197. Looking for ranked players
  198. je recrute
  199. Diamond player looking for ranked players
  200. We are recruiting/Looking for siege players.
  201. Looking for nice and active Players at least Gold or a 1KD to join JPG
  202. Looking for a Team
  203. [LFM] Australian Region Players
  204. Look for Gold 3+ team
  205. clan recruitment [ITA]
  206. [EU] Looking for ESL / Serious team [PC]
  207. Cant stand kids and teamkillers anymore
  208. Looking to play rank and casual
  209. LF a team EU
  210. Recruitamento clan per italiani [PC]
  211. Looking for ranked players, preferably Plat or above.
  212. EU player Looking for EU Team
  213. Szukam drużyny. Looking for team. [Plat+]
  214. [LFM] Australian Region Players.
  215. PC NL mensen gezocht om Siege mee te spelen
  216. Norwegian player looking for norwegian Siege community
  217. The Slayers Are Looking For New Members
  218. [NA]Looking for nice and active Players at least Gold or a 1KD to join Silence.
  219. Infinity Recruiting
  220. New game community
  221. [PC] Looking for large, active clan. 23. Mic. Politically Incorrect Humor.
  222. [Sea] Looking for Team/Comunity
  223. [LFM] Australian Region Players.
  224. [EU/PC] Looking for a competitive (and ESL) team.
  225. PLayer needs Team
  226. [EU] 18+ open for recruitment
  227. Recruiting! (EN / FR) _Harambe clan!
  228. Team up
  229. Looking for others to play with.
  230. Looking For Members!
  231. PC Gaming Community
  232. Ranked teamates
  233. Looking for More for 5 man | Gold/Plat Ranking
  234. [DXG] Delta Exile Gaming Clan Recruiting R6S Players! [Multiplayer Gaming Clan]
  235. Looking for people to play with?
  236. [EU] PC - Any casual gamers?
  237. Looking for German clan only. Who likes Scandinavians
  238. LF people willing to play Casual and Ranked
  239. [NA/PC] Recherche joueurs pour nouveau projet ambitieux
  240. [PC/EU] Recruiting for team!
  241. Gaming Community Xbox and PC
  242. Hey i am making a Serious ranked Team [EUW]
  243. [PC-NA]Powerhaus Gaming Recruiting Casual&Ranked Members
  244. [QC] Team Québecoise!
  245. [GER] Team Manniexx sucht Mitspieler für Rainbow Six und Csgo
  246. new too siege
  247. R6 Tournaments
  248. Looking for people to play with!!! wanting to start ranked
  249. Any Indian players in Bay Area?
  250. [PC] [NA] Dope_Gaming Looking for serious Ranked Players