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  1. Seek Team
  2. [PC] Synergy Gaming [Casual, Ranked, T-Hunt]
  3. Unstoppable gaming
  4. [PC] Synergy Gaming [Casual, Ranked, T-Hunt]
  5. [ENG][PC] BeGlorious Gaming community recruiting players
  6. Need two players for ESL!
  7. Looking for people to play with
  8. [PC] [US] Team Fancy - Rainbow 6 Recruitment
  9. [EU] FOO - We are recruiting.
  10. CTSU Recruitment
  11. Looking for players to go the distance
  12. Recruiting friendly and easy going people for ranked
  13. [EU][PC][ESL TEAM] Looking for 2 ESL ready players for ESL Push.
  14. Ateon Esports - Team recruitment UK ONLY
  15. Wanting to Form American Siege Team
  16. English speaking player with a lot of experience looking for SEA clan for comp
  17. [1PARA] 1st Btn, Parachute Regiment [SFSG]
  18. [EU] Searching for an Active ESL Team
  19. FlagshipGaming recruiting for Casual/Ranked
  20. [PC][Plat2] Looking for a squad for ranked only/Go4
  21. Siege weekend
  22. Seeking team go4/esl/EU
  23. LF group / clan EU
  24. Looking for a serious ranked team.
  25. Story From is Recruiting
  26. [PC][RECRUITING] Task Force Team Six.
  27. Platinum player looking for a team!
  28. Casual player looking to play in a team
  29. RCR6G Is Recruiting!
  30. join ts.LNTgamers.com for a TeamSpeak server to find people to play with.
  31. New Player Looking to Join Group and learn the Game
  32. lumberjacks looking for diamond players to compete in ESL/EU
  33. Trinity Force Gaming (Multigame Community)
  34. [ENG][PC] BeGlorious Gaming community recruiting players
  35. [PL] Team LeftForWin szuka graczy
  36. The Black Rose GC - 100+ Active Gaming Community - ts.blackrosegaming.net
  37. Looking for ESL team
  38. DPA 300+ members Recruiting
  39. Searching for a Platinum Ranked Team/Clan [Ger/Eng]
  40. Dutch Gaming Community
  41. Death Purge E-Sports loking for new member
  42. Looking to play with a team (or build up to one) for Ranked
  43. Team iNCOMING looking for a player in Season 4 (ESL, Cups, Training, Ranked)
  44. Ready for some teamspeak tactics and banter
  45. looking for good ESL team
  46. Looking peoples for ranked games.
  47. Looking for a group!
  48. Looking for a ranked team.
  49. .:Rorschach Reapers Recruiting:.
  50. T.S. Recruitment for Rainbow six
  51. Looking for teammates
  52. Looking for Siege players to do competitive, experienced.
  53. Avergae Joes Clan [NA] [16+]
  54. Looking for a competitive but chilled out team. 0 Salt is appreciated. Eire/UK Server
  55. Looking for teamates
  56. 18+/EU/ENG/ Future esport team wants you.
  57. Looking for a competetive team.
  58. Wanting to join team? or just play ranked
  59. would you like to join a ts server for siege???
  60. NA/Clan/Competitive/ESL Antier Gaming
  61. looking for players or a team to play esl :p
  62. Looking for players!
  63. [PC] Synergy Gaming
  64. Looking for Ranked/Casual Team to join.
  65. Team Looking for players
  66. Looking for a ranked team
  67. Looking For Players
  68. [PC] Synergy Gaming
  69. XiLe Esports is searching for the 5th and last player.
  70. BeneluxGamers.nl zoekt jouw!
  71. Red Liquid [RL] recruiting for Season 4
  72. Team Red Liquid [RL] Recruitment
  73. Looking for People to play with
  74. Looking for more for ranked.
  75. Looking for some new people for the TS im involved with we could use some moreplayers
  76. THESLAYERS Recuitmen
  77. Looking for EU players to rank up on Season 3!!!
  78. Tired of queuing in solo need a team or just some friends to play with.
  79. CRoC e-Sports| Official Recruitment
  80. Looking for players to play in Team with
  81. South African Group
  82. [NA] [PC] Looking to make a team
  83. .:Team Recruiting:. .:Team Rorschach Reapers:.
  84. Jersey boys looking for members
  85. [PL] Dla początkujących
  86. Looking for group, tired of having to solo queue
  87. starting a team to play competitive.
  88. I need a team that speaks English and uses a mic.
  89. Banished Gaming ESL/Ranked/Casual recruiting
  90. AU Gamer looking for a team
  91. Girl streamer looking for players (EU)
  92. Looking for a NA team that does ranked/esl
  93. New Player Looking For Group
  94. Looking for people to team up with
  95. [PC][GER] Looking for 2 Players, ProLeague Cup #1 Today and maybe more!
  96. Looking for Plat team EU
  97. [EU] Looking for PRO or Semi-PRO team (Read Info)
  98. [EU] TBR Gaming Commnity - 6 Month Anniversary - Come on and play!
  99. Looking For People To Play With (CA or US)
  100. Join The Team
  101. [PC] Synergy Gaming
  102. Tired of solo queue
  103. Looking for clan (gold 4 and above)
  104. [PC] Scorpio Clan Recruitment!
  105. Seeking team EU/PC/ESL
  106. Looking for some lower EU players looking to get good
  107. Teamspeak
  108. Noob looking to for people to play with and learn from.
  109. Looking for low level competitive team / Open cup
  110. SnG CLan
  111. Looking for people to play with im gold 3-4 atm
  112. PC Player LF others
  113. .:Rorschach Reapers Recruiting:.
  114. About to buy this game.
  115. New player looking for others to play with [NA]
  116. TheTeam Now recruiting mature and dedicated players!
  117. LF players 4 Ranked!
  118. [PC][NA][FR] Recherche team avec objectif compétitif
  119. Level 105 looking for some people to play with
  120. Looking for someone to help me get better/have some fun
  121. Solo Queue Plat 1 looking for competitive team/clan [PC][NA]
  122. Looking for players to play upcoming ESL tournaments (EU based team)
  123. LF people to play
  124. Looking for new team mates no requirements needed
  125. CLAN recruitment
  126. TheTeam is organizing a 1v1 tournament and a 2v2 league! Winner takes all!
  127. Rank up tonight
  128. Looking for serious team!
  129. [EU][GER/ENG] lookgin for a team
  130. SFR Clan recruitment
  131. Looking for group (Silver-gold level)
  132. Looking for 3 players for competitive gaming (esl and other tournaments).
  133. Looking For Team or Players For a Team
  134. Looking for some people to join in Comp
  135. Looking for beginner friends from Aus
  136. [EU][PL] ☆ PATRIOTS - rekrutacja -
  137. Unity rekrutacja
  138. [LFM] Australia
  139. [ASIA][SG]{LFT] steam name ideadlyfury uplay name dankUsername.
  140. Looking for casual and ranked group to run with on a regular basis
  141. Noob's Retreat - A safe haven for all new payers!
  142. Looking for team (~plat, EU)
  143. Problem with auth coding :/
  144. just wanna play
  145. Looking for players to rank up and play competitively
  146. {SG}Looking for a Team in SEA/EAU
  147. [NA] Looking for ranked team members!
  148. [EU] search a team/je cherche une team!
  149. Looking for players for Comp. [Gold+]
  150. Australian Players. Check here!
  151. Rainbow six Server [SEA], looking for Rank squad
  152. [EU] Looking for Players
  153. LOST Clan is Seeking More Rainbow Six Members!
  154. looking for ranked squad
  155. OiR Clan Recruitment
  156. I am either looking for a team i can join.
  157. Fooking for someone to play with
  158. LF people 21+ ranked all ranks
  159. [PC][ESL][UK/EU] Synergy Squad eSports
  160. New r6 siege club na pc
  161. Looking for players around Platinum 2 (EU)
  162. [DXG] Delta Exile Gaming, Recruiting 18+ Players! [Multiplayer Gaming Clan]
  163. [LFM] Australian Players
  164. Lookin for group or team, because want to play with someone
  165. Looking to play
  166. Looking for a clan to play (ENG, GER)
  167. Suchen Spieler für Ranked
  168. Looking for team for sunday tourny US CENT
  169. Looking for a Good Team
  170. HiLux | New Casual Team/Community
  171. (PC) Wizard-Esport Recrutment
  172. Spectre recutiment
  173. [LFM] Australian Players
  174. want to play with a team
  175. Wir suchen Ranked-Mitspieler!
  176. Siege, Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield, Rogue Spear etc
  177. [NA] Ranked + Competitive
  178. [EU] Looking for players
  179. Looking for people to play with
  180. The Clash - Recruiting new operatives
  181. [EUS] Looking for decent players to have a good time with
  182. Get me a friend with mic
  183. Looking for people to play with [West US] (Need Mic)
  184. Looking for cool people
  185. CGN is Recruiting!!!!!!
  186. [PC] Invictus is Recruiting
  187. Recruiting SEA players/siegers to form a group of clan~
  188. SERIOUS HC Siege RB6 player looking for group or competitive players to top form one
  189. -NSW- Needs players
  190. [LFM] Australian Players
  191. InFLAME Gaming looking for 2 players for ESL team.
  192. VIS MAIOR Polish Players Recruiting
  193. Looking for a few players to group with
  194. [EU] InFLAME Gaming looking for 5th for ESL team.
  195. Reinstall game when it shows installed, I lost the original folder
  196. Looking for a team
  197. Rainbow Six Siege (PC) [Group/Player Recruitment] {Rank Gold or higher}
  198. [CGN] CLAN IS RECRUITING! Minimum K/D: 1.0
  199. Looking for friends to play with!
  200. [PC] L7 LF R6 Siege Team from NZ-AUS
  201. [DXG] Delta Exile Gaming, Recruiting 18+ Players! [Multiplayer Gaming Clan]
  202. Are you a new, returning or veteran player looking for group? All Welcome Here!
  203. LF team/clan for R6 Siege (PC)
  204. Hello, looking for players to learn and play with!
  205. Looking for ranked team - Plat 2, Level 142 on Xbox
  206. Looking for competitive & fun active clan
  207. Looking for PC players - New to the platform
  208. [PL][ENG] Diament poszukuje drużyny. Diamond looking for team.
  209. [EU][Plat]Looking for team.
  210. [VII] 7th Legion Gamers - Recuiting / (PC) Multi-Gaming
  211. Tactical Gaming: Rainbow Six Siege Division!
  212. EU Looking for a competitive team to join.
  213. Patriots of Gaming Recruitment / EU and NA
  214. {PC}{EU}{PLAT+} looking for good players to play with
  215. Looking for Team (EU West)
  216. Team Sublime is Now Recruiting [UK/EU]
  217. ESL and BWI Team Recruiting Two Competitive Players
  218. Looking for a group/team to play with!
  219. Looking for some guys to play with and have fun!!!
  220. [LFM] Australian Players
  221. New to RB6 Siege, Looking for Team to play with Ranked / Casual
  222. [EU] Looking for players to group up with !?
  223. Looking for a serious group to play ranked and take the game to the next level
  224. [EU] Casual is for fun, right? Then let's go ahead have some fun together!
  225. New player looking for casual/semi competitive squad
  226. Plat 1 currently looking for a team
  227. [EU] Come play some casual with us ! :D
  228. 20r Clan is recruiting!!
  229. [EU]Looking good players for ranked
  230. New to PC and looking for some fun people to play with
  231. Looking for competive "I want to win" players.
  232. Looking for Plat-Diamonds to play ranked with and start up a solid group.
  233. [LFM] Australian Players
  234. Looking For Casual-Competitive Gamers
  235. MI- Active|Mature|18+|
  236. LF>pro team to go ranked with my bio down below
  237. A German Clan looking for one more member
  238. I want to play competitive with some people. Gold (West US)
  239. PC players to play with
  240. Looking for People to play with (Mature)
  241. Recruting The art of warfare
  242. LFG Mature =_=
  243. We are recruiting members OPNATION
  244. Looking for casual players to play with
  245. BnB LF serious players for GO4R6 League (Mature)
  246. Ghost Operation Elemental - G.O.E
  247. Team players
  248. The Art of Warfare [PC] [Community]
  249. sixkillers group recruiting
  250. [EU] Looking for team