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  1. 3 pc players looking for 2 !
  2. Spelers NL/BE of team gezocht
  3. We're looking for people!!
  4. *Recruiting for my ESL team*
  5. [PC][NA] Team Nerk looking for competitive and casual players
  6. US Navy Seal Roleplay Clan: NOW RECRUITING
  7. Looking for Terrorist Hunt players
  8. REAKT recruiting! PC EU!!
  9. *Recruiting* Trinity Force Gaming (Multigame Community)
  10. [NA] Team Parallax is recruiting.
  11. German Player looking for some people to play with.
  12. TLH Is looking for some new members!
  13. Searching for good player for ranked/casu PC
  14. Ew gaming network recruiting serious players
  15. Looking for 3 more players
  16. Looking for new players to play ranked with
  17. New and looking to play Oceania servers
  18. LF2M to play Rank with
  19. seek team/players ranked/esl
  20. Der Gaming-Clan KNEIPENTRUPPE sucht Member 18+
  21. Asia players (Singapore/Malaysia etc..)
  22. (EU) Looking for a team
  23. Looking for friends !
  24. Trinity Force Gaming (Multigame Community)
  25. Looking for a group/team to play with. (EU)
  26. [PC][NA] Nerk LF 2 members for ESL team
  27. Polish player is looking for clan
  28. Looking for team (RANKED)
  29. Norwegian player looking for EU clan
  30. We are looking for new players. (FoX - Fabulous Obscene eXtraordinary)
  31. Looking for Fun Team to play strategic game
  32. Looking for people who want to play in a group.
  33. (EU) Looking for ESL players to complete a team
  34. Looking for funny english speaking team!
  35. [DKC] DutchKillersClan
  36. Looking to Build Competitive Tactical Team
  37. Come Join TapFire Gaming!
  38. Looking for Asia player or team
  39. Team Glacies eSports Organization LFTs or skilled players.
  40. Looking for good people to play with
  41. Looking for pc gamers or casual players to squad up with
  42. Polish player looking for a team
  43. Rainbow Six Siege Skrims Team Recruitment
  44. [PC][NA]Clan Nerk Recruiting
  45. Looking for RSS newbies
  46. Looking for RSS newbies
  47. Looking for Clan or group (Ranked)
  48. Looking to join ESL or competitive team
  49. PinkWyrm11 trying to join a active group
  50. Looking for nice guys to play and get better with
  51. [20r] Gaming Clan [NA & EU] - Recruiting
  52. Uk Based or similar timezone SERIOUS ESL team wanted!!!
  53. Mad 4 Destruction [M4D] is Recruiting
  54. Trinity Force Gaming (Multigame Community)/ Pyramid eSports
  55. Looking for team ESL
  56. Looking for semi-serious team/people to play with (EU)
  57. Team Diligent [PC,E.U]
  58. Asia/SEA Player looking for team or players
  59. Looking For A Fun And Competative Clan
  60. Looking for 4 people to form a group and practice strategies and learn tactics
  61. VeNom Network
  62. Experienced players level +100 Rankend play
  63. Lookin' for serious R6:S Players
  64. Rainbow Six Siege Team Finder PC Only
  65. Looking for chilled EU Players
  66. Looking for US players to grow a new clan
  67. [EU] Looking for somewhat experienced Siege players, for Ranked and maybe Casuals!
  68. Anarchy
  69. Xbox One player moving to PC
  70. Rainbow Six MilSim, trying to form a new community.
  71. New player, lvl 8 Looking for other newbies or similar for Casual, NA-Texas MIC.
  72. New player, looking for other new players to team up /play with
  73. Come Join
  74. AmericanLegend3 -- Looking for other players/platoon/clan
  75. Team-anx.de sucht dich!
  76. [EU] [PC] [Recruitment] Group of 3 looking for 2 more.
  77. (EU)(PC)Looking for players to a competetive team
  78. Looking for people to game with on R6S
  79. Cerchiamo Clan Italiano PC
  80. Looking for a serious team (EU PC)
  81. [EU]CyberNex, Looking for players! | Forums
  82. Looking for Ranked Players,
  83. Procurando equipe para PC
  84. [NA] Looking for politically incorrect multigaming clan.
  85. Returning player looking for clan
  86. No more BullSheet, immature, full-time job, or flaky clans. This is it!
  87. In search of a team of 5.
  88. (EU) Competetive team looking fore players
  89. Imp Pack [Impish] is recruiting fun like minded players!
  90. p7 (Project7) Looking for 2 players.
  91. LFG - Returning Player [NA]
  92. Pace Gaming looking for players!
  93. LF clan
  94. Looking for people to play with, both for fun and serious ;D
  95. searching team...
  96. [EU] Looking for Players
  97. Team Ec0L0gy looking for plat2+ players.
  98. DD. Team looking for players [EU] [FIN]
  99. LF Players [EU] [ENG] - have microphone /TS/Discord/
  100. Team DSP Recrute Recherche joueur fun Rainbow six siege venez nombreux
  101. Looking for team/clan (Please have teamspeak.)
  102. Looking for good team!
  103. Looking for a small group of players.
  104. TapFire Gaming is Recruiting!
  105. [PC/EU] Survey Corps looking for a 5th member
  106. New team looking for 4 players!
  107. New team looking for 4 players!
  108. Need 3 Players, KD Doesnt matter, Need a Mic and Ts3
  109. (EU) Project 7 recruitment thread
  110. looking for a team to join or even to make a team!
  111. TAO - Tactical Assault Operatives - RECRUITING ( North American Team)
  112. Looking for experienced players!
  113. Looking for a good team as well!
  114. New gaming community looking for players.
  115. Social Tactical Gaming - Extreme Fusion Gaming
  116. Silver Player LF Clan
  117. Looking for casual gamers to play with
  118. Looking for experienced players Overall KD Above 1.4 Other req in message
  119. Looking for fellow mature(ish) player(s) UK / EU
  120. US mil vet looking for veteran minded gaming community
  121. (EU)(PC) Project 7 recruitment thread
  122. [PL] Osoby do wspólnej gry w Rainbow Six Siege
  123. Looking for a group!
  124. Clan LosUltras
  125. Welcome to fairytail :p - looking for youtubers and team players..
  126. [PC] Bravo Two Zero recruiting new members to join our R6 community!
  127. Looking for players who would like to play realism mode
  128. (EU)(PC) Project 7 recruitment thread
  129. Looking for mature group (EU/UK)
  130. Looking for Casual group
  131. New Team is Looking For members
  132. Looking for players (english only)
  133. I just wanna kill terrorists.
  134. Ranked/ Casual Games...
  135. Looking for Team players - KD or Level doesnt matter
  136. Looking for GOLD level players (DOES NOT MATTER IF SILVER IV) for a clan ENGLISH only
  137. I am looking for a sqaud to play ranked/casual??
  138. 2 Friends looking for a team to play ranked!
  139. [PC/EU] Looking for competitive team
  140. Siege Kartoffeln suchen Dich! ♥
  141. I'm looking for people to play with
  142. Rainbow Six Siege New player on PC
  143. TAW is recruiting!
  144. Looking for a competitive team!
  145. Seekteam
  146. Looking for ranked/casual players
  147. RLS - ATU [Steam Special Tactics Group TH & MP]
  148. Serious/Mature player LFG
  149. [US] Looking for new, mature and semi-serious players to team up with for ranked.
  150. looking for team for ESL
  151. Looking for 3 players
  152. :D
  153. Europe Team LF +2
  154. Looking for Ranked players
  155. Synergy Gaming is recruiting!
  156. Looking for very Competitive/Pro clan [EU]
  157. Lfg
  158. [PREDATIOLAN] looking for mature, skilled players
  159. Recruiting for group! Generic_Name_2
  160. [PC/EU] Skilled, Mature player looking for competitive team
  161. New Community Looking for Members
  162. Level 132 (Gold III) Looking for a good clan to play with.
  163. (NA)Level 51, silver II player looking for some carries in ranked. Have a KD of 2.0
  164. [EU] LF Team 18 + Ranked / ESL
  165. Looking for people to play with
  166. Looking for players to play with.
  167. LF players to play with
  168. looking for rainbaw six player who whant to be in pro league
  169. looking for a team to join or even to make a team!
  170. Looking for Players to be able to make a 5 man ranked matches
  171. Looking for people to play with and learn from
  172. [UK/EU | PC] NSG Rainbow Six Team | No stupid requirements, Just a group of mates.
  173. i am looking to creat ESL Team for rainbaw6 UK/EU
  174. Looking for motivated Teammates
  175. i am looking to creat ESL Team for rainbaw6 UK/EU
  176. Want to get back into the game, looking for group to play with.
  177. Invasion7 recruiting!
  178. Looking for players to fit in with UK time evening and weekends
  179. Looking for team/team8s
  180. Looking For A Team
  181. [PC,EU] Starting up team for Major League
  182. Searching for clan or team
  183. Looking for some people to play ranked with in Australia
  184. looking to build 5 man for ranked with a side of fun
  185. [PC][EU] Ex Nihilo looking for competitive players for ESL
  186. Looking for some PPL to play with now that I am on PC
  187. Come play with TFG
  188. Looking for players who like play ranked
  189. PC|US|Looking for competitive team eventually ESL.
  190. East-US/Canada player looking for an active clan
  191. [NA][pc][xb1] Vempyre Gaming is Recruiting
  192. Searching for players with a mic who want to play tactically (like me).
  193. Looking for Australian based players
  194. Looking for Active Players with mics who are interested in playing ranked
  195. Looking for German RB6 Clan
  196. Looking for a team
  197. Recruiting players to build a team. Australian based. Mainly play on weekends. (AWST)
  198. Looking for players
  199. Looking For Tacos
  200. (PC) (EU) XiLe Recruiting Players for ESL
  201. Looking for people to play with
  202. Platinum+
  203. Looking for semi casual semi serious team
  204. Looking for skilled pro clan/players to team up
  205. Looking for SEA server players to play ranked with.
  206. BakaCollection - Seeking mature Players
  207. Looking for people to join our community
  208. Ladder/Tournament
  209. Recruiting to ESL team, k/d of 1.0 above required
  210. ESL team Antier Gaming is recruiting 2 members.
  211. Looking for friendly group to play with
  212. Team Big Plays is looking for players!
  213. (EU) 2 players looking for people to play
  214. Looking For AU Players
  215. Looking for ppl who play R6 who are not ******bags
  216. Arctic Soldiers - Recruting anyone :D
  217. Looking for casual/competitive teammates.
  218. Team Banhammer - Searching for 1 experienced Player
  219. Looking for a competitive team
  220. Looking for Players [Ranked PC] Lvl 100+ Platinum2+
  221. looking for some players who speak english to play with
  222. Recruiting for team The British Tea Party (TBTP)
  223. Looking For R6 Players To Mess Around With
  224. Qu4d Recruitment
  225. Looking for casual chill players
  226. Searching for competent players PC EU.
  227. LF 4 Danish members for a casual team to start with.
  228. Looking for mates English
  229. looking 4 satallite internet "high Ping" players...
  230. Looking For Players For Forming a Team [PC] Lvl 100+
  231. Looking for a good group
  232. Looking For New People To Play With...
  233. Squad needs +1 Player (EU)
  234. [PC] [US] Team Fancy - Rainbow 6 Recruitment
  235. Looking for friends to team up during the weekend!
  236. EU/PC Looking for players to form a team for ESL *Committed Players Only*
  237. [PC] Synergy Gaming [Casual, Ranked, T-Hunt]
  238. Looking for people to play with
  239. Searching for competent players PC EU.
  240. [E.U/PC] Looking for players to join ESL Major League Team
  241. BeGlorious Gaming community recruiting players
  242. [NA/EU]Sick of no communication? Tired of pubbers dropping out, raging, or giving up?
  243. Looking to join a good team
  244. Looking for Diamond players
  245. [PC] Synergy Gaming [Casual, Ranked, T-Hunt]
  246. GER/DE Ranked Clan sucht aktive Mitstreiter
  247. [GER] R6S Neuling sucht Leute zum gemeinsamen zocken
  248. Seriously, looking for GOOD people
  249. [ENG][PC] BeGlorious Gaming community recruiting players
  250. Rainbow Six proof of concept event