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  1. Groupe Québécois
  2. [Cunning Stunts][NA][EU] Recruiting members to our community of tactical gamers
  3. Looking for team to play in ESL
  4. Do You Want to Be A Shiit Cuunt?
  5. (GER) - [VoBe] rekrutiert neue Mitglieder [PC]
  6. Rapid Fire Gaming Wanted: Clans to Build Relations with and scrim with
  7. Looking for 30-80 rank chill fun people to play ranked with
  8. Looking for a group of players
  9. Looking for 50lvl+ players to play ranked games
  10. [EU/NA] Diligent.eSport Looking for players
  11. [.CS.][NA][EU] Recruiting members for our community of tactical gamers [casual/comp]
  12. Looking for one more Gold ranked matches
  13. [PC][Poland]Szukamy 2-3 zdolnych graczy do teamu Lost Souls[ESL]
  14. Neugründung eines Competitive Clans - Ziel ESL - "CCK" - Contract of Cerial Killers
  15. Looking for people to play with
  16. [PC][NA] Need 1 for Weekly ESL Go4Cups & Pro League S2
  17. EU | eMpathy esports +2 Top ESL skilled players!
  18. PC NA Looking for competitive team for R6S
  19. [GER] ESL spieler sucht team
  20. [NA][EU] Cunning Stunts - Recruiting new members for our family of tactical gamers
  21. Plat1 player looking for dedicated team who speaks english from eu
  22. Casual Crew - No strings attached™ - Everybody's welcome
  23. Trying to start a group not a clan
  24. Looking for fun players :D
  25. [LFM][PC][EU] Team Momentum LF 1 Dedicated member. Aiming for ESL Pro League
  26. Scorpio Clan is Recruiting - Join now!
  27. [FR] PFCO recrute 18+
  28. lvl 81 player looking for people to play regularly with
  29. Looking for active group to play with
  30. PL - Szukam Klanu
  31. [NA] :Triton Black: is looking for long term Plat 1+ players to join in
  32. Looking for people to play with
  33. DFV clan recruiting for casual/competitive gaming
  34. CGUGaming Recruitment
  35. The Order of Tactics(TOT) suchen nach neuen Mitgliedern! (Fun/Liga)
  36. Platinum 1 PC player looking for team [North America]
  37. [EU] Looking for team plat 1 [ENG/PL/RU]
  38. Team Cunning Stunts is recruiting!
  39. Is it a bit late for a new player to get this?
  40. Looking for players for team
  41. [EU][PC] A1GA recruiting
  42. PL/ENG - Szukam drużyny/Looking for group
  43. very experience player looking for clan......
  44. [DE | GERMAN] GCG. - Gaming Crew Germany
  45. UK Player looking for team.
  46. [EU] Looking for team plat 1 [ENG/PL/RU]
  47. Mature Law Enforcement Player (51) LF Serious Online Group "Clan"
  48. [NA][EU] Cunning Stunts recruiting members for our family of tactical gamers
  49. Under Pressure is recruiting new members
  50. Team building - [AbleAgency] = [Community]
  51. Suche ernsthaftes , starkes Team samt Organisation !
  52. [EU] Two norwegian players looking for people to play with
  53. [PC/NA] Looking for ESL/Pro League Team
  54. [NA - EST] Platinum 1 Player Looking for Competitive Team
  55. Looking for a Clan or some people to play with!
  56. Scorpio Clan recruiting new members!
  57. i5 eSports - Recruiting Competitive Players!
  58. Looking for a clan/people to play with.
  59. Procurando Clã Para competitivo
  60. Looking for ESL Team
  61. Polska Grupa Taktyczna [PGT] rekrutacja
  62. [EU] Looking for team [ENG/PL/RU]
  63. Hi, i am new germ/eng
  64. Looking for people to play with
  65. Recruitment DUTCH ONLY!
  66. [NA][EU] Cunning Stunts recruiting new members for our community of tactical gamers
  67. New Player Looking for People [ENGLISH]
  68. UK - Looking for players to play with
  69. searching for high class team..
  70. Szukam klanu / Szukam graczy - Polska scena Rainbow Six Siege
  71. [EU] Momentum - looking for 2 dedicated players for ESL!
  72. UK Player Searching for a stable team for ESL.
  73. AETAS Esports zoekt talent!
  74. Late night east coaster looking for a group of people
  75. Plat 3/Diamond Player Recruiting for ESL Team/Ranked/Clan |ESL Major and ESL Open | [
  76. Norwegian player looking for people/group of the same origin.
  77. Searching for platinum+ team, maybe even some ESL.
  78. ASE. etsii erikoisjoukkoja riveihinsä!
  79. Natus Dominari is recruiting !!!!
  80. Looking For Squad Lv26 (dont mind playing casual or ranked) I HAVE MIc
  81. War Games Community Recruitment - WGMG
  82. Level 26, English and German speaking, have mic
  83. looking for a mentor!
  84. [NA][PC] Plat 3/Diamond Player Recruiting for ESL Team/Ranked/Clan PLAT/DIAMOND ONLY
  85. [FR][PC] MCp recrute Esport/Gaming R6S
  86. [GER] Sector 5 sucht dich !!!
  87. [NA][EU] Tactical Gaming (TG) - Come join the family, competing weekly :)!
  88. [EU] Looking for ESL team
  89. Dutch clan - Nederlandse clan opzoek naar spelers!
  90. Looking too build a Canadian Team
  91. [GER] Team PYROLYSE sucht dich!
  92. [W4R] Warfare Gaming Community Looking For Players Like You!
  93. Recruitment quad helix
  94. RainbowSix Siege JapanClan GunSlinger
  95. [NA][EU] Cunning Stunts recruiting new members to our community of tactical gamers
  96. Looking for mature and fun group.
  97. Tap Fire Gaming is Recruiting Siege Players
  98. ICU opzoek naar nederlandse spelers!
  99. [NA][ENG][PC] ESL Clan Chaos recruiting active interested members
  100. [NA]Empire Gaming™ Starting D1 team for ESL/Pro League
  101. [NA][PC] IPG Recruiting for ESL Team/Ranked/Clan |PLAT 1/2/3/DIAMOND ONLY|
  102. [ICU] Recruitment DUTCH ONLY!
  103. Sector 12 Gaming [ Recruting ]
  104. Sector 12 Gaming [ Recruting ]
  105. [NA][EU] Cunning Stunts recruiting for our community of tactical gamers
  106. Looking for a group
  107. [Ger] Phoenix from Ashes sucht neue Member
  108. Looking For A Clan That Accepts A Younger Member
  109. [NA][PC] IPG Recruiting for ESL Team/Ranked/Clan |PLAT 1/2/3/DIAMOND ONLY|
  110. [EU] Iron Core United [ICU] is recruiting Dutch players!
  111. Seeking community, see inside for my requirements. [NA]
  112. Looking for group of people to play with.
  113. EU | +2 uk esl players searching team.
  114. [NA][EU] Cunning Stunts - Recruiting new members for our community of tactical gamers
  115. Belgium special forces - Zoekt nog meer mensen nodig uit BE / NL iedereen is welkom!
  116. ☆☆ [SF] ☆ Team Special Forces ☆ Est. 1997 ☆☆ Seeking mature and dedicated players
  117. SIXTACTICS Gaming [EU]
  118. [NA][PC] iMp Recruiting for ESL Team/Ranked/Clan |PLAT 1/2/3/DIAMOND ONLY|
  119. War Hawks Recriting [NA] 18+
  120. TapFire Gaming looking for new members!
  121. Join Heavnstrike Gaming
  122. Vast Gamer is Looking for New Members!
  123. [NA] Looking for team to play in weekly cups
  124. [pl] teamrecon - zapraszamy!
  125. Quad Helix Recruiting
  126. [EU] Looking for competitve players
  127. Nightcrawlers are now recruiting!!!
  128. [PC][EU]/[NL] Plat 2 player looking for dedicated team
  129. Meteor Gaming Recruitment Thread
  130. German Team is looking for cool Teamplayers
  131. A Touch Of Madness Gaming Clan
  132. Looking to Squad Up
  133. Looking for more Portuguese people to play with
  134. Searching for 2 players above level 70 to complete team
  135. Half Snapped Drunks With Guns Recruiting
  136. Looking for squad/ people
  137. I need people to play with, im forever alone
  138. TapFire Gaming looking for new members
  139. Looking For Other Players To Join A Squad In The AU Region.
  140. [EU](18+) Looking For Competitive Team
  141. Looking To Squad Up
  142. [EU][PC] LF1M Serious team / Major's
  143. Looking For Group To Join
  144. Looking for competitive players to join a growing team!
  145. Looking for One More Experienced Player to join the Hybris Gaming R6 Team!
  146. [Argentina] Reclutando!
  147. [NA] Want to Join Team
  148. Special Attack and Defense Group (SADG) is Recruiting for Delta Team
  149. Bush Gaming looking for players
  150. [SC] Scorpio Clan now recruiting for PC!!
  151. EU - Looking for group to play with
  152. Team Phalanx is Recruiting (Competitive Team)
  153. Titan Reflex International Gaming community
  154. are you looking for a competive team 2 play with?
  155. Bush Gaming Recruitment
  156. A Touch of Madness Gaming Clan - 18+
  157. Clan Wars
  158. Liad Back Militia is Recruiting Members for Ranked and fun games
  159. Looking for players EU - PC
  160. TapFire Gaming looking for new members!
  161. EU - Looking for Team / People to play rank
  162. Looking for a good group of people to squad up with
  163. Are you looking for a good group of people to play siege with?
  164. (NA) Looking for group to play ranked with
  165. [NA] 50+ hours, All Skill levels, Very active (everyday), Mic Required, Ages 3+
  166. Duo Que Partner
  167. Semi-Pro Gears of War Player Looking For Team
  168. New Rainbow Six Siege player lf clan/community/ppl to play (PC)
  169. Looking For a Clan
  170. [EU] Looking for CZ/SK gamers
  171. Searching Team for Competive
  172. Searching for a Competitive Team [US/CST]
  173. Enhanced Gaming E-Sports (LF) Comp Players/Team
  174. Bush Gaming Recruitment [TS]
  175. [EUW] Plat 3 5750 points looking for a ranked team and perhaps some casuals.
  176. Looking for RANKED players
  177. Looking for friends from Finland
  178. Datakommando, Swedish Clan looking for players!
  179. LF Decent players! must be gold+
  180. [PL] POLISH 4FUN CLAN Rekrutacja do sekcji R6: Siege
  181. Competitive TEAM PHALANX is Recruiting
  182. Looking for Competitive Group.
  183. Competitive Player w/ Semi-Decent Stats Looking for Competitive Clan:
  184. The Honor Squad is Recruiting!
  185. Making a 5man Competitive team
  186. [EU PC] Searching for competitive team
  187. LF 1 player to join our clan. Active daily!!!
  188. TapFire Gaming looking for new members!
  189. [NA][PC] iMp Imperator Gaming Recruiting for ESL/Clan/Ranked |Plat 1/2/3/Diamond Only
  190. [NA][EU] Raw Aggression Gaming Recruiting!
  191. looking for people
  192. come join us
  193. GZB kicking off with recruitment.
  194. Looking for competitive players
  195. Team LaMeute (recrute fr )
  196. come play with us
  197. Natus Dominari [EU][PC]
  198. Looking for clan!
  199. Looking for a squad
  200. Looking for a team
  201. French structure recruit
  202. The fighting 13th open recruitment
  203. TapFire Gaming looking for new members!
  204. [NA/PC] Plat player looking for competitive team/ESL team.
  205. Danish Gold 2 Lf clan
  206. Looking for good teammates/clan to play ranked
  207. Looking to join a mature team - BC CANADA
  208. [PC] Lemon Squeezy LFM - CG AUS Ladder
  209. Looking for new Squad from Toronto Canada
  210. Looking for eu or pl people to build esl team :)
  211. I am looking for 3 more guys
  212. Looking for people to play with.
  213. TapFire Gaming looking for new members!
  214. Looking for clan/squad. Ranked only High Gold/Plat elo!
  215. Searching some casual players. --->[I'm Newbie :D]
  216. Opzoek naar 1 of meer spelers !
  217. Noob? Let's play Rainbow Six Siege together
  218. Looking for players to team with Ranked and Casual
  219. [EU] Plat 2 Looking for ESL competing team!
  220. Looking for a team to play with NA
  221. Looking for a clan
  222. [NA/EU/AUS] Sick of no communication? Play with LnT gamers with no pressure to join!
  223. Looking for decent players
  224. Looking for clan: EU, Belgian player
  225. Looking for Dutch/Belgium players
  226. TapFire Gaming looking for new members!
  227. Asia server player looking for a group to queue for ranked
  228. Start nieuwe clan (Nederlandstalig)
  229. [PGR6] [NA] [Friendly] [New Players Welcomed] ProsGam
  230. NA Looking for people to play Casual with
  231. Looking for non-bad team
  232. Searching for Bulgarian speakers or English speaking people
  233. Looking for EU based competitive group
  234. [PC][NA] Siege player looking for ranked team.
  235. Looking for a Ranked or non ranked team. [NA]
  236. FirstPersonShooting zoekt nederlandstalige spelers
  237. Flagship Gaming - The most active RS6 Discord Server
  238. Trinity Force Gaming (Multigame Community)
  239. (PC EU) Looking for Competitive players to go into ESL with Team SUBLIME
  240. Looking for a Team/Community to play Ranked & ESL
  241. [PC][NA] Team Nerk looking for new blood
  242. [NA]Tactical Gaming - Competitive Team Trials are open!
  243. [PC][NA]Hellfire Wolves E-Sports Team
  244. Notre multigaming cherche des joueurs
  245. TapFire Gaming looking for new members!
  246. Angry Gorillas looking for Team [Ger/En]
  247. Team.Atlantis is looking for mature team-mates! [EU]
  248. Looking for NA Team.
  249. [NA] Player looking to join a team for ranked/esl.
  250. (EU)(PC) Searching for a Competitive team to play tournaments and ESL