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  1. Established team looking for players NA if possible
  2. Looking for a team!
  3. Aussie looking for a team
  4. 2 solid players looking for a (preferred) german speaking team
  5. Looking for Team/Group (And Love) NA EAST
  6. NA - LF Mature / Non-Competetive Fun
  7. Looking for clan/ Age: 22 / Gold 2 / K/D 1.6
  8. Rank play
  9. NNC rekrutuje
  10. Armored FIST Recruiting
  11. Looking for a no hassle group
  12. LF casuals for realistic Terrorist Hunts
  13. Looking for a active rainbow six unit to join
  14. [UK] .Abc
  15. [PC][NA/EU]ECS-Open Season 1 - Game 1.1 Starts Feb. 3rd!
  16. -|[MERC]|- Mercenarys For Hire
  17. Looking for RSS Clan/Team
  18. [PC][EU] ReFL3X.team needs permanent +2
  19. Looking for a active Clan/Squad
  20. [PC][NA] Headhunters Competitive Team Recruiting
  21. Quebecois rechercher
  22. Looking for a few mates to squad up with (LIGHT HEARTED) but communicate
  23. CenoX Gaming sucht dich!
  24. Pc Ita new Player
  25. Recruiting for RS:S
  26. Looking for people to join our squad - Australian team
  27. eMpathy esports Seeking UK Players
  28. [NA][MISC] Pandorum Gaming | Multi-Gaming | TS3 | Sponsored | Servers
  29. [EU] Abc LF +2 For ESL
  30. Anyone wanna join a hassle free clan?
  31. Looking for players and team.
  32. Searching for Team/ Group
  33. Paterno Gaming Rrecruiting World Wide. [ Tactical , Fun , Chill , eSports ]
  34. Looking for players.
  35. Team Diligent PC
  36. Who wants to join an EU/UK clan for Gamebattles?
  37. [PC][EU][ESL] PENTA Sports +1
  38. +3 HIGH-SKILL ESL TEAM (.Abc) [EU/PC]
  39. ZFG - Zero Fear Gaming Clan - Rainbow Six Siege - North American
  40. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan - PC
  41. [EU] Old group split up, looking for new competitive Gaming Clan
  42. [GER] German Systems sucht!
  43. LF NA team
  44. [PC][NA] Headhunters Competitive Team Recruiting
  45. [PC] Australia & New Zealand Facebook Group
  46. [FR] Looking for team/cherche team
  47. RFG - Rapid Fire Gaming is Recruiting
  48. [PC NA] Free Agent looking for community.
  49. PC [NA] [EST] looking for active/skilled teammates
  50. ~New Team Forming This Afternoon/Tonight~ [EU] 2 x Practices, Mature and Teamspeak!
  51. The Reaper Squadron wants YOU! [EU]
  52. Устали от читеров/ливеров в Rainbow Six Siege?
  53. United States, West coast. LF community
  54. Team Diligent Seeking New Players
  55. Polish R6S community / Polska spolecznosc R6S (polish language)
  56. Polish R6S community / Polska spolecznosc R6S (polish language)
  57. looking for more players
  58. [.CS.] Cunning Stunts - Recruiting Tactical Like minded PC Players
  59. Tactical Gaming Recruiting ! Join Today !
  60. Looking for players (English/French or anything :))
  61. RFG Competitive Clan Recruiting Competitors
  62. [NA] FA Looking for a good group or clan
  63. [NA] Seeking Regional Manager - Open until filled
  64. [.CS.] Tactical gaming community
  65. FOrmin Team USA : Looking to Form Team of Players that Speak English
  66. Forming Team USA : Looking to Form Team of Players that Speak English
  67. The Order of Tactics(TOT) suchen nach neuen Mitgliedern!
  68. Iron-Blooded Gaming [NA/EU]
  69. ESL Cups & Ladders w/ Required Anti-Cheat!
  70. [PC][NA][EU] Tactical Gaming (TG) - Looks for awesome applicants!
  71. Small mature Clan looking for a few
  72. Isctc lf scrims
  73. Team TEMPO
  74. Funny and Good teammates
  75. Looking for R6 serious team EU
  76. [NA or EU][PC]Ranked Teams of 5
  77. Team ???
  78. [NA][Recruiting] Tactical Gaming's New Rainbow Six Division-Structured Rosters-Multip
  79. [MoW] Masters of War
  80. Vanguard Gaming - Recruiting people who're interested in esports
  81. LF eSports team
  82. LF Serious Competitive Team (NA)
  83. [.CS.] Recruiting members for our community of tactical gamers
  84. Konvict Gaming Recruiting | World Wide | Casual | Hardcore 1000+ Active Members
  85. Rapid Fire Gaming is Recruiting
  86. Looking for 3 players to do competitive gaming with
  87. LF competitive team
  88. Looking for Polish squad
  89. Looking for Aussie players to team up with. Chilled.
  90. LFT ESL/CUPs .eu .de DECENT ONLY!
  91. New English Rainbow Six Siege Gold/Silver Team [PC]
  92. LF Active Peeps / Team
  93. [.CS.] [NA & EU] Recruiting members for our community of tactical gamers
  94. Siege Outlaws join now
  95. [NA][+18] Blood Hounds Recruiting
  96. "HEXED" Yes we are here , Now Recruiting ((CLICK HERE))
  97. LF competitive team
  98. LF Serious R6s Team
  99. [PC] US old cs/csgo invite player here looking for a team
  100. Tired of playing with randoms
  101. Fear Academy is now recruiting
  102. [NA] Need ESL Team
  103. online investments
  104. (Well i cant find a Polish forum so i will try here) Poszukujemy 2 graczy do zespołu
  105. I need a partner
  106. Looking for casual team
  107. Fdes-team matches watch
  108. Op zoek naar groep nederlandse spelers die serieus spelen.
  109. TOGA - The Old Gits Army
  110. Looking for people with mics to play with, casuals with anyone, need 5th for ranked
  111. casual team for a bitta laugh and banter!!!
  112. Looking for casual fun people to play with!
  113. [.CS.] [NA & EU] Recruiting members for our community of tactical gamers
  114. LF competitive team | NA
  115. Looking for teammate
  116. PC GER Suchen Spieler für Clan! 16+
  117. NA ranked/competitive team - Looking for Memebers
  118. CST Recrute! Recrute Jouers Français (pas de Grades Spécifié)
  119. [PC][NA] Headhunters Competitive Seeking 1 Starter (ESL/Cups)
  120. Looking for casual group with some communication
  121. Looking for a UK based competitive clan
  122. Looking for casual team
  123. Casual
  124. Looking to join a competitive team.
  125. Looking for team
  126. Looking for a clan (PL/EU)
  127. Looking for competitive/esl team
  128. Casual partner for Terrorist Hunt
  129. [NA][18+] Elites Reborn - LF Ranked Community & ESL players.
  130. Two highly skilled Norwegians looking to make or join English speaking team (18+)
  131. Team Arcana is Recruiting for Future ESL Events.
  132. Fdes-team matches watch
  133. USN Special Response Team (SRT) PC
  134. Join Tactical Gaming Today !!
  135. [PC][EU] Team Diligent Looking for new member
  136. Looking for a Competitive Team to play on
  137. [.CS.] [NA & EU] Recruiting members for our community of tactical gamers.
  138. Rekrutacja do Polskiej drużyny.
  139. ESL Shield Squadron
  140. UK PC Clan Recruiting, come and be a BadMunky with us!
  141. [PC/NA] Empire Gaming™ Needs 1 for Go4R6
  142. Looking for a team to play with to get diamond and for some fun
  143. Looking For New Players- Central
  144. Magyar/Hungarian Csapattársakat keresek
  145. Looking for team to play ranked
  146. Looking for an EU clan
  147. Looking for people to play from Time to time.
  148. returning player
  149. Looking for NA Central ESL Team
  150. [PC][US-EST] Looking to Form 5v5 Ranked Group Gold
  151. Looking for a Ranked Group (Gold II)
  152. [NA][PC] Naughty Night Crew
  153. New player looking for friendly group to play with [EU]
  154. Casual gamer looking for clan
  155. [.CS.] [NA & EU] Recruiting members for our community of tactical gamers
  156. [ITA] Ricerca 1 player per torneo italiano
  157. eMpathy esports need skilled players!
  158. RECRUITING -)DoD(- Death on Demand
  159. [US-EST] Looking for a highly skilled team for ESL and Ranked matches.
  160. Looking for Player(s) [NA ESL Team]
  161. Tactical Gaming Recruiting ! Join Today ! We are Looking for Active Players
  162. LnT Gamers looking to clan war
  163. Dutchfightclub GameClan
  164. Hong Kong Players
  165. Lfc EU Servers
  166. Looking for friendly team
  167. Looking for people to play with! (Not Ranked, I'm only level 10)
  168. Teammate needed
  169. Peeps in EU
  170. Searching a team with my friend.
  171. Looking For Serious/Dedicated/Active Team For ESL Gold/Plat+
  172. Veteran365 Recruiting (Veteran Gaming Community)
  173. [Competitive][EU] Fear Academy Siege Team is recruiting !!!
  174. [.CS.] [NA & EU] Recruiting members for our community of tactical gamers
  175. 2 x Plat 2 players looking for team
  176. New Player With Mic
  177. Zero-fear gaming is recruiting
  178. [PC][NL] Dutch Elite Division since 1999
  179. Season Pass
  180. [PC/EU] New Team looking for dedicated players
  181. Looking for mature team/clan/players - Casual is ideal
  182. [.CS.] [NA & EU] Recruiting members for our casual and competitive tactical community
  183. [NA] Competitive Team Recruiting [7 Slots Remaining]
  184. Herrenabend
  185. Looking for a team [NA]
  186. Shock & Awe Recruiting
  187. Looking for team or clan for esport
  188. [PC] (euw) Looking for Teams to scrim regulary
  189. [FR] Recherche joueurs francophones basés en Amérique
  190. [PC][NA] Headhunters Seeking 1 (ESL/Cups)
  191. [EU] Looking for players to play with :)
  192. [PC][NA][EU] Recruiting for our community of tactical gamers (casual & competitive)
  193. American operators DLC Navy Seals or Delta Force?
  194. LF chilled & decent players for casual fun&chill - Competetive player.
  195. 30 ++
  196. Looking for players to play with. (pvp)
  197. [NA] Valkyris is Recruiting [18+]
  198. [PL] Szukam 3 ludzi do teamu lvl i ranga obojętna
  199. Best player EU looking for a team
  200. pixelated squad looking for members..
  201. [GER][18+] RainbowSix|Siege - Ts3Community
  202. [NA] LF Plat+
  203. Terrorist Hunt Suggestions [PC]
  204. Starting Finnish team looking for +18 year-old players [EU]
  205. [PC] NA Platinum 2 player looking for a team!
  206. [CGUG] Casual Squad Recruiting
  207. recrutement équipe e-sport
  208. Looking for players to play with in pvp.
  209. Shock & Awe Recruiting
  210. [NA] Low Plat Player Looking For A Serious Team
  211. Savage Gaming [NA]
  212. Veritas Gaming [VG]
  213. Looking for RB6 players
  214. VORTEX eSports is looking for 2 more competitive players for the roster
  215. Savage Gaming [NA] Looking for new players!
  216. LF players for ranked matches
  217. Looking For Team. NA
  218. Flagship Gaming looking for more players to have fun
  219. Suchen deutsches Team / deutsche Mitspieler für ein Team - 18+ - Ranked & evtl League
  220. A Touch of Madness Gaming Clan - 18+ Multi-Gaming
  221. A Touch of Madness Gaming Clan - 18+ Multi-Gaming
  222. Lfg na
  223. A Touch of Madness Gaming Clan - 18+ Multi-Gaming
  224. [PC][EU][LFM] Team Momentum looking for 2 Highly skilled players (Ranked, ESL vs and
  225. [.CS.][NA][EU] Recruiting members for our community of tactical gamers
  226. (WEU) Looking for smart players
  227. EU | eMpathy esports looking for a new skilled player
  228. [NA] Need 2 for Go4Cups and other Events.
  229. Savage Gaming [NA] Looking for new players!
  230. EAS Elite Assassin Squad looking for new players of all styles
  231. [EU][PC] Diamond player LF competitive team
  232. Suchen nach Mitspielern
  233. Looking for Clan/Premade to play ranked games
  234. Taw Looking for more members
  235. (NA/BR) Plat2 Looking for a team
  236. Rapid Fire Gaming Recruitment
  237. [PC][US-EAST][ENG/FR] Looking for non-competitive, high-communication play group
  238. MB - MasterBalls Recruiting competitive players
  239. New to the game, looking for others to group up casual for laughs etc
  240. New-ish player looking for a dedicated group to play with
  241. [EU] - [VS-UK] may be looking for you...
  242. [.CS.][NA][EU] Recruiting members for our community of tactical gamers [Cas / Comp]
  243. New RaidCall Channel :D Now recruiting members
  244. EU | +2 top 10 esl players seeking team.
  245. Looking for people to play RS:S with
  246. [.CS.][NA][EU] Recruiting members for our community of tactical gamers [casu /comp]
  247. AOD Clan Recruiting Members!
  248. Diligent.eSport Looking for players
  249. Looking for a team to play with on PC.
  250. Active competitive team seeking 1-2 more players