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  1. Recruting members to Diamond League
  2. Recruiting for members, with huge discord server.
  3. Players needed!
  4. [NA] Looking For Team High Plat
  5. looking for rank team
  6. Need A Team
  7. looking for a clan
  8. [PC|18+] Fate Gaming - Adult Gaming Community
  9. looking for dutch team/clan on pc
  10. Prodigy Recruitment (NA)
  11. I Need Players for ranked
  12. i need a team
  13. Team Recruitment
  14. Team Recruitment(NA) Rainbow Six Siege
  15. NA Team Recruitment!
  16. Team Paradox Recruitment (NA)
  17. Defiance League [serious rb6s league] [Open]
  18. Looking for people who care about getting good, but arent toxic when they lose.
  19. looking for eu pc team
  20. Looking for new recruits
  21. Looking for a serious team.
  22. Looking for serious people to rank up with / have fun
  23. Friend and I looking for some PC buddies to play with
  24. [EU] Looking for good players to rank up / have fun with
  25. Need Silvers to play with and get better
  26. Team Paradox Recruitment (NAEast) Rainbow Six
  27. [EU] Looking for competitive experienced players to rank up.
  28. hi wanna play ranked
  29. Relics of Warfare Recruiting! [NA] (21+)
  30. Want a group to play ranked with. Currently Silver 1
  31. TIDE Recruitment NA West.
  32. Are you looking for a friendly & Non-Toxic Discord Server?
  33. Looking for players to play ranked with. Silver/Low Gold
  34. (Knock out) recruitment, limited time only
  35. Lokking for a team to play with ( i a high gold EU player)
  36. Looking For a Serious Team (Na)
  37. Looking for serious competitive squad (Possibly for scrims)
  38. 3 spaces available for "Ain't For None" (AFN) 17+
  39. looking for players for ranked
  40. looking for people to play with
  41. hi i need a group to play ranked with
  42. looking for players to a team (eu)
  43. looking for a fun squad
  44. Ranked squad
  45. :) Looking for NA players who just play for fun :)
  46. Fatal Chaos Gaming 15+ Is Recruiting!
  47. Granite Gaming is Hiring
  48. [NA] [PC] Platinum player looking for teammates
  49. [PC] Team SMASH Recluta per competitive!
  50. Loking for team EU
  51. Looking For Squad
  52. Looking For A Team.
  53. New Clan
  54. Seal Team Wholesome
  55. looking for active community
  56. Looking for active ranked team
  57. r6
  58. Looking for team [eu] [en/ger]
  59. Looking for someone to help me with getting out of bronze (EU)
  60. Looking For Competitive Siege Players
  61. Lets play casual
  62. Looking for a team to scrim with
  63. Looking for team
  64. Looking for a newbie friendly, active community
  65. Looking for a team
  66. [EU][LFT] Hello, i am looking for a team/people to play with - high plat/diamond.
  67. Looking for ambitious players (Ranked and Casual) Hun-Ger-Eng
  68. looking for casual players
  69. looking for ranked team
  70. [EU] Looking for a competitive team
  71. Hi i looking for team
  72. wanting to join a team
  73. Looking for Comp Team
  74. Hell Hounds Community Looking for Members
  75. recruiting for Knock Out building a team
  76. Looking for team (EU) (INFO IN THREAD) (WEU)
  77. looking for a one new teamate
  78. Paradox Esports Recruitment (DFL) Rainbow Six
  79. X Sensei
  80. X Sensei
  81. X Sensei Clan Recruitment
  82. X Sensei Clan Recruitment
  83. X Sensei Clan Recruitment [UPDATED]
  84. Looking for long term ranked players....mature and friendly [PLAT+] [18+] read..
  85. Dishonor eSports is recruiting for PC and XBOX
  86. Looking for friends to play ranked with
  87. Looking for people to play the game with - EU
  88. Just transfered from console, looking for people to play with. NA
  89. Looking for NA Siege Players
  90. starting a 10 man server
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  92. Looking for a 5-man (AU)
  93. [EU] Looking for a ranked team gold and above players
  94. [PC/NA] Flat Earth Ninjas is recruiting. You should Join.
  95. PC NA Ranked recriut
  96. PC NA Ranked recriut
  97. Looking to build a regular group (AU preferred but not exclusive)
  98. Looking For A Team
  99. PC NA Ranked recriut
  100. Looking for a R6s team.
  101. The Northern Front
  102. Looking For A Ranked Team in R6 (US)
  103. Looking for teammates in Ranked (Silver deranked to bronze )
  104. trying to find people to play ranked bronze or higher (EU)
  105. [PC/DE] ALL TIME GAMING (ATG) sucht Zuwachs
  106. Ranked team
  107. Looking for people to play with
  108. im looking for a team EU
  109. Looking For Solid Ranked Players.(NAW)
  110. Need serious players to play with in ranked (naw)Bronze and up
  111. NA ranked team
  112. [NA][PC][GOLD] Trying To Find A Midnight(EST)+ Group To Siege Alongside
  113. Looking for a Team
  114. returning looking for clan
  115. =UWS= United We Stand - RECRUITING (Est. 2003)
  116. Mature players wanted
  117. [PC/DE] ALL TIME GAMING (ATG) sucht Zuwachs
  118. me and my friend are looking for experienced plat/gold players
  119. Rainbow Six Siege coaching for any ranked player
  120. Team Generations
  121. [EU][PC] LFOrg looking for try-outs
  122. Casual Players
  123. Looking for some people to play with ranked with. Plat III
  124. Lfg! Ranked ~ gold ~ must have mic
  125. Looking for ranked squad
  126. Looking for a group to play with/a clan to join
  127. Me and my friend are looking for a good team that's serious
  128. Looking for a clan/team - 15 & EU
  129. Looking for NA Siege Players
  130. Looking for a team/clan for next season
  131. need a clan i was gold deranked to copper
  132. For those looking for a casual clan
  133. DISCORD SERVER FOR PC CLAN https://discord.gg/2yh8hZb
  134. [na] [lft]
  135. Looking for a EU team
  136. ====abyss esports looking for players====
  137. Looking for a long term team to play Ranked CCS or ESA
  138. EU - Looking for 3 people to play ranked with me (am silver) - English
  139. Looking for an NA ranked team.
  140. Paradox Esports Recruitment (NA) Rainbow Six
  141. [PC/DE/ESL] ATG sucht dich
  142. [NA/EU] MidNight eSports is currently recruiting!!
  143. Recon recruiting new members!
  144. Recrutement "Forever Gold"
  145. [EU] MidNight eSports is currently recruiting!!
  146. (EUW) Looking for some ppl to game with
  147. [PC/DE] ALL TIME GAMING (ATG) sucht Zuwachs
  148. [PC/DE/ESL] ATG sucht dich
  149. [pc][eu/na]
  150. I'm trying to find a good team
  151. JXSN RC Youtube
  152. Looking for a team to play highly competetive (EU/PC)
  153. Looking for a ranked squad
  154. Looking for a Clan
  155. VR E-SPORT-Searching for skilled players for new EU competitive team.
  156. DevilZ eSports Is Recruiting Now ..
  157. Team Paradox Recruitment (NAEast) Rainbow Six
  158. [EU] MidNight eSports is currently recruiting!!
  159. i need team
  160. NA, Western US server, looking for serious squad.
  161. Ta gaming -eu
  162. Looking for people to team up and play with
  163. Looking for Commited Support or fragger NA west 11-12+
  164. The Deadly 5 is Recruiting 14+
  165. rejoin bug
  166. Looking for people to play with!
  167. German competetive team LF1
  168. Looking for a good team I play Australian Servers
  169. Looking for people to squad up with
  170. Looking for decent players
  171. Want to join a team eu
  172. [EU][PC] LFOrg
  173. Looking for non toxic new players
  174. Tartan army gaming recruiting
  175. I'm Lonely
  176. Looking for team / non toxic / EU / decent player
  177. Ubisoft fix your frickin game
  178. Please help me with the error of running Rainbow Six.
  179. I’m new and need people to play with
  180. Need players to play ranked matches
  181. Looking for players to play with (im new at the game)
  182. Looking for people to squad with. Gold 2+
  183. Looking for players
  184. R6S Ember rise
  185. eu looking for people to play ranked with
  186. Team Recruitment(NA) Rainbow Six Siege
  187. Ronin Syndicate is recruiting!!!
  188. Eu wanna join a team
  189. Tactical Chaos Squadron is Recruiting! Must Be Mature!
  190. looking for a competitive team
  191. Looking ranked squad
  192. looking for team
  193. [EU][PC] LFOrg
  194. [PC/DE/ESL] ATG sucht dich
  195. [EU/ENG] - Looking for a team
  196. Need players to play with OCE
  197. лол что
  198. Need players to play with OCE
  199. [ENG/EU] Looking for EU players to make a team.
  200. looking for competitive team
  201. New clan looking for members
  202. Looking for solo players that wants to play competitive and develop alongside
  203. [Eng]Looking to make a team
  204. Making a rainbow six siege team
  205. Need raİnbow sİx sİege players
  206. [EU][PC] LFOrg looking for try-outs
  207. Looking for serious team
  208. Recruiting player for team
  209. Looking for a group that has a lot of game sens and callout (Plat 2)
  210. (EU)Looking team to go pro
  211. Fatal Chaos Gaming Is Looking for all kinds of members! 15+
  212. Looking for a team
  213. Lunar are recruiting!
  214. New player looking for buddies
  215. Team Excel Recruitment (NA)
  216. Looking for a team! (NA AVG Rank Gold 2 - Plat 3)
  217. Triquetra eSports are expanding to R6S
  218. [EU][PC] LF Manager or coach
  219. looking for competitive team
  220. Team Excel Recruitment (NA) Defiance League
  221. LF duo or team G3 1.30KD Link KD/Rank
  222. Discord community with over 500 members looking for new members
  223. Looking for Competitive Team
  224. Looking for players to make up a good EU roster
  225. [EU/ENG] Looking for a ranked team.
  226. Joining or creating a EU Team to play highly competitive
  227. Gold player looking for team to improve with
  228. Looking for a good team to play ranked with
  229. Flex Clan, non serious team just looking to play and have fun.
  230. Ranked team
  231. Looking for people to learn and rank up with.
  232. Need some copper I teammates
  233. Recherche voir création d'une team comptétitive
  234. LF NA duo or team G2 1.30KD
  235. Looking for any R6S Members
  236. Twitch server/squad finder
  237. New player looking to learn
  238. Recruitment for R6S Team (FS or Final Stand) (PC)
  239. Octa eSports is looking for members!
  240. Need a team to play ranked ( seas )
  241. Ranked team
  242. Rankt team good att game or dont ask to play.
  243. Looking for a ranked team
  244. Looking for 3 more members for a team
  245. Looking for a team
  246. RAW eSports Recruiting serious players Plat 3-Champ NA ENGLISH
  247. Looking for newer player to play, learn, and eventually rank up with
  248. Total Punishment Gaming: Looking for New Members!
  249. looking for good eu ranked players
  250. Wasted~Potential E-Sports™ - [TEAM TRYOUT] [5v5]