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  1. [NA] Looking to go Pro - or at least to the top. (Read inside)
  2. [ASIA] [SEA] Need Permanent Teammate/Friends
  3. Looking to go to PL [Hear me out]
  4. LEGEND wait 4 it DARY Gaming Community
  5. Membrane vs Mechanical Keyboards - Which Are Better?
  6. Gold 1 looking for ranked teammates gold 4+
  7. [NA]Last Pick Esports Looking For Players For ESL/Ranked!!!
  8. ATRGamers.com | ATR is Recruiting PC R6 Siege Players
  9. [BR] purple gaming recrutando players qualquer patente e kd
  10. The Nexus Forge - [Community] EVERYONE welcome!
  11. Wicked Intent Gaming Recruitment (International Server)
  12. Anolox eSports RECRUITING (R6 Siege Ranked/Competitive)
  13. Come play with a Diamond today. Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold welcome for FUN
  14. If you solo, click this
  15. =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING for SIEGE
  16. [PC][ORG] PreVail Gaming Looking for Comp Team Manager
  17. Looking for a team EU/Plat3
  18. Plat 3 Looking for a team.
  19. EU Plat3 looking for a team with esport ambitions.
  20. EU PLAT./DIA. | looking for team for ComCups, Scrims and Go4s |
  21. [EU] [BENELUX] looking for E-sports team
  22. Damage Inc. is Recruiting!
  23. looking for people to play ranked or casual don't need to be high rank :)
  24. ELEVEN is recruiting!
  25. Looking for team to play ranked with
  26. Looking for some friends!
  27. Greedy Criminals Team Need Another Player!
  28. Other Guys Gaming Community
  29. Need people
  30. Border Patrol Needs 3 ACTIVE Members
  31. (NA) Wolves Among Sheep LFP to join an academy team
  32. Operator Select Orange Scrims!
  33. [NA][PC] Displacer Esports is Recruiting serious and skilled players
  34. [EU] UK player looking to join team
  35. [VSG] Join Venom Squad Gaming Today!
  36. Other Guys Gaming Community Recruitment!
  37. Looking for teammates :)
  38. R6S Deutsches Team
  39. [US] PC looking for a dedicated rank squad/discord server
  40. Siege1st. is opening their Discord Server! Looking for Players!
  41. Siege1st. is opening their Discord Server! Looking for Players!
  42. Searching for a competitive team
  43. Bad Player Looking For Other Bad Players to be Bad With
  44. Looking for team
  45. (Clan & Community) veryGreen is recruiting
  46. Rainbow Six Siege Gentlemen's Club
  47. Czech community PEW (Nábor právě ted , 18+)
  48. Problem with the launch of the game on uplay while I pay on steam
  49. [EU] Looking to go PRO or try to
  50. Looking for team. Competetive team only. [ENG/PL]
  51. Come join our gaming community!
  52. Unreal Syndicate XI - Looking for more Siege players!
  53. Havok Gaming[NA][PC]-Recruiting Now
  54. level 300+ , looking for serious squad ,
  55. [EU] Casual player looking for team
  56. 2 pc players looking 4 team (na)
  57. █ÄR£S█ Clan is Now Recruiting
  58. Rainbow JOIN CHANNEL
  59. Looking to play ranked(Age 14+,active and lvl 100+)
  60. JOIN US! We are a LEVEL 200s or above only CLUB, No Strict Rules, No Toxicity!
  61. [EU - Solid gold player] Looking for mature, dedicated and competitive team
  62. CO-OP Terrorist Hunt
  63. PC Player Looking to find a Team
  64. DUSK Combat Force- Come make friends and have a great time!
  65. [EU] Looking for a clan
  66. Freedom Delivery Crew wants you! [community]
  67. Small R6S Player Discord Server
  68. Miss 1990's R6 but love R6 Siege graphics? Join Recruits Only Custom Game Club!
  69. [PC] Solid Gold player, still improving. Looking for a team. [US]
  71. Team Havoc E-Sports-Recruiting Now [NA]
  72. [PC] Damage Incorporated Looking for Members!
  73. SF_ Team Special Forces Wants You !!
  74. Rainbow six seige. Team/Clan recruitment [Project X] (pRx) OCE and SEA
  75. Looking for 1-2 people to help me get out of copper and into the sliver ranks
  76. Looking for people to recruit for JAVLEY
  77. [PC][EU][LFT] Dust Line Player | Experienced | Little bit rusty | Age 19
  78. SGE Recruitment of all levels! Age 13+ PC
  79. [all regions] Infinity Crew looking for team players
  80. [Team][PC] Looking for 2 more plats(must also be 14+on age,EU and active
  81. *new community* COALITION WARFARE > please read...........
  82. [SRB] VOID team looking for [2] more Serb members
  83. R6S Discord community
  84. Anyone who used to play the SOF2 demo back in the day. Lets restart n4p for R6S
  85. I need a team
  86. Looking for a french Team (join or mount)
  87. Other Guys PC Discord Community
  88. Predator Gaming
  89. [PC][EU] Limbo is Recruiting - Are you new to the competitive scene?
  90. Svenskar till ett rb6 lag
  91. Recruiting for the Donut Delivery Bois
  92. Looking for a clan
  93. New Dominion is looking for players
  94. [EU][PC] Looking for people to help me and my friend get back to plat
  95. New clan looking for members!
  96. New Clan Recruiting Now
  97. [EU PC 17+] Limbo Esports is Looking to fill our main 5 squad
  98. [NA] [18+] Oracle Gaming Syndicate [OG] is Recruiting for R6
  99. ELITE - E-Sports : RECRUITING MEMBERS : [ EU ] : [ ENGLISH ] : [ DISCORD ]
  100. Esl join! 3 players
  101. ranked
  102. Social Tactical Gaming - Extreme Fusion Gaming
  103. Looking For Indian Players
  104. Convoluted Esports looking for a 5th man!
  105. Wer sucht nen Clan ?
  106. Need 1 Indian player (SEA)
  107. Greedy Criminals are recruiting competitive players and coaches! [EU] [PC]
  108. [EU][NA] Dragon Dynasty Clan is Recruiting!
  109. [18+ | EU | NA] Limbo is recruiting for it's NA and EU teams
  110. Looking for group or team.
  111. Donut Delivery Bois now recruiting for operation porta bella and more to come
  112. Beginner looking for people to play with
  113. Looking For Players for New Season
  114. [NA]Last Pick Esports Looking For Players For ESL/Ranked!!!
  115. Looking for Gold
  116. [NA] Convoluted Esports looking for a 5th man!
  117. Looking For A Group
  118. [EU] 2 plat/gold players are looking for a clan
  119. [Team][PC] Looking for 3 more plat-level players(must also be 14+on age and from EU)
  120. Looking For Communicative Players
  121. Recruitment xypher r6 clan -
  122. Recruiting professional rainbow six siege player to play ESL and CGA
  123. La Team ExoUnity Recrute
  124. Looking for new players
  125. [PC][EU] Looking for people to play ranked with
  126. [PC] Looking for players for ranked
  127. Hellfire Maniacs
  128. Sieged.Fusion, A New Siege Community Built To Last
  129. Looking for teams/groups/community to play ranked with
  130. -HBS- Hell Bound Soldiers Recruiting
  131. DeRagedRebels
  132. Calamity Raven Corps (CRC) Recruitment
  133. -=[ Seismic ]=- ✫✫ Mature || Discord || 18+ || RECRUITING ALL SKILL
  134. Any newbies or groups that have no problem accepting newbies?
  135. Brave™ (Home of the Brave) || Discord || EVERYONE WELCOME!!
  136. Former Plat 3 now Gold 2 player looking for ranked friends
  137. Sieged.Fusion Esports Team [PC][NA]
  138. Need 5 players.
  139. ELITE - E-Sports : RECRUITING MEMBERS : [ NA ] : [ ENGLISH ] : [ DISCORD ] | Forums
  140. Looking for serious player(s)!
  141. Need 5 players.
  142. 2v5 coppers
  143. 2v2 gold3
  144. Young Gaming Clan Now Recruiting!
  145. [PC][NA] Dedicated player looking for some consistency
  146. Team Spicy Boys LF diamond players
  147. [PC/NA] Donut Delivery bois is recruiting!
  148. Looking for RANKED grinding team.
  149. [Level 28] [Kinda new to Rainbow] Looking for clan/community to play in [EU]
  150. Casual player looking to go into Ranked
  151. Casual R6 Community
  152. Looking for active players to Join a great gaming community!!
  153. Looking for more people to play rainbow with.
  154. LF people to play with [EU based]
  155. Looking for other active players to rank with
  156. Community Damage Incorporated
  157. [NA] Discord for adults lost in finding a group
  158. New Siege Clan Looking For Pros or Noobs
  159. [EU PC 18+ Only] Limbo Esports is setting up it's 2nd European Team
  160. Pls nerf glaz
  161. [NA]16+ Need Players With Mics, Gold IV+
  162. Scrub Squad Esports Recruiting
  163. [EU][PC][21+] Looking for like minded individuals who want to shoot bad guys in the..
  164. Any Australian Players looking to Join a clan, JOIN CHAD!!!
  165. Clan [=AWOL=] Recruiting !
  166. LF EU daytime players
  167. [PC] [EU]Former plat looking for players who like to tryhard in ranked.
  168. Coach looking for team
  169. Best Memes Siege discord
  170. [NA] Lokking for teammates
  171. Looking for EU - ESL Team
  172. LF people to play with [EU based]
  173. [PC][EU] Im Looking Team For ESL Tournements
  174. Kaeo - Find a Squad or a Team on our Website
  175. Rainbow Tournaments/Scrims/PUGS
  176. LFG for Siege!
  177. [NA] Starting a team, looking for likeminded people
  178. The Scorpio Community - Everyone Welcome
  179. Pc discord officiel québecois de la communauté de rainbow six siege
  180. Looking for 3 active players to join and fill roster asap
  181. WiB Clan recruitment
  182. LFG of 3-4 people.
  183. Esports East Belgium setting up team
  184. Good Vocal / Laid back Support! Looking for Team
  185. Looking a NA RB6 team thats plays nightly.
  186. Looking for players
  187. looking to join a team
  188. Looking for squad
  189. Looking for either Players, Groups or a Team [EU]
  190. [PC][US]The Scorpio Community - Everyone's Welcome
  191. Looking for Players to Join Clan
  192. Looking for NA PC player of high silver and gold skill level.
  193. Looking for clan
  194. LF Team High Gold / Plat Level 1.4 KD 1.1 WR
  195. I want to mute text chat and not match with a specific player.
  196. LFM High gold / plat late night 22:30 - 1:30 CEST everyday
  197. Need Help
  198. Looking for a team
  199. [NA][Gold] Looking for a passionate and consistent player who wants to run togeth
  200. Looking for Team NA
  201. Kaeo.gg - Find players, teams and organizations
  202. Really Nerdy Gamers gaming community looking for friends
  203. FANG eSports is Recruiting!
  204. friends to play Rainbow six siege
  205. Marked for Death [MfD] Recruiting!
  206. Riposte Clan Recruitment page
  207. Looking for people to have fun with
  208. [PC] looking for a UK clan
  209. [World] Infinity Crew Siege looking for members
  210. Esports East Belgium recruiting ambitious players
  211. Create a BIG community!
  212. Looking for people to join our group
  213. North American League: Looking for game Casters!
  214. Tryout For Our Clan Exotic Gaming
  215. custom game
  216. Looking for chill guy 15+ (Play ranked, casual)
  217. Looking For Multiple Recruits For Team
  218. Looking for NA team
  219. Looking for players in SEAS/EU
  220. Clan Recruitment + Discord Link | Rainbow 6 Siege Tactile Clan
  221. In Search of a Coach
  222. Looking for Coach
  223. Looking for a Player/Sub
  224. Elite E-Sports™ [ RECRUITING ] - [ EU ] - [ PLATINUM+ ] - [ ENGLISH ] - [ ESL ]
  225. Looking for teammates to rank tgt Tonight
  226. My friend and I are looking for 3 people for a long term team
  227. [NA][East Coast][Silver+] Looking for two consistent players to start an Esports team
  228. [EU][NA]The Beacon Gaming Community!
  229. Looking for a ranked team
  230. [VSG] Venom Squad Gaming
  231. 2 Players looking for Team
  232. Looking to Learn
  233. Looking for people to farm alpha packs casual
  234. EGO eSports wants you to join
  235. Fate Gaming is Recruiting (US Based) - Ages 20+
  236. [DI] Damage Inc. Recruitment
  237. Looking for non-toxic older players who play with a winning attitude.
  238. Looking for People (Clan) to Play with [EU]
  239. competitive discord community for squad ups. Let's get em wins! :P
  240. Searching for 3 players for Solidarity eSport team, Platinum 1/diamond.
  241. [TAW.net] The Art of Warfare's R6:S Division is recruiting!
  242. banning
  243. FSH Gaming, Inc. Recruitment
  244. Recuitment
  245. [EU][PC] Starting up a Community for the EU playerbase, looking for people to join!
  246. competitive discord community for squad ups. Let's get em wins! :P
  247. ULP and Vikingz inc.
  248. Looking for Singaporean players to play with
  249. looking for squad to have fun [RUS,ENG][SEA:SKorea]
  250. Looking for team