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  1. Team Optimum Competitive eSports Organisation | 18+
  2. Looking For A Squad
  3. -=[ Seismic Gaming ]=- ✫✫ Mature || Discord || 16+ || RECRUITING ALL SKILL
  4. Z5 Gaming recruiting clans / clan leaders.
  5. Console player No more... LF nice players
  6. [EU] [GER] [PC] German Team Looking for Players | Deutsches Team sucht Spieler
  7. Looking for team/clan
  8. Connection
  9. (NA) "All Seeing Eye" looking for Starter, Coach, and Subs for team.
  10. Anyone from the US looking to play siege? sick of solo queue
  11. T3H Esports - Looking for high level players with challenger/Pro league potential
  12. [PC] Plat 2 Player looking for team
  13. [eu][pc]Prophetas, recruiting 16+
  14. Looking for members - Team Rewind
  15. Non Stop Murder (NSM) Recruiting NA & EU!
  16. Rainbow Six Siege | New South Korean operator revealed!!! DOKKAEBI
  17. [IT] [EU] Sanik Multigaming Searching for teams Rainbow Six Siege
  18. Shadow Ninja is looking for more players
  19. Recrutement Rainbow Six | Siege pc
  20. Sanik Multigaming cerca player per Team ESL competitivo e giocatori forfun [PC]
  21. Level 65 and another friend looking for three team mates to play with
  22. Rainbow Six Siege | New South Korean operator revealed !! VIGIL
  23. Looking for team NA
  24. coaching for low div groups for no payment
  25. LFG/LFT Just looking for experienced players to play some ranked.
  26. Looking for players to play rank with!
  27. R6S Casuals
  28. Damage Incorporated recruitment thread!
  29. Looking for a team
  30. Looking for a team
  31. ищю русских людей чтобы гамать в месте чтl
  32. Looking for people to play with
  33. Looking for a "Mentor".
  34. Looking for some guys for ranked
  35. [EU, PC] Looking For Teammates
  36. Looking for a team with the ambition and tenacity to push ESL ProPlay
  37. Looking for teammates
  38. Looking for 14+ people
  39. looking for a team
  40. Anyone need a team?
  41. looking for group
  42. Finding a team
  43. Greedy Criminals are looking for a stream team
  44. RAVE looking for 3-4 members from eu aged 13-16 plat3, 1.1kd or higher
  45. Looking For 4 To Complete R6 Squad
  46. Starting A ESL Team
  47. Hello looking for people to play with.
  48. Platinum NA Player looking for a group of guys to play Ranked with
  49. Looking for sidekick to play Terrorist Hunt with
  50. The Slayers Official EU Community
  51. [PC] [German] T3H Needs 2 New Players | T3H braucht 2 Spieler
  52. RAVE looking for 1 member from Britain aged 13-16 plat3+ fragger
  53. Titanium Skulls eSports - Recruiting [EU]
  54. Looking for a team ( ESL Go4R6)
  55. Are You Looking for Friends to play RB6 Siege with? Click Here!!
  56. Ironside Gaming wants YOU [EU, NA, OCE] [XB1, PS4, PC]
  57. I am looking to make a new team.
  58. Looking for a group for Siege.
  59. New player looking to make a team to learn how to play this game
  60. Team EMP Gaming is looking for players
  61. Looking for ranked mates
  62. (NA)(PC) SIN - Strength in Numbers Recruiting for ESL 6 Invitational
  63. T3H Esports - Looking for a high level player with Challenger League potential
  64. [Axi] Looking to make a clan
  65. [PC][EU]Looking for people to play with
  66. The Unknown Soldiers are Recruiting!
  67. US-EAST - Need Someone to play with? We're looking for you!
  68. Looking For Ranked Group
  69. Looking for a team (Region: North America) (My rank: Gold 4) (Has mic: yes) (age: 14)
  70. (Recruiting) vG Clan & Community - All Welcome
  71. Excisions Esports
  72. Over 30?
  73. Xiv clan recruiting, join now
  74. We want to make a Friendly Rainbow Six Siege Server for West EU Players (16+)
  75. Need good ranked players (pc)
  76. Looking for people to play with!
  77. Looking for friends, new to the game. I am 14
  78. Looking for Group? Looking for team? OLYMPIC GG can full fill your needs!
  79. Sanik Multigaming seeks players for competitive ESL teams and forfun players
  80. Need people to play with
  81. Looking for a Serious team
  82. Looking for team [Plat 3]
  83. Unreal Syndicate XI
  84. Gold 3 looking for a team [AUS]
  85. Interest in a Competitive League
  86. Looking for team AU/NZ region
  87. Clan recruitment
  88. Looking for team - EU - Plat 1-3
  89. Team
  90. NA- Looking for people to start a fun Discord group. (thats based on R6)
  91. Olympic GG
  92. [EU] Looking for a dedicated team - Plat 1 last season
  93. Looking for actually good players for ranked from wherever
  94. Looking for player for PC
  95. TFB Looking For Players
  96. 🌎 =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Siege, BF1, DayZ, Star Citizen clan) | Foru
  97. 🌎 =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Siege, BF1, DayZ, Star Citizen clan)
  98. DontBlink Gaming Recruitment
  99. Looking for people
  100. Need a team
  101. Looking for a ranked team
  102. Climber
  103. looking for silver players to go ranked Asia Server
  104. #TheMOB Recruitment
  105. L&L Recruiting
  106. UK mature group? Nothing too serious
  107. Looking for community
  108. LF ranked team EU
  109. [EU][NA][PC] CrpTk Gaming [CrpTk]
  110. Looking for a team (EU/UK) PLAT 2+
  111. Looking for team NA [plat three last season]
  112. Infinity Crew recruitment (Open join, international)
  113. Looking for people to rank up with(lvl 80+)
  114. [PC][NA/EU] Join LNT's Discord, a community for mature gamers who play as a team!
  115. Gold/Plat- I'm looking for a group.
  116. Gold looking for other players or team
  117. Need 3 more gold+ players Add me GucciLV.
  118. Full squad need
  119. Looking for plat players to play with
  120. Looking for good players (Plat this season)
  121. Decent player looking for people to play with
  122. Looking for EU Gold+ players
  123. Balkan clan recruitment - Application
  124. (PC) (NA) Plat Team Recruitment for R6S
  125. Looking For 3 Skilled Gold + Players!
  126. Looking For a Team To Join
  127. Looking for team (EU/UK) Plat 3+ 1.3kd fragger/support
  128. The Sixth Element R6 Community
  129. (PC) EU Looking for people to play with
  130. Vital Point eSports Recruiting
  131. Looking for a team or high rank players
  132. Recruiting St Clan
  133. [EU][NA][PC] CrpTk Gaming [CrpTk]
  134. PC R6 Siege Starter Edition
  135. Two plat 3 looking for ranked team
  136. Finnish team looking for last team member
  137. Reclutamenti Multigaming Sanik*
  138. 3 Golds+ Looking For A Clan Or 2 Others Gold+
  139. TheSlayers Searching for Members
  140. Looking for members to play with [EU].
  141. Looking for coach
  142. Ich suche deutsche Clan Member fr Rainbow Six Siege!
  143. Scorpio Community (Open to all players regardless of skill)
  144. Team of Golds (Last Season Plats) looking for 2 new members (above lvl 80)
  145. Looking for players
  146. looking for players for ranked
  147. Virtual.S Clan Recruitment - Silver+
  148. Skill Division is Recruiting !!!
  149. Just looking for casual group.
  150. Looking for a active team / group to play with and rank up Europe
  151. Crusaders Gaming // CsG // Is Now Recruiting // Copper - Plat
  152. Looking for team
  153. Looking For People To Play Ranked With
  154. Looking for People/Squad to play ranked with (NA)
  155. Looking For a Squad (Silvers) (I'm Silver) #Grind #Chill
  156. Looking for players (EU)
  157. [18+] Team Cyclone [ Open to all skill levels]
  158. Plat player looking for EU esports team
  159. Looking for nice people to play with.
  160. Interza Recruiting (Platinum+ Skill leveled)
  161. Loking for a PC team
  162. Loking for a PC team
  163. Loking for a PC team
  164. Experienced players only
  165. [PC][EU] High skill Diamond player looking for serious team
  166. N/A go4/esl team GB
  167. Community for Dutch speaking ppl
  168. New Team OutCast Esports Looking for Potential Players
  169. *FUSION GAMING* Is Looking for active players to join us
  170. Clan looking for members
  171. Looking for a team or clan
  172. Looking for a pc clan need 3 people!
  173. looking for squad
  174. Damage incorporated
  175. Looking for a ranked team.
  176. Searching for a squad !
  177. Guac Gang casual gaming
  178. [EU][NA][PC] CrpTk Gaming [CrpTk]
  179. looking for casual squad
  180. Looking for high gold or plat players
  181. Need Serious Ranked Team
  182. Looking for players to join my new clan (NGAF)
  183. Looking for Casual/ranked team, or friends to play with. (EU)
  184. Vigilance eSport is now hosting tryouts!
  185. lookng for some good r6s players or a group { gold 2 - plat}
  186. If interested in joining a Pro league team, look no further.
  187. [PC/EN/US] VOLTAGE Sports Looking for Skilled Players
  188. Voltage Gaming Recruitment
  189. Searching for people to play ranked/casual
  190. Looking to play ranked(Gold+,Age 14+ and lvl 100+)
  191. "Ludar" clan recruitment - Europe
  192. eSport Team Recruitment for ANZ region
  193. Looking for Northern Arena team
  194. looking for players who play ranked and skilled (gold 2-plat}
  195. Libertas Legion: International Multigaming for 18+
  196. [PC][EU][ESL] Eventful Gaming is recruiting!
  197. ESL Recruitment
  198. Making a team Plat 2+
  199. [EU][NA][PC] CrpTk Gaming [CrpTk]
  200. Bayonet5 recruiting EU players (any rank, 18+, english)
  201. [EU]Looking for a team (ranked, ESL)
  202. looking fo a rankeed team to play with all the time EU
  203. [EU] Bayonet5 recruiting (18+, english, mic required)
  204. Ranked?
  205. Looking for Aussie casual players for regular games
  206. gold ranked player looking for group
  207. [Recruiting] Sir Clan / Cummunity of Rainbow players!
  208. Looking for casual players speaking basic Japanese and English.
  209. C3 Recruitment
  210. Late Night ADULT free agent.
  211. Casual gamers
  212. Prime Legion Clan Recruiting
  213. My brother and me is looking for 1 or 2 for ranked
  214. [EU] Bayonet5 finally recruiting in R6 (english, microphone, 16+, any level and rank)
  215. Looking for a Team [NA WUS]
  216. [PC][NA] Back To Life LFM
  217. Hey im searching a R6 Team (16+)(P3+)
  218. ::ATTENTION ALL TEAM CAPTAINS:: WeirdosXxXx.com is staring a new R6S League!
  219. [USA] Looking for competitive siege team.
  220. [EU/UK] Looking for a team to play ranked with.
  221. [PC][EU][ESL] Eventful Gaming is recruiting!
  222. gets in to deep gambler club.
  223. Voxii eSports PC ESL Recruitment (Discord)
  224. Moving to PC. Need a chill squad to play with.
  225. Getting a team together aus
  226. cuckZone Recruitment
  227. [SEAU]Starting a new clan
  228. Dexterity Clan (Community)
  229. Looking for central united states players for ranked
  230. Looking for members
  231. Calling the original operators.
  232. rewindcmd32 cmdinterrupt cmdinteruupt monika & Valkarie (inside)
  233. Looking For ESL Team/Clan
  234. Looking For PLATINUM 2+ players who want to do esl and make DIAMOND
  235. LF people to play as recruits only!!!
  236. Siege Group Recruitment
  237. Hosting an event tonight, customs + ranked
  238. Rainbow six siege clan looking for members for both esl and just for fun
  239. Mercenary Esports are looking for players to play under the Organisation!
  240. Shadow Helix Esports is now Recruiting 18+ NA
  241. Rainbow Six Siege OCTA clan recruiting
  242. Gold 2-3 Looking for a Ranked Clan
  243. Looking for serious team - Support - Platinum 2 - Age 14 but plays maturely
  244. Prime Legion Clan - PLC is rexruiting
  245. In need of a 5th for team
  246. Looking For a team
  247. New Gaming League Forming Soon Do you want to join? (Funny Intro Video)
  248. Discord Espaa
  249. Match Making Discord
  250. Looking for groups to play with.