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  1. Discord for people looking for team and skrims
  2. Discord Community (read if you're lf players)
  3. Hey i am looking for a main team to play ranked with next season
  4. Free coaching!!!
  5. ESL tourney
  6. Team royalty team z needs member over gold
  7. Looking for new members for ESL and CCS
  8. TeamOrbits | Looking for members | Casual | Ranked | Fun
  9. Affinity eSports looking for people
  10. Making a new team for gold and above players TEAM GOAL will be getting Diamond
  11. LF casual ranked
  12. [PC] [PS4] [XB1] Tactical Gaming is looking for new members (Global over 2K members)
  13. Discord for people looking for team and skrims
  14. [PC] Forged Community
  15. FF recruiting/LF new friends
  16. Looking for a Competitive R6 Team [NA]
  17. Need A Team
  18. Looking for other players with similar skill to play Ranked
  19. looking to recruit players for the clan named Generals
  20. Unknown soldiers milsim clan looking for new members!
  21. *Brand New* Player looking for team/friends
  22. LF Ranked Players/Team - Plat
  23. Hosting T-Hunt
  24. Looking for more!!
  25. Searching for the 5th clan member
  26. [PC] Forged Community is Recruiting
  27. Looking for a ranked team (32/m/UK) Gold+
  28. Looking for Players in New Discord Server
  29. Looking for friends.
  30. [EU/SLO] we are looking for a player to join our team
  31. looking for friends/group --> Dutch/Flemish
  32. Recruiting people!
  33. Global Force Gaming is recruiting!
  34. Fun team that likes to win in dumb ways
  35. LF Players-Team Ranked Plat or Gold
  36. LF Silver Players That have Mic and Discord.
  37. Lifted Team Recruitment (Gold 3+, 250+ Hours, Mature)
  38. friends to play R6 whit !!
  39. Group of Gold Players looking for people to push plat+ (EU)
  40. Im tired of playing alone
  41. Im tired of playing alone
  42. Looking for friends
  43. Lifted Team Recruitment
  44. Damage Incorporated! Recruiting Now!
  45. Player looking for Team
  46. Looking for team/clan PC EU
  47. [EU] 18+ clan recruiting for ESL
  48. Join our public gaming discord!
  49. Ice Flames Community Looking for members and admin(s)! [PC] [Discord]
  50. [EU]Community Discord
  51. Team Redemption [PLAYER RECRUITMENT]
  52. Looking for chill people to play
  53. Looking for squad
  54. Clan Recruitment - Khaotic Vanguard
  55. Need Dedicated Team
  56. Team Redemption [PLAYER RECRUITMENT]
  57. TAW - A Gaming Community for you!
  58. Newish to PC Siege
  59. Looking for a Diamond Squad or a Diamond rank personal trainer
  60. Looking For ppl above lvl 100 and age 14
  61. Ice Flames Community Looking for members! [PC] [Discord] (previous one is outdated)
  62. Need Diamond/Plat Squad (Read Description)
  63. Lfg
  64. Looking for players!
  65. Looking for a team around gold
  66. Looking for squad kd+1.1
  67. Looking for team!
  68. US server Ranked or casual, to have fun with everyone
  69. Looking for team
  70. Looking For Teammates
  71. Need members new clan
  72. Competitive RB6 Discord Server
  73. Need Dedicated Team
  74. Ciao sto cercando un team Rainbow.
  75. Creating a new group ( WILDFIRE Gaming ) - Please read. - age 18+
  76. WILDFIRE-Gaming
  77. Searching Professional and Skilled Team
  78. Looking for Unorthodox CQB Team Players
  79. A lone man looking for a group
  80. Hy im searching a good clan
  81. [PC] RECRUITING players for team EXTANT
  82. New CLAN MEMBERS NEEDED- Team captain needed(EU AND NA)
  83. team needed
  84. looking for group plz read this
  85. Lonely Dude looking for a Ranked Team
  86. (EU) Looking for friendly people to progress with, casual > ranked.
  87. Looking for a team in ranked (low gold)
  88. FX Clan's recruitment everyone is welcome!
  89. Looking for other terrorist hunt players
  90. (EU) Alpha Clan Recruitment
  91. Looking For ppl above lvl 100 and age 14
  92. Team Reruitment NA TEAM ONLY
  93. Clan recruitment
  94. [NA] Looking for a competitive team.
  95. ~Damage Incorporated~ | Multi-Gaming | 700+ Members | We Need YOU
  96. WILDFIRE Gaming - looking for EU and US players to join ESL teams.
  97. uplay msg me
  98. Looking for Team/Clan/Group.
  99. ☆☆ [SF] ☆ Team Special Forces ☆ Est. 1997 ☆☆ Seeking mature and dedicated players
  100. Looking for Competitive team
  101. Black Trident Multi-Game Community
  102. [eu] dark matter (dm) - a community built for players- all skill levels - 18+
  103. Looking for teams to scrimmage
  104. 18|EU|Looking for team|All relevant info in desc|
  105. [PC] [EU&NA] Ice Flames Community!
  106. ~Damage Incorporated~ Looking for members |18+|
  107. CoMx Gaming Organization Looking for recruitment 16+
  108. RainbowFind: New LFG Discord with members to help you find partners, teams & scrims
  109. Recruitment for YFU
  110. Looking to join a ranked team
  111. RainbowFind: LFG Discord - (Inhouses, Our Own Elo System, Tournaments, and More)
  112. Looking For A team max Rank so far PLATINUM 3 almost PLATINUM 2
  113. [PC][NA] Looking for members gold 2+
  114. Searching For SERIOUS TEAM
  115. 8WayRun Recruiting Aus/NZ
  116. Looking for team (eu)
  117. looking for people na/eu/anywhere
  118. Join clan silent
  119. Looking to find friends to play ranked
  120. Wildfire Gaming - Looking for more EU and US members to join our ESL teams.- (18+
  121. Ice Flames community [PC] [EU&NA]
  122. Need a team
  123. [PC][NA][Gold+][18+]Looking for a dedicated group to join
  124. Come join hg.gaming!
  125. (Republic of Rainbow) -R.O.R-Join EU+NA
  126. Looking For Team [NA][PC][18+]
  127. looking for gold to plat players
  128. **RECRUITING** - Git Gud -Friendly Group Looking for people who want *Ranked*
  129. Arctic Wind [Brand New] - Casual NA Players
  130. Looking for a clan/team for learning and eventual ranked playing!
  131. Hey I'm looking for a decent fun group for occasional ranking matches
  132. Looking for group/players for ranked (Asia,English,Gold,Mic)
  133. Need mates for Copper to Diamond
  134. Rainbow Six Tournament
  135. Looking For a Team, PC EU RANK: Gold 1
  136. *Looking for a group to play ranked with*
  137. [NA] Flawless Esports Looking for a Coach.
  138. Looking for People to join my clan/community(14+)
  139. Looking for players with mics to play ranked with in WEU
  140. Need friends *with mics* to play! (mostly ranked)
  141. LFT esport/ELS
  142. Looking for players to join Team St(14+ and EU Only)
  143. Looking for a mature team with whom to play tactical, for casual and ranked
  144. volT clan (EU) high gold/platinum
  145. [PC] Tactical Gaming is Recruiting
  146. North Sea Gaming is looking for u!
  147. Insomnia Is now Recruiting!
  148. Looking for 4 EU Players for Challengers League or even Pro League (Read Info)
  149. Verg4 Invictus is RECRUITING
  150. Usa west coast player looking to join clan
  151. Team BeAwesome rekrutacja +2
  152. Ice Flames Community
  153. Looking for a team to play casual/ranked
  154. Middle East Servers R6 Seige EVER??
  155. WILDFIRE Gaming - Now OPEN and recruiting. Also recruiting for our ESL team!
  156. Ice Flames Community (the invite of the last one expired sorry!)
  157. Looking For Team
  158. Unknown soldeirs is Recruiting
  159. Strike 5 Clan - Recruitment
  160. Looking for a team
  161. Exile eSports
  162. The Beacon Gaming Community
  163. Ice Flames Community [EU&NA] [EVENTS + RECRUITMENT]
  164. Looking for staff members! [EU&NA] [Discord]
  165. Looking for a team
  166. looking to join a clan unless u just wana join mine "generals"
  167. Khoatic Vanguard recruiting
  168. Looking for ranked team
  169. Comm cup/ ranked team
  170. Looking for team [NA]
  171. Looking for a team/group to play ranked
  172. Looking for similar level to play ranked with
  173. Ice Flames community [RECRUITMENT] [NA&EU]
  174. 3 Friends LF 2 More for Ranked
  175. [PC][NA] Recruiting For New Competitive Team. Looking for gold and plat players.
  176. [PC][OC] FOM Recruiting for casual/ranked team - Gold players
  177. We heard you game, you compete, you stream, you create content...
  178. looking for players
  179. [NA] Looking for challenger league level team
  180. Looking to join a serious team [PC - EU]
  181. Looking to join a serious team - ESL (Open Ladder) [PC - EU]
  182. Looking for a team Plat+
  183. [PC-NA] Looking for Players to Play Ranked With
  184. Anyone wanna 3v3 or 4v4
  185. 14 year old LF players with mics for ranked (silver)
  186. LFT in Aus (Mature)
  187. [EU][ENG/GER] Looking for a T1/T2/T3 Team
  188. [English][Asia][PC] Group "ママチャリ" from Japan.
  189. Team BlueSky RECRUITING
  190. Ice Flames community [RECRUITMENT] [NA&EU]
  191. Clan 3Z Gold and Over! Join!
  192. Looking for a good team!
  193. Looking for team NA
  194. Noob looking for people to help me learn
  195. LFT or just people to play with (Plat 3)
  196. GalactiK eSports Recruitment
  197. Optimzed Gaming looking for 5th member plus subs
  198. [PC][NA] MATE Recruiting - Gold Players
  199. Looking for Ranked Clan
  200. Any nepali players? add me up so we can squad up
  201. Looking to form a new team Plat+
  202. Diverse gaming
  203. MaxiMize is looking for players
  204. Medium skilled player looking for players
  205. Team FR recrute joueur serieux mais fun
  206. The Slayers Official EU Community
  207. Soldiers of war Recruitment
  208. Looking for someone to play with
  209. Looking For Recruits
  210. Recruiting for ☣Toxic Clan☣ | Discord - https://discord.gg/6AT3p58
  211. MFIA gaming recruiting
  212. CrpTk Clan Is Looking For [EU] [R6S] Members!
  213. Recruiting for 🔫 3Z Clan 🔫 | Discord - https://discord.gg/KYuTAkf
  214. Team POWNED cerca membri [ITA]
  215. The Reaper Squadron wants YOU! [EU]
  216. Royal Phantoms! Looking for 16+ members.
  217. Looking for team
  218. Join Our Team Or There Will Be A Spider In Your Bed Tonight
  219. LF Serious Team
  220. Recruiting for Ranked Team | ☣️Toxic Clan☣️
  221. Royal Phantoms looking for moderators!
  222. The Circus Is In Town (group)
  223. I have a Renown Booster on, i'm looking for other people with a booster on for 50%+
  224. Get free psn for joining server discord
  225. looking for people to join le team
  226. TAW Recruitment Thread [PC][NA][EU]
  227. EU-Battle Group is a new team looking for members!
  228. Looking for a team
  229. CrpTk Gaming
  230. Looking for players
  231. looking for new team to play ranked with!
  232. Recruitment For Parallax E-Sports
  233. Team Silent Recruiting 14+ players
  234. Looking for experienced cool guys to play with xD
  235. Sin gaming is looking for players
  236. Requesting a 5th aggressive player,That is willing to play as a team and to practice.
  237. [EU] Competitive Team, Player Apply - Rainbow Six
  238. Need good players for ranked
  239. Duo looking for 3 more players
  240. [The Reaper Squadron] Recruiting members currently for my team RSQ
  241. Titanium V - Recruiting EU/NA
  242. Requesting a 5th aggressive player,That is willing to play as a team.(NA ONLY)
  243. rainbow and discord? (ranks don't matter to me)
  244. Join our community to play with a full team everytime!
  245. Wanna play with me?
  246. [EU] 20+ clan recruiting
  247. need good players for ranked R6 WITH DISCORD
  248. lvl 85 looking for people to play with
  249. The Unknown Soldiers are Recruiting!
  250. Looking for clan to play with ( Ranked & maybe competitive )