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  1. Far Cry Primal – Official Reveal Trailer
  2. Far Cry Primal – The Creative Vision Behind the Game
  3. Far Cry Primal - Ubisoft Club Avatars
  4. Far Cry Primal - King of the Stone Age
  5. Far Cry Primal - Building the Characters and Languages
  7. Far Cry: Pandora (suggestion)
  8. Far Cry Primal – Bringing The Stone Age to Life
  9. No DLC Code Received For Owl
  10. Far Cry Primal Weapons
  11. Симулятор охоты на движке и основе Far Cry
  12. ERROR 88500014 on the first day. WTF
  13. No Simplified Chinese on steam version
  14. Streaming First Playthrough
  15. Can't switch weapon subtypes
  16. any plans to expand the game?
  17. Far Cry Primal ne Fonctionne pas [FR]
  18. Possibilité de transférer la progression dans le jeu d'une PlayStation a une autre ?
  19. Italian language and subtitles will not work
  20. Patch notes for 1.1.2?
  21. No more XP
  22. Community Club Rewards?
  23. New Achievements / batches Ubisoftclub
  24. Community Club Challenge Kill 20.000.000 (enemies)
  25. Permadeath /Expert /Survivor
  26. Far Cry Primal - Title Update 3 Patch Notes (Introducing Survivor Mode!)
  27. Frustrated Completionist - 99.96% and completion impossible
  28. Third person view needed and map editor.
  29. Far Cry Primal Champion
  30. Suggestions for a Far Cry Primal DLC
  31. Crashes - won't play
  32. Hey ubisoft dev's, the boss battles have combat VERY limited, check out what i mean
  33. Far Cry Primal
  34. Hello, the Far Cry Primal servers are currently experiencing an outage. - experience?
  35. ((((love)))vashikaran {specia/+91=9929888685/ list} babaji amit bangali b. m
  36. i need help
  37. Happy six-month anniversary for Far Cry Primal!
  38. New to Primal
  39. Fantastic Batari cosplay and Interview
  40. Will this be the next free game (after The Crew) ?
  41. Far Cry Primal Nominated at Canadian Video Game Awards!
  42. Far cry primal future dlc/patch suggestions + questions
  43. More content for Far Cry Primal
  44. connection problem:I can not connect to the ubisoft server when i open and start the
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  52. Far Cry Primal PlayStation 4
  53. suggestion for making far cry primal 2
  54. any plans to expand the game?
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  58. We will need CO-OP to Far Cry Primal!!!
  59. Far Cry Primal Uplay się nie włącza
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  61. Bark myszki w menu
  62. Far Cry Primal suggestions
  63. Far Cry Primal on Stadia
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