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  1. Bugs
  2. Bugs
  3. Beta tester - Bug list update - 04.05.2015
  4. Bugs I found
  5. Some problems
  6. Bugs with artefacts
  7. Academy Magic and Metamagic skills/spells not working as intended?
  8. "Bug report" button does not work
  9. Beta Bugs
  10. Crash on Haven Campaign, First mission
  11. Post release bugs and issues or suggestions...
  12. Minor bug, clicking on ! enemy's portrait.
  13. [Bug?] Govenor - expert economy trait - doesn't work.
  14. BUG - Reinforcements + heal
  15. AI unit stuck in loop in combat
  16. Bug with controls
  17. Necropolis Campaign Mission 2
  18. [Bugs] Some bugs I've encountered
  19. [Bugs] No sound effects in the battle
  20. Healing Sisters don't resurrect
  21. [BUG] Keybinding issues...
  22. Bug Report: Haven mission #3: Blessings of Freedom
  23. More Bugs???
  24. {BUG?} Golem's
  25. Issues that occured during one game of Heroes VII
  26. [Bugs] Week of cheap artifacts and "Buy" the button
  27. Bugs & Features
  28. [Bugs] Crush in the Elemental's Cirlce
  29. [Bugs] Movement path at a new turn
  30. Buuuugs
  31. Bugs + suggestions
  32. Inaudible sound
  33. Warfare: Artillery skill BUG!
  34. [BUG][Haven] Infinite AI turn
  35. Town upgrade indicator to the left
  36. [bug?] Haven campaign 3
  37. -1/4 spies
  38. Haven mission 3: Blessings of Freedom Bug with tears
  39. vampire bug
  40. Dungeon - Seeds of war
  41. Wrong a centeral point of AOE spells
  42. Two copies of all artefacts from Mysterious Crypt
  43. shielded by preotarian= no retalation bug
  44. Stats are limited to 30
  45. Map generator - more of an oversight than a bug but needs attention
  46. Gloria bug 2nd mission of tomas
  47. Schools of War/Magic not working
  48. Fire Arrow without target
  49. Bug: Academy campaign map 2
  50. Bug report
  51. Crap and very fast moving animation!
  52. Grid in battle
  53. BUG Tania mission 2
  54. Multiplayer bugs
  55. Cannot cast spells on adventure map
  56. Haven Campain, 4th mission - Game crash
  57. Academy Campaign Mission 2 bug?
  58. [Bug] Heaven map 3 - Counterattack quest (last part)
  59. BUG: Impossible to reset forum password :D
  60. List of game issues
  61. Bug: Stronghold Campaign, mission 3
  62. Some bugs,what i find when play necro campaign
  63. Some bugs,what i find when play necro campaign
  64. Banshee stack could not move forward after first turn
  65. Centaurs vs double attack
  66. Unit have been lost while a battle loading
  67. Necro Campain 2 is not finishing
  68. German every where...
  69. AcademyCompain Mission 2 BUG
  70. List of Achievements has not shown in the Steam
  71. Muchos bugs
  72. [Bugs] Several bugs that I've encountered
  73. Major bug
  74. Town planner broken
  75. Loading a Multiplayer game
  76. [Bug] Stronghold Campaign (Map 3)
  77. Bug trying to learn "Father Sky's Fury"
  78. Necro Mission 4-anyone knows how to get out of starting zone?
  79. [Bug Report] Stronghold Specific Bugs
  80. Bug Murazel Campaign mission 1
  81. Появились фризы в бою
  82. Infinite Movement
  83. bug h7
  84. Life Drain doesn't work
  85. Kill count infornation doesn't work
  86. AI loops in battle ground with river
  87. Enemy Heros is not eager to do much
  88. Solymr with legs?! (not bug)
  89. Bug on the 2nd mission of the necro's campaign
  90. Bugs and issues
  91. Warcries Bug(Warlord Upgrade Bug)
  92. Haven mission 4: Cant complete mission
  93. (BUG) Stronghold - Mission 3 - No Peace In This World
  94. Few Bugs, Patch not downloading, AI turns, visible map
  95. Heroes VII multiplayer BUGS
  96. Some bugs
  97. Bugged Campaigns
  98. Vampires not resurrecting
  99. Prime magic/ Clarity
  100. Gold bug
  101. Disapearing units!
  102. Some bugs when equiping artefacts
  103. [BUGS} Game Breaking Bugs
  104. [Localization] Русский Russian
  105. [BUG] Good morale damage too low
  106. so many bugs...
  107. Map editor stopped responding on saving.
  108. stronghold campaign item set carry over
  109. Ella cant learn clarity skill
  110. Hot Seat [Game keeps crashing]
  111. Unit multiplying
  112. [Hilarously Buggy] Haven 4 Map is the buggiest piece of this game so far
  113. Sylvan campaign map 3 crash upon loading
  114. Can't load Haven map 2
  115. Necromancer Campaign Mission 4 - Thoughts and Intentions bug
  116. All flags are gray in campaign
  117. Spanish Subtitles
  118. [BUG} Sever AI Issues
  119. Battles still crashing - unplayable
  120. Bugs in skrimish maps.
  121. Language problem
  122. Game crashed by Townbattles
  123. Perk: 'Clarity' doesnt work.
  124. Creeper strategy all-powerful and completely overpowered
  125. Necro campaign 4
  126. Essential Heroes 7 PROBLEM!!!
  127. Crash in combat, repeated twice with same battle
  128. Multiplayer Bugs
  129. Sauvegarde MMH7 sur PC
  130. Multiplayer bugs report
  131. Can't select Magic
  132. Haven Campaign IV BUG
  133. Academy skill "Clarity" not working
  134. Supreme Crown of the Magister
  135. Game crashes as soon as there is a fight with AI opponent that is not neutral
  136. Sylvan ballista
  137. Moving equipped items between heroes causes game crash
  138. Stat bonuses not displayed in creature profile out of combat
  139. Traveller's Luck is not visible in hero profile
  140. Mouse pointer doesn't go
  141. So many many broken skills/spells - nobody ever tested this
  142. Blessing of Arkath...
  143. Out of synch
  144. Skirmish map never ending dead AI
  145. Stronghold campaign vanishing perpetual artifacts and levels
  146. Tomas / Mission 4 bug
  147. Some more bugs...
  148. Installing Microsoft VC . . . each and every time
  149. bug - trapped in the map "blind instrument of fatality"
  150. Map generator - more of an oversight than a bug but needs attention: Second edition
  151. Bugs bugs bugs
  152. Another bug during siege
  153. Dungeon Map 4 Merikh hides in church after reload he is gone
  154. Heroes mixed up royally
  155. Movement Refreshes After Every Battle
  156. Bug Report Map Editor: A few things
  157. Heaven Campaign Map 4 - starting issue
  158. game quit surprisely
  159. campagne mission and succes not unlocking
  160. cant get to play the game
  161. Necromancer battle bug. Waiting with highest initiative troop.
  162. Hungarian language issue
  163. Language selection bug in uplay
  164. UI for quickbar spells covering unit abilities
  165. mana loss on start map
  166. Some bugs and problems in new Heroes
  167. Leading by Example Bug
  168. Multiplayer desync when heroes encounter each other
  169. Necomancy Bug?
  170. Campainbugg
  171. Tomas second episode
  172. BUG: few minor, few major
  173. Stronghold last mission bag
  174. the immortal garrison
  175. A few bugs
  176. few annoying bugs
  177. Bugs connected with things that don't work
  178. Fire Wall bug
  179. Major skills bugs
  180. [Bug] Ability "Clarity" causes negative damage
  181. [Bug] Uplay screenshot key not taking screenshots
  182. [Bug] Game not displaying accurate number of resources in top bar
  183. Haven campaign 3: My konrad beat all the griffen troops and now the campaign is stuck
  184. MMH7 Full Release Bugs and Feedback
  185. The blessing of freedom (Haven 3): Road blocked by catapult?
  186. [HUGE BUG] Losing Units when you place them in the added squares in a combat
  187. Exploit and bugs
  188. Vampire does not allways use blood sucking skill !
  189. dungeon campaign - First mission not completing
  190. Harpies do not fly back !!
  191. Jorgen (campaign part 4)
  192. Neutral army never flee.
  193. Soundbug afte loading a game
  194. Heroes VII bugs - Heroes community
  195. Problem in battle
  196. [BUG] CELESTIAL / Resurrection doesn't work
  197. [BUG] Skill estates doesn't work
  198. [BUG] Hydra/Darkhydra dont attack all enemys
  199. [Bug] Rendering an unit unattackable by running into it
  200. Bug in Combat - moving range towards enemy not accurate
  201. [BUG] Buildings Un-Built
  202. Necropolis units do not have a cohesive picture
  203. Fighting grid not updating and resources not added
  204. Bug Colleting resources
  205. Bug Encountered So Far
  206. Random fractions
  207. some encountered bugs
  208. [BUG] Can't capture a city
  209. [BUG] Gameplay/Adventure Map
  210. Bridges don't appear when loading autosaves
  211. Artifact Equipping and Growth not Taking Effect
  212. bug stronghold - final map
  213. Online multiplayer is a joke.
  214. Fog Shroud not working with Lilim
  215. Movement refreshes a bit after building something in a town
  216. Regarding mini map
  217. Unreasonable War Single Player Map
  218. Haven bugs causing unfair gameplay
  219. List of known issues
  220. Revive Bug?
  221. Assigning high level Governor makes game run slower and crash
  222. Leading By Example causing target to take LESS damage from creatures
  223. Strike and Return not working if returning to origin tile
  224. Marksman Piercing Shot misses creatures in line
  225. Restarting a map causes loss of all artifacts and spells and main hero at level 1
  226. Restarting Battle does not replenish used Consumable Scrolls
  227. Retaliation not calculated correctly between different attackers also Hero talent
  228. Balance please - Stronghold way too powerful in mid game.
  229. [bug] GM skills[tallents] dont work after save/load
  230. [Official] How to report bugs
  231. problem with load
  232. bug in mission 2 in necro campaing
  233. 2nd orc map is buged
  234. More Bugs, sorry for my bad english
  235. [BUG] Necro Campaign 4 Canīt enter the Shiip
  236. [BUG] Tsunami is not pushing small creatures 2 titles back
  237. [EXPLOIT] Necromancy. How do I report?
  238. No sound in the start video of any campain
  239. If you just fixed THESE things - the game would be amazing IMHO
  240. Firewall spell
  241. Adventure map spell: clairvoyance
  242. Hero-marks on the minimap do not disappear whenever a hero is killed
  243. [BUG?] Academy map 3
  244. BUG: City Won't Capture After Winning Battle - Can't Finish Game
  245. bugs on second map necro and heaven campaign
  246. Marksmen Melee only, no range attack
  247. Not Getting Credit for Completed Dungeon Campaign
  248. Necropolis campaing bug list report
  249. Academy campaign bug list report
  250. Heaven Campaign Map 4