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  1. System Requirements for Might and Magic Heroes VII
  2. Crashing / Freezing in Might and Magic Heroes VII
  3. Connection Issues in Might and Magic Heroes VII
  4. How to Uninstall the Might & Magic Heroes VII Beta
  5. IPv6- Support
  6. [Gameplay] Haven Campaign Map2 possible bug
  7. Save game syncornisation isn't working proper and Sims Turns always going out of sync
  8. code
  9. Language missing
  10. [Technical Issues] Problem launching game from steam
  11. HMM7 Crash when I launch it.
  12. Polish language
  13. Why I don't have key from pre-order?
  14. game keeps asking to confirm the installed folder and keeps reinstalling files,
  15. [Multiplayer] I can't connect to online games
  16. Crash at launch, windows 7 x64 nvidia
  17. wierd language problem
  18. starting issues
  19. already campaign breaking bug?
  20. [Technical Issues] Download Issue at 12,8 GB
  21. Impossible to connect to them
  22. Game doesn't install...period.
  23. Create online game.
  24. Won't launch
  25. [Technical Issues] Not Updating
  26. [Technical Issues] Incorrect Dungeon troops for Campaign
  27. Music is missing?
  28. i have pre order but i cant find the game in uplay
  29. Any idea how to fix Crashed game?
  30. Sylvan ballista sometimes doesn't trigger a second time with fast reload
  31. Not able to see mouse cursor
  32. Shipping Issues
  33. Saves are not synchronized between PCs
  34. [Gameplay] why is it lagging so so bad
  35. Out of video memory
  36. [Technical Issues] Restart the computer and the crash from the game when it launch!!!
  37. Game crashes while loading a (auto)save
  38. [Technical Issues] How to instal HOMAM 7 DVD version?
  39. [Technical Issues] Editor Unable to Load
  40. editor crashing a lot and long loading times.
  41. [Technical Issues] No support for win10?!
  42. 64 Bit NOT WORKING
  43. A.I. don't want make turn
  44. [MULTIPLAYER] 999 latency
  45. Please fix loading time!
  46. [Technical Issues] Everyone experiencing game crash issues
  47. Patches
  48. Stuck at heaven mission-imprisoned elemental
  49. [Activation Key / Redeem Code] M&M7 Steam refund
  50. [Multiplayer] Stop releasing badly coded games.
  51. mmhvii
  52. [Bug Report] "This Location is blocked by an army"
  53. [Bug Report] Ground textures are blue and white grid only
  54. [Multiplayer] Games keep getting out of sync
  55. Can´t play the campaign
  56. HMM 7 will not install
  57. Purchased Deluxe Edition today from Steam, where is Hereos III HD?
  58. Can't access Heroes 3 HD or soundtrack on Collector's edition...
  59. Multiplayer
  60. ran out of virtual memory
  61. [Bug Report] Life Drain doesn't work
  62. Technical Issues
  63. Campaign animation bug?
  64. Why don't you make a Bugs subforum?
  65. [Technical Issues] не работает
  66. Loading Saved Games Crash?
  67. Loading campaign-savegames leads into game-crash
  68. I am stuck on the second map of the campaing
  69. [Bug Report] Reset speed of players in the Settings for a new map
  70. [Technical Issues] The game doesn't start Win 7sp1 laptop HP probook
  71. Academy Campaign, very first mission (scenario) - can't go futher
  72. [Technical Issues] Game not responding on start.
  73. Unable to run the game - error 0xc000007b
  74. Can't download new update
  75. [Bug Report] Bugs and Feedback
  76. [Technical Issues] Extreme RAM usage
  77. [HELP] Campaign at difficult normal..
  78. Where is the NVIDIA game-ready driver?
  79. [Bug Report] Killed Sergey in 3d part of the heaven campaign
  80. Choppy UI / Low Fps
  81. [Bug Report] Stack Movement Bug
  82. [Activation Key / Redeem Code] Cann't activate Game
  83. Can'nt ACTIATE game
  84. [Technical Issues] Cant even start Heroes 7 on Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit 8GB Memory
  85. [Technical Issues] [Crash] When finishing last round before wining on "Fire and Blood" map
  86. [Technical Issues] It Crash when I try to load the campaign map
  87. Game willn't download after digtail buying
  88. [Technical Issues] crash in single player mode
  89. Crash
  90. [Technical Issues] Game crash always. cannot load any save game. FIX ASAP KKTHXBYE
  91. [Technical Issues] In dungeon campaign the turns is very slow ia
  92. Long launch time + low performance on laptop.
  93. Reedem code and Uplay buttons
  94. crash half way threw single large map
  95. Can't Register
  96. Loading crash game
  97. has someone ever tried to get his money back?
  98. [Technical Issues] Crash when putting a point in 3rd Diplomacy skill.
  99. [Technical Issues] black(blank) screen appears randomly during play.
  100. map editor contant browser drag and drop does not work
  101. Game worked yesterday but not today
  102. 2nd mission campaign doesnt start
  103. pour le générateur de carte h7
  104. heroes 7 crash en arrivant sur une carte
  105. W10 crash at startup possible fix
  106. Bug random map generator
  107. [Technical Issues] When release the 32bit version???
  108. When will this game be playable..?!
  109. [Activation Key / Redeem Code] No activation code from Steam. Please help, tried everything...
  110. [Technical Issues] Can´t start the game
  111. here is my uplay launch log .. shows
  112. [Cant start the game][Unresolved] /Windows 7- 32 BIT/GeForce GTX 550 Ti/
  113. even if there is a patch
  114. [Multiplayer] Problems with LAN
  115. Forced reinstall
  116. 4GB RAM minimum, but game uses 8 and stops responding
  117. [Technical Issues] Game is not saving properly (at all)
  118. Can't download the game
  119. Academy Campaign Mission 2 Cinematic
  120. [Multiplayer] How do I create a game?
  121. [Activation Key / Redeem Code] HELP! How do I play Heroes 7 on a new machine?
  122. Unable to start Haven mission 2
  123. Sylvan Campaign 3 crush down and can't load or start a new one
  124. [Technical Issues] [STEAM VERSION] Game not fully released & therefore not showing up on ANYONES Profile
  125. I can not play only 6 or 7 levels
  126. [Technical Issues] Game will not install properly - Disc write Error
  127. I cant play
  128. [Unable to Launch][Unresolved] / Win7 / AMD HD 9600 / 64.exe not working
  129. Game crashes on loading save
  130. Computer crash and restarts
  131. [Technical Issues] Game will not load to menu in Higher Resolutions or Nvidia Surround (5760x1080)
  132. [BUG] Sylvan Map3 savegames all broken
  133. [Bug Report] Problems with Keyboardbindings
  134. map editor scripting tool not saving/remembering
  135. [Technical Issues] Game Crash on start
  136. [Technical Issues] Multiple game crashes / Game breaking bugs
  137. Game Speed: Performance
  138. [Bug Report] Stronghold campaign
  139. Corrupt savegames, memory leak, still same problem as in beta.
  140. [Gameplay] Subtitles (text for characters)
  141. Switchable Graphics
  142. Combat settings
  143. [Technical Issues] game doesn't start win7-32b
  144. installation from dvd
  145. mutiplayer doesn't work
  146. [Technical Issues] Lagging
  147. Crash on AI turn in Hot Seat
  148. [Technical Issues] Graphic stutter on movement sequences
  149. Is it possible to change the game's language (subtitles)?
  150. Haven and Sylvan campaigns crash
  151. [Technical Issues] Spectator Mode [Enable / Disable]
  152. [Multiplayer] Stop responding when sometimes fight with the monster
  153. [Technical Issues] Cant download a game
  154. Dual screens
  155. Best Setting for NVIDIA GT 630
  156. [Bug Report] Heal effects not resurrecting fallen units.
  157. Game wont start
  158. Hot seat
  159. Crash on end Ai Turn
  160. Game is closing
  161. Game does not start
  162. Please fix this! Necro campaign level 4 huge RAM usage issue!
  163. AI-Turn time is to long
  164. [Bug Report] Editor: Crash when closing Town properties.
  165. [Technical Issues] Can’t play offline because I didn’t install the game in the default path
  166. Game crashes on loading battles
  167. How to change log path ?
  168. [Technical Issues] This game just will not start. Should I bin this pile of goat@#$% or what ?
  169. script tool adding tekst
  170. [Technical Issues] Unable to launch game
  171. Bug report
  172. Anyone NOT having the save/memory leak problem??? Reply if you're NOT affected.
  173. I just want to play the game I paided for.
  174. The problem with the game on the Internet
  175. [Technical Issues] Crash on start up on high res monitor
  176. something wrong?
  177. [Technical Issues] Screenshot of the GPU Heat
  178. Crashing and freezing
  179. Crash during campaign
  180. BUG massive memory leak - game unplayable
  181. [Technical Issues] MMH7 freezes on load with Win10
  182. [Technical Issues] Does anyone know if anyone is working on the "unable to start game" problem ?
  183. Multiplayer workaround ?!
  184. Think I solved one crash-to-desktop bug
  185. Is there an ETA on the patch?
  186. [Bug Report] Language issues
  187. Endless loading
  188. [Technical Issues] Can't download auto patch
  189. Latest NVidia-Drivers (358.50)
  190. [Technical Issues] appcrash
  191. [Technical Issues] How to revert to previous versions of the game?
  192. EDITOR - cannot load existing map
  193. is not working
  194. How do I install 32 bits version?
  195. [Technical Issues] Requirement
  196. I have changed nothing, and yet today it crashes every time
  197. Crash to Desktop on AI Turn
  198. Haven Map 3, AI won't finish it's turn
  199. Game does not load anymore at all
  200. [Technical Issues] Program Might and Magic 7 przestał działać / Program Might and Magic 7 has stopped wo
  201. [Gameplay] Where's the map editor?
  202. Reinstalled windows, saved games not seen (I do not use cloud)
  203. [Technical Issues] Graphical Issue
  204. Possible help for some crashes before patch
  205. Missing (Unsupported) saves after update on 1.1
  206. [Gameplay] Speed up AI turns
  207. Are you kidding Ubisoft? Patch and now this??????
  208. [Technical Issues] Game is "not responding" after start CPU spec in post.
  209. Patch the Game = Game is not working any longer
  210. [Activation Key / Redeem Code] Can I change my Uplay key to a Steam key?
  211. [Multiplayer] Collection of Out of Sync IDS
  212. Cant play on LAN
  213. Large maps in multiplayer are unplayable - insane memory usage
  214. [Technical Issues] Game cannot launch after latest patch
  215. Patch 1.2, Necromancer Campaign 2
  216. Patch 1.2. Language
  217. Auto-save
  218. Why do we have to enter a captcha code everytime?
  219. Random duel hero doesnt have an army,and the game gets stuck in tactics phase,also
  220. Still slow loading times after patch
  221. [Bug Report] Crashes after finishing the academy campaing
  222. major artifacts not working
  223. Disconnected from server (Time out)
  224. Patch wont even start dowloading...
  225. Gaming crashing and loosing because of it
  226. [Technical Issues] Cant start the game since Patch
  227. Incompatible save
  228. [Technical Issues] When I can play the game in Windows 7 32bit?
  229. Game resetting PC
  230. [Technical Issues] Game wont start
  231. Game never start (even with administrator or having verified the files)
  232. Constant crashing
  233. [Technical Issues] Patch wont even start dowloading... FIX!!!
  234. [Bug Report] After Patch still corupted game saves
  235. [Technical Issues] game crashes and map restart
  236. How to save configuration with Windows 10
  237. [Bug Report] Acadeny canpaign finished but not registering in the system
  238. Problems when starting new games / Loading saved game crashes used to work
  239. Editor Problems
  240. [Technical Issues] Game will not load
  241. [Technical Issues] Loading Save Games = Crash, capturing a mine = crash
  242. Error dumping me out of tournament matches!
  243. [Technical Issues] Game trying to re-instal
  244. The game does not remember my settings?
  245. cant start dungeon campagin map 2 either from save or completely fresh, help?
  246. [Technical Issues] Map editor
  247. Download stops at last MB
  248. Where do I find the Map Editor?
  249. [Technical Issues] Mission 4 Haven crashes after patch
  250. Game Crashing Upon Loading Game File