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  1. Uplay points expiring?!
  2. Club units expiring
  3. Focused Feedback: Public Profile
  4. Bring back the old Uplay app
  5. Find and remove 'stale' friends from your friends list in UPlay?
  6. Can we please customize what news or ads we see in Uplay?
  7. Gifting a game
  8. Question regarding Christmas giveaway's?
  9. Uplay chat sound notification
  10. [PC] - Suggestion: UPlay Categories management system pls!!!
  11. I need corrector chat, my grammar is so crapy, dude
  12. 2-step security is just to bother players?
  13. James Cameron's Avatar The Game
  14. Green tick on cumulative Uplay Rewards
  15. Language change improvements
  16. appearance
  17. An option to disable achievement notifications
  18. Why I don't buy anything from sales
  19. Overlay Friend favorites please.
  20. UPlay Credits Deletion is Giving Ubisoft Bad Reputation All Over The Internet
  21. Translation error - UPlay
  22. my feedback on U-play
  23. pc shutdown when finisht download
  24. Starting a game stops downloads.
  25. Stop displaying game editions to friends
  26. Invisible status for Uplay account while in-game
  27. iOS Ubisoft Club app notifications
  28. 30 days username change cooldown
  29. Bring back Uplay for games of last gen systems
  30. Will Canadians ever be able to redeem points for the store voucher more than once?
  31. Feedback on Uplay
  32. UPlay Suggestion
  33. some suggestions to improve uplay.
  34. Buy High Quality Passports, Drivers License, Id cards,Visas. (( jayroy011@hotmail.com
  35. Why uPlay Sucks (2019 Version)
  36. Display the number of games in Uplay
  37. Game library sorting option for achievement summary (with example)
  38. Group Chat Rework
  39. Please add The Division 2 offical avatars for profile pictures
  40. Uplay should recognize the games/content I own.
  41. Feedback - No need for 2 launchers to play Div2
  42. Ubisoft Club app - Feedback - Community Creations Filter
  43. Allow Gifting To Accounts Or Setup Gift Card System
  44. On Player Quality
  45. please add an appear offline to friends button
  46. Why am i seeing advertisements, and how do i disable them?
  47. Ubisoft Forums - Poor Features from Tracking Discussions
  48. Feedback regarding Uplay store and support
  49. Feedback on store purchase
  50. Rainbow Six Rogue Spear + DLC addition?
  51. Get promo code not valid by Ubisoft fault
  52. Uplay leaks file descriptors under wine
  53. Ability to gift games to friends.
  54. Disable autoplay after game update!
  55. Offline to Friends
  56. Uplay Debian Client
  57. [BUG] Unable to adjust download speed WITH MOUSE
  58. Notre Dame and AC:Unity
  59. [BUG] Regerstering with an extra-long password
  60. Geolocation and display language
  61. Finer Bandwidth usage control
  62. Anti Cheat System wanted as a part of uPlay
  63. Please add a public profile page like steam to the uplay
  64. ارقام تليفونات توكيل باور ((01014723434)) الوكيل الرس 
  65. [PC] DS4 Interface
  66. Not getting option to sign into forums using PSN account?
  67. Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP - Quick Play vs Events Sugestion.
  68. Please allow downloading and playing at the same time
  69. Uplay launcher game server status
  70. The security on this app sucks horribly bad
  71. Lack of forum links via Uplay
  72. Uplay+ on Google Stadia
  73. Chat message sending and receival
  74. 24 Hour Clock
  75. Changing email
  76. Sugerencia para tom clancy 1 ps4
  77. Been a new Uplay user of 3 days and I fn HATE IT!!!!
  78. Game Request: Chessmaster
  79. Suggestion: Please allow us to choose forum's language in the profile settings
  80. Feedback from my recent purchase attempt
  81. AC: Origins and Denuvo
  82. Whatsapp: +27639356786) buy genuine passports, drivers license, id cards, visas, etc.
  83. Possible Solution for Login Issue
  84. Compensation for 1st July Issues :)
  85. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  86. Suggestion: Please stop forcing this uPlay launcher on me.
  87. Game should restart automatically
  88. Locate installed game?
  89. 20% coupon code for club units - stop advertising on products you cant use it on
  90. Remove damn ad popups
  91. Game Time in all Games
  92. Typing Error in Advertisment for Uplay+ German
  93. Ads!!!
  94. Ubisoft Achievements
  95. Feedback on Ubisoft Units
  96. MB/s to Mbps
  97. UPlay / The Division 2 - Does 'Blocking' hide your online status?
  98. Why you don't sell your games in English?
  99. Regional language
  100. Resetting Achievements for a certain game.
  101. Friends search too restrictive
  102. UPLAY coin appreciation thread.
  103. 2 Step Verification
  104. Sorting "My Games / Installed" in uPlay
  105. Uplay+ Value
  106. Games in Arabic but the Uplay client doesn't have the language
  107. Fix Your Game!
  108. Please make the Ubisoft Club app the way it used to be for Xbox One
  109. A note for Ubisoft on Customer service referance Uplay plus
  110. Why every country can't pay a Uplay+ fixed price ?
  111. check your credit cards expiration/validity dates
  112. ****ed up Database
  113. Uplay and Ubiclub Achievements
  114. Could we get store prices in INR instead of EUR?
  115. Two Step Verification Request/Suggestion
  116. uplay launcher bug
  117. Ubisoft -- Ubisoft Club / Uplay / Etc.
  118. cant make account to uplay or log in Help Me
  119. Remove uplay+
  120. Ubisoft launncher update
  121. Strict Username Restrictions
  122. Two Step Verification Suggestion
  123. User name character count needs to be increased
  124. Use the setting language and not the country language
  125. asssins creed 2 error
  126. Serious suggestion, that can turn thge tables in Ubisoft favour.
  127. Bring a Paraworld Remaster
  128. Steam like library and covers with playtime
  129. Uplay client has bugs and other problems
  130. is this Uplay avatar fine to use ?
  131. Watch replays -theater mode
  132. Why is Uplay client resizing all the time
  133. uplay club level ranking?
  134. uplay level suggestion
  135. Daily Reward System[Suggestion]
  136. Uplay Client auto fullscreen after game exit.
  137. Only lossless screensots
  138. Make Hidden status
  139. make crossplay for UNO
  140. Achievement sorting...
  141. why can i buy games i own?
  142. Game updates - recent failures
  143. Please show how much HDD space need to be patched before starting "searching disk"
  144. Stop popping forcing Uplay to the foreground when quitting a game.
  145. [Suggestion] A system so you can see maintenance on uplay
  146. Uplay launcher on multiple computers
  147. Install DirectX ahead of time, please!
  148. Stop with the constant pop-up adverts on Uplay
  149. Start with windows uplay splash screen.
  150. Ubisoft Screws Long Time Supporters
  151. Important Suggestion
  152. Going dark in Uplay?