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  1. Browser feature
  2. Avatar feature permanently disabled - I felt compelled to post for once
  3. Paysafecard payment
  4. UI Overhall Update Broken in For Honor Open Beta
  5. uplay new overlay BUGGED / Stop over loading servers
  6. New Overlay still missing one simple thing !
  7. Ubisoft,just add a web browser on the overlay.
  8. The only feature that I hate from Uplay
  9. Uplay Overlay Controller Support/Integration
  10. voice chat not working
  11. Bug: Mouse cursor stuck on screen
  12. Starting uPlay minimized with Windows
  13. uplay şubat gŁncellemesi
  14. Some tweaks for the new overlay!
  15. Not everyone uses Google Authenticator.
  16. Please add a option to display current local time in game
  17. Frustration trying to purchase "For Honor"
  18. Invisible/Appear Offline mode
  19. uPlay Group invite
  20. [Suggestion] Games summary page
  21. Uplay Needs an Option to Appear Offline to Friends List
  22. let us remove uplay friend suggestions!
  23. Missing "last online" in the friends list
  24. Uplay additional status - invisible.
  25. Account info sharing between console and PC
  26. What happened to the Uplay client's voice chat settings?
  27. Skip update
  28. [Ubisoft Store] Cancellation
  29. See what DLC's you have ????
  30. Download speed limits
  31. Please Bring Back These Tom Clancy Games to Steam/uPlay!
  32. [Suggestion] Disable DLCs in Uplay
  33. Help!I registered my account with the wrong email and activated the game.
  34. Status/Announcement feature
  35. Uplay party!
  36. Destroying R6S ranked matches and nothing can stop this! - Rainbow Six Siege Ranked.
  37. Udontplay
  38. Ubisoft family sharing
  39. I hope the Groups Feature to support voice chat
  40. Original James Cameron avatar Game Please ?
  41. Android messenger app
  42. uplay should have more attention
  43. [PC] Bugs in Uplay. Please note
  44. Uplay offline feature suggestion
  45. Friends List
  46. Remove users from groups
  47. Give importance to achievements
  48. Best support for anything!
  49. True automatic updates
  50. Improve the Uplay Club (Software)
  51. Public API for Uplay Achievements
  52. When will the Uplay client's voice chat option become available?
  53. Group Chat Update Suggestions?
  54. You have stolen my money
  55. Targeted Feedback: Games Library
  56. best suggestion ever
  57. Uplay Version Updates in Norwegian language has a window bug
  58. Add feature adding games to library
  59. It is 2017 and the voice chat settings haven't come back in any patch.
  60. The new library view is stupid
  61. Uplay pop-ups in wrong language?
  62. Suggestion - Ubisoft Fix Vulnerabilities That Effect Customers Private Data
  63. Some issues and suggestions
  64. IanW you are a Legend sir!
  65. Improve Word Recognition in Username Profanity Filter
  66. Option to purchase gear / items
  67. UPLAY mobile app
  68. Games library: Categorize games from their series
  69. Please add an option to Delete Chat History
  70. Time left for a sale
  71. Option to disable the "In-Game Overlay disabled" warning message on launch
  72. Achievements status
  73. Need better control over the social aspect
  74. 24-hour clock
  75. View Other's Profiles on UPlay Windows Client
  76. Actions and Achievements merged
  77. Make Steam version of games
  78. Why can you only change your name once every 30 days now?
  79. UPlay - Rainbow 6 Siege challenges and more
  80. Terrible service
  81. Targeted Feedback: October Preview Update
  82. More payment methods
  83. Please can you add a customizable status to appear on friends list!
  84. Suggestion: Have A Refund Policy For Games
  85. French version
  86. Secret/hidden achievements
  87. Disable Friend Suggestions option
  88. Virus in the new Uplay PC client update
  89. Driver Not Supported - I KNOW
  90. kingklai
  91. Already bought/obtained
  92. DLC and Season Pass
  93. FREINDS to join
  94. The games displayed in Uplay are not Alphabetical, or release order for me anymore!
  95. Ubisoft Suppport - Some customer ideas to improve.
  96. Cover
  97. Devs please find a way to fix this!
  98. VOIP and FPS Issues after Blood Orchid.
  99. No more information about earned medals. Why?
  100. FeedBack Uplay
  101. Can't Put Oxymoron In Username
  102. Uplay overlay
  103. The clothes store in uplay?
  104. [suggestion]
  105. When you have more than one copy/version of a game.
  106. [Feedback] Work on post-game pop up ad timing.
  107. Statistics/game reset option
  108. Disable/Enable DLC's
  109. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game
  110. Screenshots - Please hide Uplay's UI from itself.
  111. Localization in UPlay shop
  112. Bugisoft (r6s)
  113. Please link UPlay games to Steam games and support Steam controller more
  114. Can we have a compact view mode in Uplay?
  115. Chrome Update - Shift+f2
  116. reset password dont work
  117. Username Recycle Policy [Suggestion]
  118. can you add Chinese for the Valiant Hearts(PC)?
  119. Siege Needs Help!
  120. Uplay PC Feedback
  121. Admin pop-up Windows 10
  122. Steam and Uplay Achievements - Strengthening alliances while promoting ubisoft sales
  123. When will Uplay allow NON-Uplay games to be added ?
  124. Restore Voice Settings in Uplay
  125. Offline mode for friends list on Uplay
  126. Suggestion.
  127. Dlc toggling. (need support from community)
  128. Digital Gift Cards
  129. Older game stats (Club) + Shop DLCs
  130. Badge progress on uplays overview
  131. Uplay signing you out when playing on multiple computers and Authenticators.
  132. Screen Position and colors! Uplay
  133. Prices and dlc
  134. Play regular games on VR headset
  135. Controller Companion and Uplay Interface
  136. How about you put all your games on Steam?
  137. Targeted Feedback - January 18th Preview Update
  138. Please be people!!!!!
  139. Love PC
  140. Feedback: add more new feature in Uplay and Ubiclub
  141. Uplay : Why we love PC
  142. Older Game Support
  143. uPlay steam keys
  144. Why not Turkish language translation in Uplay and Uplay games?
  145. Steam discounts on Ubisoft games
  146. Mistype on News
  147. The possibility to change date format on Uplay
  148. Individual Game Uplay login
  149. Estimate the 30 day name change
  150. Suggestion: Uplay Level Rewards
  151. Add a toggle for showing in-game status to friends or not
  152. Good Support Thanks
  153. [Suggestion] uPlay UI extension from alpha/beta games
  154. "Feg" considered offensive?
  155. uPlay Bandwidth Limiter Using Incorrect Units
  156. [SUGGESTION] Open World Uplay
  157. Seems this is not the store dedicated to your country.
  158. Can you purchase Uplay games as gift?
  159. Please use Windows 10's native notifications
  160. I can access the admin panel
  161. Suggestion: Ubisoft Club Activity - ability to set privacy levels
  162. Uplay - The worst Launcher ever
  163. Uplay name change.
  164. Thanks for a Ode
  165. Shortcuts to game from taskbar
  166. Please Cater To Your Rich Customers Too!
  167. Voice Chat SEttings In UPlay
  168. DLC's Management System
  169. Suggestion: Multiple Uplay accounts connected
  170. Suggestion: Dashboard for Club challenges and Club rewards.
  171. Where the f%#k is the block function
  172. uplay登陆不上去
  173. Suggestion: Re-releasing Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow into the Uplay store
  174. Suggestion: Allow Uplay User Reviews
  175. What are you working on?
  176. 20
  177. Feedback about Discord rich presence
  178. Uplay popup. Please don't
  179. Make Uplay Optional
  180. Cant sign in and 2 step authencator dosent work.
  181. Use Text only for 2-step verification.
  182. Can we please get the friends list reworked to be more compact?
  183. highly unsatisfactory password reset
  184. Appear Offline
  185. How to deal with cheaters in R6 UBI
  186. Adress needed fwhen buying from uplay?
  187. Get rid of Google Authenticator!
  188. Keyboard support is garbage.
  189. [Login screen] Email field with ":"
  190. uplay is the worst system ever
  191. I could have pirated your game and gotten better service.
  192. Where do I write about the way the Forums look?
  193. Automatic Game Updates for All Installed Games (Request)
  194. insultes
  195. In-game voice chat coming from wrong output
  196. What is the point of this forum?
  197. Player reporting framework
  198. I do not give a rats behind
  199. Uplay iOS App to Support Authentication - Coming September 2018
  200. Account Recovery Suggestion
  201. Can't access the Ubisoft forums from within the client's built-in browser
  202. Ubisoft Club App Category
  203. Update email notification options
  204. Please add Game Summary/Description in Library
  205. More Security Options
  206. Let's talk about family sharing on Uplay...
  207. Individual Options to Enable Notification Sounds
  208. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 & 2 for Uplay Store and etc.?
  209. **** off with your ****ty promotion popup
  210. Make Uplay connect more faster after a network issue.
  211. About Ubisoft Sites
  212. Why is Uplay so huge?
  213. Excellent customer support today
  214. Selecting text in uyplaychat on PC
  215. Missing DLCs, misleading product descriptions and other related issues
  216. Far Cry 5 - one single pc, how to have different game progress for family members???
  217. Please make the Bandwidth usage limit slider linear with fine adjustments
  218. Far cry 6 sugestion (far cry 3 season 2)
  219. The Option To Permanently Remove Games From Your Account
  220. [Focus feedback] Discover Your New Newspage!
  221. Game Patches - Need to be Easy and Simple
  222. Anyone know how to remove or delete my games in uplay
  223. Ubisoft,Can you add Wishlist to the uplay store?
  224. linux support on uplay...when?
  225. Remove Get Promo Code Drop Down When Code Not Available
  226. Disable 2-step authenticator notification
  227. Xbox One Uplay upadate is terrible
  228. Fix the "minimize" option
  229. Additional Options for 2-Step Verification
  230. Uplay Achievements, what a joke!
  231. No archivments on games after reinstallation
  232. Allow us to be logged in on more than one device at a time.
  233. Ubisoft - Please stop pissing your customers off
  234. Option to automatically activate Ubisoft club challenges
  235. Uplay Store
  236. Sharing Uplay profiles
  237. Restricting password length issue
  238. Profile settings for Uplay games
  239. 2 things about the store discount code feature that bother me (is it one time use?)
  240. The 100th anniversary of Polish independence.
  241. Cross platform rewards in Rainbow Six Siege?
  242. illustrious Pirates DLC Wrong Description in the italy uplay
  243. Child of Light physical release on Nintendo Switch?
  244. Gift Feature and not be "Greedy" about languages
  245. Rayman Legends - Black friday offer misleading / not clear enough
  246. 2-Step Verification
  247. An option to disable Spotlight Pop UP...
  248. gift
  249. Launch Minimized with Windows
  250. Uplay points expiring?!