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  1. Forum Rules
  2. Can we have some sub forums for each different platform (ps4/xbone/pc)?
  3. Agent Intel Mission 3
  4. Misleading info with regards to the Game Release
  5. You don't get to play before a long time if you ordered the Collector's Edition
  6. Why is there no inventory sort on consoles? And move inspect to sub-categories.
  7. Character Creation
  8. Not getting Agent Origins code??
  9. The Division (PS4) ghost artefact
  10. Stop the Staggered Releases and Console Exclusives.
  11. [Suggestion] About the release on PC.
  12. Start treating us like customers
  13. Hazmat code
  14. Hazmat codes Wrong JB HI Fi Australia
  15. Russian localization
  16. [SUGGESTION] Language setting
  17. Left-Handed by default?
  18. Too many side missions at same time
  19. Super Annoying npcs next to crafting
  20. [PC][BUG] Voice Input device keeps resetting
  21. Hard Mode level good
  22. Bug in Brooklyn Tutorial, drop through ground
  23. PC Radar horizontal position customization broken
  24. Agent of Origins Rewards
  25. Strobe Flashing White Lights = Aids
  26. 12x Scope aiming through chest?
  27. Enemy level in co-op mission: Bug or bad design choice?
  28. Localization Error
  29. Graphics settings for Nvidia cards to improve performance.
  30. Remove collision with other players in safe zone.
  31. Lack of Customization
  32. PS4 button change opion.... please
  33. old rivals aoear on map {PS4}
  34. [PC] Alt key : let me unbind it
  35. Appearance menu suggestion
  36. I can't receive preorder item
  37. [BUG]virus research in Chelsea. (PS4)
  38. Disconnecting every few minutes.
  39. Falling off while walking in the Tech Parts area near the Base.
  40. Enemy appearance and weapon spongy-ness
  41. Cover & Climb Interfaces on Objects
  42. Floor Gap infront of MSG Medical Mission 1 on co-op. (PC version)
  43. We need option to disable all ENEMY MARKS!
  44. Add the ability to remove the accessories (The Division Feedback)
  45. Launch Day Pains
  46. Eye Wear
  47. The division day one: too many bug, too many let down ... feedbakc from day1
  48. Bug or not? :)
  49. GPS won't turnoff
  50. Bug that removes scopes
  51. Broken Links Division Website
  52. World mesh disspears
  53. Starter area can be blocked
  54. BUG - Faye Lau still in Hudson after BoO setup
  55. No Push to Talk on Gamepad?
  56. Agent activation
  57. amazing game
  58. Medical Field Hospital Hard mode bug.
  59. Graphical Glitches
  60. Sugetion for Safe House
  61. More unique gear please
  62. What exactly is M249 B?
  63. a round in the magazine won't eject when 'tactical-reloading' Mosin
  64. Vector
  65. Friendly Fire - Please enable!
  66. Dev. Hamish Bode, "already done" for ADS TOGGLE - Nowhere to be found?
  67. Life is a struggle. So is switching to your sidearm while in a firefight...
  68. Request: Interactive Civilians
  69. Please add Razer Chroma support too.
  70. Tutorial Safe Room Laptop
  71. Rewards Claim Vendor - light bulb needs changing
  72. This is unacceptable. One giant graffiti against the current form government of Spain
  73. Hazmat suit, where are you right now ?
  74. I figured it out .. agent activation error reason.
  75. NPC Purple Elites need a serious look at
  76. *BUG* Emote Menu
  77. KILL the crying guy in the base!
  78. BUG : Item pick and Mod review. Fix please.
  79. Male animations on female characters+Hair bug
  80. problems with exclusive content
  81. Safe houses getting blocked by players
  82. Please allow invert x-axis
  83. Broken Map Design - Hudson Refugee Camp
  84. Things I'd like to be able to do....
  85. PC Bug: File Cabinet interaction Graphic
  86. Character creator
  87. DESPERATELY NEEDED: Unstuck (and maybe some fix for player collision issues?)
  88. That Laptop: Please change that area to streamline player experience
  89. Appearance Loot wont drop for me
  90. Make the game like the Beta was.
  91. Gray in game Menu screen
  92. the worst game I 've bought
  93. Please let us toggle glasses on and off!
  94. Cheap fake Empire State Building and Chrysler
  95. Kicked from party at final boss
  96. Weapon scrolling takes too long. Very inconvenient.
  97. [BUG] Echo Location in Turtle Bay
  98. In-game Friends system
  99. Bugs from Alpha/Beta.
  100. The Seeker Mine is Kind of Lack Luster.
  101. Skip Movies
  102. Please let me kill the dude that keeps saying, My back is all ****ed up. I need some
  103. Food select wheel has to go we are not a consol
  104. Clothing Vendor Preview Suggestion / toggle glasses on and off
  105. Reticle
  106. Holding right mouse button to aim ?!
  107. Mission Statistics
  109. outfits/micro transactions
  110. Please, I want to remove my sunglasses!!!
  111. [TEXTURE ISSUE] Weird Texture Over Open Space
  112. No save alone and silencer on Guns
  113. Toggle AIM for PC
  114. Joining lower level friends in PVE environment
  115. Lockpicks
  116. Will making a new character receive my UBI bonuses etc also?
  117. [PS4] Inventory bug.
  118. The worst to best gaming experience I ever had
  119. The Division no crouch?
  120. [BUG] Hostage Rescue in 1-5 Section
  121. My feedback and general suggestions.
  122. My experience so far.......
  123. Graphic or level disign problem.
  124. We need voice indicator when we are speaking in voice chat.
  125. My suggestion for a companion app. We really need it
  126. Times Square locker bugged
  127. Out of Game Environment
  128. Suggestion: Stop Minimap Rotation
  129. Get rid of the crying guys next to the crafting table
  130. (BUG) Getting stuck/clipping through objects
  131. Gamepad + PC
  132. Help hotkey.
  133. Collectibles [INTEL} BUGGED
  134. No sound after leaving an activated echo
  135. [suggestion] add custon button controller layout
  136. Suggestion - Language Filter for Matchmaking
  137. Option to select what device voice comes through.
  138. Portray of Indians in The Division
  139. Groups Are Broken!
  140. [Suggestion][QOL] Separate dodge button and default enable push to talk
  141. Scar H weapon handling wrong, please fix.
  142. Please add Options for text size, radar etc.
  143. Group level scaling
  144. (BUG) Female shoulder often stretches like man's body
  145. Replayability [Important to games survivability]
  146. Some thoughts after the first day
  147. Disabled Gamer Needs Help
  148. Map Troubles (PC)
  149. Bounty Alex Wallis bug
  150. [Bug Report] 2 Big PC Bugs
  151. Bug Report
  152. Flashlight?
  153. Falling though the map, lagging NPC/General lag (not i Dark Zone)
  154. Lock Picked Rooms Bug: ie wasting lock picks!
  155. Suggestion/Request and some gripes
  156. FOV Slider
  157. [Bugs] PC/Steam
  158. [FEEDBACK] Character, story and infection...a list of things to be added (hopefully)
  159. Probably the one major fix this game needs......
  160. [BUG/PC] Trooper shirt
  161. Parkour Mode & Stairs/Gates/Ropes
  162. Simple scripting bug(or maybe they just got really lazy)
  163. Really. In 2016 you can't incorporate crouching???
  164. please help
  165. can't link my uplay and steam
  166. National Guard jacket problem.
  167. A bug in Napalm Production Site(PS4)
  168. Move the god damn cry baby from the crafting station before i lose my effing mind plz
  169. [Glitch](subtitle)Simplified Chinese
  170. Ricochet team kill bug.
  171. Group Missions 5 Levels of differences make it so hard to handle...
  172. [Suggestion] Equipment Set Manager
  173. 2 issues - non visible attachments and lags
  174. Ping/Latency display
  175. [Suggestion] Text size too small
  176. Make the DLC Equipement ''weapon skin/backpack'' usable as camo
  177. Bug in Mission "Subway Morgue"
  178. please more detailed character creation
  179. Bows in the division
  180. Need Help, stuck at connection Screen
  181. DirectX 12/Vulkan support
  182. Mobile Music Suggestion
  183. DZ Bracket 1-14 yet DZ Level 26 players?
  184. [Bug] Display Driver Crash while playing the division
  185. Mass Upgrade Mats Option
  186. Animation Bug
  187. Bug While Heading Underground to "Bounty: Axel Wallis"
  188. Dark Zone Mob Invisible Walls
  189. Dark Zone Vendor Item Requirements
  190. Re-Release Agent Origins Character Packs
  191. Stuck bug
  192. PC- Bugs
  193. Rogue Status Rant (Please fix, Would make the game 1000% better!)
  194. Chat spam and racism, racist, homophobic comments ..and even more spam
  195. Unlock PS4 frame rate in the future?
  196. Bug (scope)
  197. Players blocking the Activation-Laptop in the Brooklyn Safehouse
  198. Timed Expansions?????
  199. Dark Zone rogue groups suck!
  200. The Division crashes when running dxtory.
  201. Broken sniper scope on SCAR-H
  202. Hazmat Gear Set scaling with your lv. Blueprint idea.
  203. Couple of Suggestions
  204. Exiting the game
  205. AI Shooting through Walls, Building across from the Parking Garage Extraction Point
  206. In-Game Notificaitons for Maintenance
  207. Season Pass Hazmat pack is not including?
  208. Starting to feel repetitive
  209. craft station and ......crying NPC
  210. I stumbled upon this on /r/thedivison
  211. Battle statistics after each mission
  212. Echo bug and 12x (generic scope) bug (PS4)
  213. This game is great but could be soo much better
  214. Enjoying the Game
  215. Lack of Content ? (comparision with an actual F2P game)
  216. *SPOILERS INSIDE* The last mission gear farming?!?
  217. Darker Map
  218. Can't Unbind/Rebind Left and Right Alt (Call cursor action)
  219. Ingame clan support and cellphone app
  220. do ubi will update the game can create guild group?
  221. Stuck in the elevator at the end of subway morgue mission
  222. low lv lDZ has box that need lvl30?
  223. If my PVE level is 30 but my DZ level is 1, what happens?
  224. Stats keep changing
  225. Invisible and Invincible NPC
  226. stuck in place resupply glitch
  227. Give the AI a chance to be great
  228. Matchmaking
  229. Slurping Coffee
  230. Mini Map : Street Lines & Resize Options?
  231. Very Confusing map/instance sharing.
  232. Please Change Loss Of Loot In Dark Zones When Killed By Other Players
  233. [BUG] Scroll bar / scrolling not working on gear mod
  234. Gold Edition and no rewards ?
  235. Toggle for Audio Device
  236. Guns mo' guns
  237. Rebound keys does not transfer well to menus - PC
  238. Pre order items
  239. Material Conversion
  240. Ideas for future development
  241. Further Steam Controller support
  242. Stashes will be refilled over time?
  243. Bug: unable to get off this particular object
  244. Basewalk :/
  245. Pleave give us a field of view slider
  246. Gamepad Controller Settings
  247. Feedback about Armor
  248. Broken Street Lights
  249. [Suggestion] Texture Streaming/Loading...
  250. Restock Chests