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  1. Able to move out of playable area in DZ5 West extraction and reload at Checkpoint
  2. Suggestion for vanity clothing:
  3. A Balanced Opinion of the DZ vs PvE
  4. A formal guide...
  5. Applying Gear Mods
  6. Suggestion: Emote wheel for PC
  7. Dark Zone needs changes in 1.4: Body dinamic damage
  8. Easy game fixes no one is mentioning
  9. Gearsets Sentry/Striker
  10. How about this for a gear set?
  11. Banshee run speed replacement
  12. bring back the temporary suspension system
  13. Why is the Opinion of You Tubers more important then ours????????
  14. Banshee 4 piece suggestion
  15. penalties for Rogue Players
  16. Pvp - sucks - gear sucks.
  17. Matchmaking tweaks for 1.4
  18. Option to choose server
  19. Suggestions for Balancing the Dark Zone
  20. Time Square Incursion
  21. New MG5 recalibration bug !!!
  22. What If Pulse Displays Hostility?
  23. JADZS - Just another DZ suggestion.
  24. PvP Threat Bar?
  25. Leaving dead talents on weapons?
  26. 1.4 on pts optimized for pc - not for consoles?
  27. Super easy ideal fix for dispayed DPS
  28. Banshee 4 Piece Bonus - Non-Rogue Suggestions
  29. Gear Paint Skin/Mods
  30. Banshee 4 piece set
  31. Gear appearance slots
  32. Where is this stealth thing?
  33. About the Frontline gear set (Go ballistic)
  34. sick of this!!!!!!
  35. NPC and non hostile DZ suggestions
  36. Idea for extending the PVE open world into the DZ for PVE players.
  37. Suggestions about improveing the game to be more interesting
  38. Console voice problem?? and torrent react time??
  39. Invisible fire aoe in UG rooms - bug?
  40. Some Ideas to Improve 'The Division'
  41. 4 piece Banshee suggestion
  42. Banshee 4 piece suggestion, loot guard
  43. Where did world teir system idea come from?
  44. Better ways to force tactical repositioning
  45. Suggest: Toggle Stats btw weapons (Primary, Secondary, Sidearm,)
  46. Please make a simple weapon damage number
  47. Replacing content that we paid for something completely different (BLIND>Banshee)
  48. the division PTS ultima atualizacao de 06/10/16
  49. Cheater
  50. gear mod system
  51. Predator Bleed on mpc's & Mpc's putting out more than one torrent at a time???
  52. 1.4 suggestions for alterations to the game
  53. [Suggestion] weapon reroll counts in weapon stats
  54. New patterns for the Hunter's Hat
  55. Situations where the cover system fails changes planned?
  56. Hungarian players from Europe get dropped on Canadian or Chinese servers
  57. Important question about loot
  58. Skills are mostly garbage now
  59. solo missions and underground are still too hard
  60. Hire a small experienced RPG team to add PVE content every Month
  61. Stash size
  62. Stop forcing us to do content we dont want to
  63. Visual Cue
  64. Adding a notoriety system to Rogues in the DZ
  65. weapon talents rework idea
  66. simple feedback
  67. Fixing laus leg
  68. No brainer idea for the DZ/ rogues!
  69. New suggestion
  70. Full Wipe/Full Rest
  71. More to do /bigger world
  72. Constructive Feedback
  73. Yesterday I saw the light, what we missed in PvP
  74. The Loot Frequency Slider Dilemma
  75. High End Blueprints for more Weapons
  76. Weapon Skin Design Competition?
  77. A general issue with the game as an RPG with progression
  78. Remove access or reduce the walls to camp spot in the DZ02
  79. DZ versus UG. both need revamp. UG can not finish Challenge or Heroic missions.
  80. Named weapons challange vs reward
  81. please change the rouge method
  82. Arena
  83. "Specialist Officers" proposed mechanic
  84. Extend modules to weapons so statistics and talents can be upgraded.
  85. DZ item extraction window/overview DEVS PLS READ
  86. One time use weapons
  87. PTS littered with russian hackers
  88. Tips and tricks to keep players in division
  89. How to make enemy armor damage viable for pvp [short post]
  90. Undergrund GPS
  91. Crafting -always rolls junk
  92. Please address glitch cheating on bracket 1-14 remove all (high ends) please
  93. Petition to rename Prosperous
  94. Too much loot and game to easy 1.4
  95. This is a ridiculous issue.....still
  96. Enemies need a tactical buff, not a raw damage buff.
  97. Enemy Healing Stations are broken
  98. striker set inteaction whit sentry turret
  99. Compensation
  100. Serious suggestion for your forum community
  101. Time Played Rewards
  102. Issues not fully covered in the PTS patch notes
  103. Exiting The Inventory Bug
  104. Inspirational Named Bosses!
  105. Base of Operations Spawn Point
  106. Suggestion about modding weapons (UI change)
  107. new season pass holder content?
  108. Make XP Kills Against Underground Enemies Contribute to Underground Leveling.
  109. Dark Zone changes. Cater for PVP play with seperate area and arena events, team-solo.
  110. How I would like to PvP in The Division
  111. What about now ? We need something to farm for !
  112. Added Perk for Season Pass Holders
  113. Civilians in End Game are useless. Idea for improvement.
  114. [Feedback] Civilian in need rewards need to be re-work
  115. Vanity armors?
  116. Quality of Life Suggestions
  117. (suggestion) Adding Rare Weapon and Armor Vendors
  118. Fix the lag now!
  119. [Suggestion] Adding Rare Weapon and Armor Vendors
  120. [Suggestion] A few improvement ideas.
  121. Gabelikes? Rogue in open world?
  122. Suggestions to DZ.
  123. Banshee suggestion
  124. [Suggestion] Range Indicator
  125. What about the Bad Weapons? M4, M9, anything Burst Fire, etc.
  126. DZ sucks for solo players.Can't team before entering, wasted 90 minutes.
  127. Suggestion for new item slots (watch + belt)
  128. How I think the DZ could be better... (Suggestions for Post 1.4)
  129. Finish optimize the stability of the game
  130. Ability to Hold Our Breath to Stabilize Our Sniper Shots
  131. Fun/Holiday themed vanity items and HVT events
  132. when are 1.4 and SURVIVAL coming????????????
  133. Ubi with a Massive come f*** us more
  134. ******s :)
  135. Question and Feedback about the 1.4 update. about the Incursions!
  136. Clean Up Each District
  137. Shiled bug
  138. Keep Heroic difficulty for every mode and adding to new missions (my suggestions)
  139. Put Commas In Our Currency Please
  140. 1.4 Patch is Coming. Now let's make DZ more PUNISHABLE!
  141. Give Camp Hudson a Proper Marker
  142. Idea to Make Viable Named Weapons
  143. [Suggestions ] Alternative system for Suggestions & Feedback subforum
  144. More content toughts, unfinnished.
  145. Suggestions for DZ 1.5 patch
  146. Why can't incursions be free every dlc?
  147. Clothes and Paint
  148. Survival DLC Story Line
  149. issues with underground
  150. DZ solo gearset idea
  151. HE gear talents ideas
  152. Halloween!
  153. Real Rare Weapons / Gears
  154. QoL suggestion, 2nd wpn check box.
  155. Medic gearset
  156. Sunglasses
  157. Ideas Gear set: Stalker/ Rogue
  158. [Idea] Make Scavenger Crate more useful
  159. Fight Mechanics
  160. Restoring order in the DZ
  161. Put a Clock in Game Please!
  162. The Central Park DLC
  163. Some Bugs I'm Having, Anyone Else?
  164. 163-204 Quality Crafting Upgrades
  165. Log In
  166. Stacking Health on Kill?
  167. Increase the size of Player Turrets
  168. Set "hacker."
  169. Set "master of the siege."
  170. Questions that have gone unanswered for too long.
  171. Armor needs to be removed from major attributes.
  172. Some suggestions
  173. PLease Improve Matchmaking more
  174. Claim of the gaming community “istari” in regard of the pc game “the division”
  175. LOST AND FOUND AREA PLZ for loot
  176. vehicles
  177. Add the rooms from the intro mission in Underground to the rest of the UG maps
  178. Performance Mods to Wpn Talent Mods
  179. More missions etc
  180. Decimal timer on Buffs, Skills and Debuffs
  181. Rpg stuff
  182. Suggestion for DZ funds
  183. Resolving DZ imbalance-Normalized "gear" when dealing\taking damage to\from a player.
  184. Matchmaking Fixes
  185. Player stats
  186. Mobile support gearset
  187. Timer on DZ extraction and hijacks
  188. Gear Set Ideas
  189. Latest patch notes for 1.4, some omissions that should be included if fixed
  190. infusion gearset
  191. Landgrab Mechanics and Gameplay
  192. [request] more inventory / stash space & better inventory management !!!
  193. Wasted time and treated pooly by UBI/Massive = refund time
  194. [BUG] talent not unlocking on weapon upon reaching the exact amount
  195. Grand central turret still active: Turn them off when mission is done
  196. Details matters
  197. loot tables destroyed again?
  198. [BUG] Got kicked from Underground mission while in combat into terminal
  199. No Stable on AR's talent recalibration table: Is it intended or mistake?
  200. My criticism
  201. [Bug Report]The skill issue did not be fixed. The skill can not be cast.
  202. Hints Option
  203. Final Measure grenade recycle power constantly up
  204. Still no Dark Zone PvE?
  205. Gear drops
  206. Is it just me with this frame rate extreme drops or lag
  207. Sticking in trash and stash.
  208. Helping civilians: give crafting materials instead of blue weapons etc
  209. Old 204 SMG's still best in slot
  210. I am enjoying the new 1.4 patch
  211. New Gear w/ Performance mod slots
  212. WHY THE F&ck are shotguns still over powered
  213. Hate The Gunplay In 1.4
  214. Stash causes FPS drop, weapon names are getting mixed up
  215. first aid and med kit now fixed
  216. Dev's (vanity view bug)
  217. Lag problems PS4
  218. Severe LAG
  219. still an issue...
  220. [Feedback] A Hardcore Player's Thoughts on Patch 1.4 so far
  221. [Suggestion] Gear Set Made to Counter Rogues -Vigilante-
  222. Suggestion: Making FireCrest Desirable
  223. Weapon talent - Stable, not working on AlphaBridge??
  224. Some ideas about the actual Rogue system
  225. New patch impressions
  226. Huge THANK YOU to the Ubi/Massive team
  227. 1.4 skills still stuck
  228. DeadEYE, Loot management, Ammo - Feedback from an evening of playing 1.4
  229. [Impression] LMB a bit overpower
  230. Changes WHAT NEED TO HAPPEN
  231. Fix the Reclaimer Gear Set
  232. Would be a fantastic game
  233. How about Hoods ?
  234. [Suggestion] Reload Speed Needs to Come Back. Put it on Gloves
  235. [Feedback] Sticky Bombs were hit too hard in PvP
  236. For the love of the game increase the Stash size
  237. Suggestion: Unlock The Tiers
  238. weapon attachment bug
  239. Third Skill Button!
  240. [Bug] Heavy Magazine Spring with Magazine Size
  241. Disoriented bug
  242. Allow One Is None to trigger on last bullets on DMRs.
  243. Lag and Shutter in the DZ west side of the Byrant Park in DZ03
  244. Inventory UI bug
  245. Expantion ideas while there is still time.
  246. Challenge story mission
  247. The Dark Zone : the most dangerous den of thieves and cut throats,,,,err,,,Nope
  248. The division - Understand.
  249. [Broken] Rapid talent in chest armor high-end
  250. [Broken/Bugged] Character Talents