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  1. What is wrong with and how to fix PvE and make it interesting.
  2. BUG: Security Mission - Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint - Falling through the world
  3. Here is a suggestion for you; Start banning obvious cheaters
  4. Question-Feedback: Stats - Skill Power
  5. BUG:Recalibration
  6. Can we please rename the Darkzone to Griefers Paradise.
  7. Question: Internal Cool Down for Gear and Character Talents
  8. Some realistic needs
  9. Use the new Gear Score system to balance the DZ
  10. Bug: Tech supplies not resetting
  11. [Suggestion] - CAPE
  12. Some simple suggestions
  13. [Division Tech]
  14. Sosa does nothing?
  15. Make it Rains! I mean Storm and Rains as weather too
  16. Mission Overview Story Mission Order?
  17. A Modest Request of the Dark Zone
  18. Rampant glitching...
  19. BUG REPORT: Mobile Cover
  20. Rogue Agents
  21. AI Needs Improvement
  22. Rogue Agents
  23. Barbershop
  24. Matchmaking
  25. State of the Game Suggestions and Observations
  26. New Use for Canine Unit
  27. Accidentally sell my Vector to Vendor.
  28. Stricter DZ Matchmaking Please!!!
  29. Magazine Size Incorrect
  30. Weapon skins
  31. PvE Area Suggestions
  32. DZ box loot rebalance
  33. Crafting and Drops
  34. request fast response section for report about cheater & hacker
  35. Hackers / Cheaters
  36. Rebind ALT key function
  37. Bug PS4 ver: When custom buttons are setup, controllers buttons do not work properly
  38. What Ever Happened To Server Balancing UBIsoft ?
  39. this game could do with UNITS
  40. this game could do with UNITS
  41. How to balance your GAME UBISOFT
  42. Weapon stats change
  43. Lever action rifles & revolvers.
  44. Suggestion about the "Meticulous" talent
  45. Please add 3D Vision support
  46. 230 hours in to the game.. here's my reflections so far.
  47. Another hacker in dz
  48. The Division and Appearance Skins
  49. Shotgun suggestion - new shotties (DP12, etc) and also reloading mechanics
  50. Missing items from inventory
  51. Pros and Cons
  52. High End Division Tech Issues and Problems
  53. DZ ou le jeu de M-ERDE...
  54. Suggestions after 100 hours of gameplay
  55. Fix the ****ing rolls on recalibrating....
  56. PS4 - Voice Chat
  57. Over a hundred hours and here is a couple easy things to fix IMO
  58. I'm very pissed about Dark Zone PVP
  59. Getting kick right before end boss kill
  60. Glitch spot DZ at extraction point close to abandoned gass station
  61. Welp, here's my thoughts on the game.
  62. Division tech and my thought on how to fix it.
  63. Suggestion for stamina
  64. Stop using i3D servers, please.
  65. Explosive Ammo with DMR is too Overpowered for PVP
  66. Open petition regarding movement speed - TL;DR inside
  67. Display # of players in Dark Zone or give us server screen to manually join populated
  68. Pvp in this game/dark zone is bad
  69. Rogue Agent becoming non-hostile while in combat
  70. [Bug]Napalm Tanks on Napalm Production site mission not able to be destroyed
  71. FOR the users who invested ALOT into this game only to not be able to play it
  72. [BUG] Crafting Containers
  73. [Bug] Support station duration bonuses don't work.
  74. We need more choices in The Division
  75. Suggestion: Option to move character position in character list
  76. [Bug] Unforgiving talent broken.
  77. Extraction deconstruction
  78. The Division needs a companion app
  80. darkzone pocket hideouts for rouge and nomal players becoming a problem
  81. some ideas
  82. Crafting mats account-wide
  83. Need a difficulty level between hard and challenging
  84. Suggestion: Vanity and Skins - a few ideas... and issues
  85. Change "Quit Game" to Exit Game"
  86. Say goodbye to the single player, say goodbye to the division.
  87. Please address
  88. Oneshot killed in DZ
  89. Missing Items WTF UBISOFT
  90. Matchmaking daily/challenge not starting
  91. [XBOX] Please add SORTING to the Inventory
  92. Stash size vs backpack size - increase stash capacity!
  93. Unboxing the Division
  94. Allow reskinning of named weapons too!
  95. some sugestions
  96. [Suggestion] Map and Mini-Map
  97. Here is an idea for you
  98. [XBOX] Please allow us to disable the "Quick Turn" functionality
  99. DZ suggestion for "non-ambush" situations
  100. Well...
  101. Suggestions we have already forwarded
  102. skill stats bugg
  103. Solutions for hackers
  104. [REQUEST] Extremely long loading screens
  105. Item extraction list is a major distraction
  106. Allow us to "redesign" our appearance
  107. Losing XP when ganked...
  108. stop trolls
  109. [PC]-(BUG)-Reckless armour talent not working as intended/described
  110. Possible Acknowledgement of Players Locked Out Due to Inventory Bug
  111. Overhaul Crafting, The Division's frustrating experience
  112. Map glitches
  113. Account lock outs need character names please ubi
  114. Come On Devs, Give Us Those 500 Slot Bags
  115. A paragon "like" system after reaching level 30!
  116. FOV Slider
  117. Dark Zone Keys - I hate Rogues
  118. hacker, busted
  120. plz fast help for cd key
  121. [bug] Smart cover destruction
  122. FREE DLC!!! ...right?
  123. Auto-Deconstruct
  124. Hacker?
  125. Companions.
  126. Alternate Character Problems
  127. Matchmaking
  128. Crafting issue with "possible roll" system
  129. Sticky cover while evading and one-hit grenades.
  130. Can we get separate brackets for DZ after hitting level 30 in the single player?
  131. Recalibration needs some tweaks
  132. Boxing Running for Crafting resources
  133. Won't buy this game till these problems are fixed.
  134. Please add Ping indicator for us and other players in DZ.
  135. [Suggestion] [PC] Add an "instant back-to-game" button in menu, please :)
  136. [Suggestion] [PC] Add an "instant back-to-game" button in menu, please :)
  137. Increase Stash Space
  138. Noone on darkzone servers
  139. Masks, Camos, Balaclavas, Weapons
  140. Developers do something with cheaters
  141. A Few Suggestions
  142. Suggestions (MMO perspective)
  143. Suggestion Please let us go in to the DZ and turn Passive mode on
  144. Bug - key binding
  145. CT All Stars as a Vanity Item
  146. Some suggestions after +110 hours
  147. CT All Stars as a Vanity Item
  148. Challenge mode+ (i.e. Greater Rifts from D3 or Maps from POE)
  149. Div Tech Suggestion
  150. What is the ETA on an anti-cheat and fixing the rof, teleport and reload hacks ?
  151. Solo only servers for DZ
  152. Use for credits after entering darkzone
  153. Ideas For Future Content
  154. Grenade Spam
  155. Fell through earth inside DZ
  156. Hard difficulty campaign
  157. Please add more weapons & attachment and..
  158. this game is unplayable on xbox one
  159. It is me or shotgunner in challenge...
  160. Logged in with no pistol no backpack
  161. there shoule be a place where player can redesign their character
  162. Stamina is broken beyond all playable reason
  163. Fell through the Courtyard Hornet Fight
  164. Questions? Devs please try and answer
  165. New Armor Item Suggestion
  166. Wide Range of Suggestions
  167. Ideas on Weapon Balance in regards to Crafting and Weapon Talents
  168. Remove the combat crutch you are giving to players
  169. Kinda feel punished for not farming Bullet King/Hornet
  170. Give guns fixed recoil (spray) patterns
  171. Please fix the shock turret and the current DZ PvP
  172. Future cleaner campaign/missions suggestion
  173. Server availability problems.
  174. Gear Tagging / Stash Organisation
  175. A new PvP mode outside the darkzone.
  176. Minor Bug Report & Feedback #6
  177. just a little think wanna be change
  178. Do you know what you have here UBISOFT?
  179. [Suggestion] AWESOME idea for DZ/materials/unneeded loot/stash, check please!!
  180. Group thought on the update to AI and DZ
  181. Bracket Level 1- 14 High End Loot
  182. A craft all button.
  183. Tom Clancy's The Hacker. PC
  184. Make PVE to be more interesting to farm
  185. Crafting Materials and Blueprints.
  186. Fix “cannot matchmake from a no respawn area” ?
  187. A New Suggestion For a Couple of Fixes.
  188. My suggestions
  189. Playerbase will die slowly if these changes aren't made!
  190. Bug report
  191. Ide´: Show ammo-chests on big map
  192. Just My Personal Suggetions based on my Experience
  193. Open world bosses
  194. Overpowered Shotgunners!
  195. Text size on the HUD and on the legend
  197. Please Fix These Glitches/Exploits On the April 12th Update
  198. Last nights challenge was unplayable
  199. Agent Status
  200. I'm bored to play Dz is impossible to have fun if you meet 1 cheater every 20 minutes
  201. Additional Change Suggestions
  202. Co-op griefing
  203. Mission bug
  204. Putting the risk back in to rogue
  205. Crafting: Material Conversion
  206. Free romming world
  207. Crafting blueprints management improvement
  208. Rogue challenges/stats and assignments
  209. (Suggestion) Inventory Actions
  210. Attempting to Revive Teammates and Collecting their Loot Instead
  211. DarkZone Feedback
  212. This is getting a bit ridiculous... Rogues need to stay in their lanes
  213. [Sugestion] Hackers? no problem
  214. Sensitivity across various zoom levels.
  215. BUG Ballistic Shield stuck won't go away.
  216. One lane in Firing Range should be "No Attachment" lane
  217. Challenge Missions
  218. Weapon Skins across multiple characters AND weapons
  219. Balaclava
  220. Division/Snowdrop networking and server stability
  221. Bug Report after several days of time played
  222. The Problem with DZ Baiting and Suggested Solution
  223. Please, PLEASE change the dodge button
  224. I'd like this bug fixed for the next patch if possible
  225. Are Assault Rifles and LMGs Useless?
  226. BUG: Can't scroll blueprint details at vendor with mouse&keyboard
  227. This is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous
  228. Item deconstruction on pickup
  229. Got killed and turned into rogue
  230. Rolling to avoid tech damage and sticky bombs not exploding right.
  231. Scale difficulty in PVE
  232. Extraction rope ganking
  233. Recovery Link bug? [video inside]
  234. Player factions/clans/teams need to be added to the dz!
  235. Crafting station needs a tweek. How to fix in 4 minutes or less
  236. Yet Another "new content ideas"
  237. Crafting station needs a tweek. How to fix in 4 minutes or less
  238. The unnatural movements in player vs player
  239. - Seats on Safe Houses.
  240. Bugs and Glitches in The Division
  241. Darkzone Mic does not work.
  242. This Game Needs Organized PvP
  243. Ubi frauded us all
  244. "End Game" content just not worth it
  245. New enemy type
  246. Take AWAY the ability for people to boot in matchmaking.
  247. Combat Log
  248. Holly Fack enough with the down time. Are we beta testers?
  249. Multiplayer
  250. Fix Lincolm Tunnel PLS