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  1. Any Aussies on the forum looking forward to this ?
  2. Looking for Xbox One players to join a collection of clans.
  3. Looking for members interested in starting a clan for The Division
  4. The Division IRC/PC Community
  5. Divided-Allegiance recruiting new members,community 14 years old(mature players only)
  6. Black Steel Brotherhood Recruiting!
  7. Evolution is now recruiting.
  8. Making A Group for Xbox One Players Only
  9. Adult PC Group for The Division
  10. Startup Clan (Faction 5) - News Hub - Fansite
  11. [PC] StandPoint Gaming Community
  12. Balkan Power Clan
  13. Recruitment
  14. Evolution is now recruiting. For PC
  15. Looking for other members to start a guild
  16. The Division - Hardcore Roleplaying Guild
  17. Looking for The Division Clan Members who want to play for fun and be part of team!
  18. Wanting to start a guild for XBOX ONE
  19. Calling all fellow xbox one gamers
  20. Be the first to join the best clan for The Division "Fallen Nation"
  21. Official F.K.R.S. Clan post
  22. Looking to start a clan on PS4
  23. Gamer Core Italia - Italian Clan Recruitment
  24. Would like to start a crew/clan for The division if interested
  25. PS4 community!!
  26. Wanting to join a community for Division and many more?
  27. Post you clan/community here for recruitment
  28. The Division: Console Social Hub
  29. Binary Brotherhood.com Gaming Community: Recruiting!
  30. Division Zero recruiting now for PS4!
  31. Next Chapter Gaming looking forward to playing this game!!!
  32. Looking for people to play The Division with (PS4) UK
  33. [NA] & [EU] PvX - Ex Inferno Gaming Community Wants You!
  34. Any Ps3-Ps4 players on this forum?
  35. Clan o "División Team" en Español y en XBO (Spanish)
  36. (PC) (ITA) Cerco giocatori per The Division
  37. The Division PS4 Clan Recruitment
  38. ATENTION: Europe PC Players needed to form a Unit/Crew/Squad/whatever :P
  39. Tom Clancy's The Division (Official Clan)
  40. The Division Agents (TDA)
  41. Division Clan For Ps4 Gamers
  42. Creating an xbox 1 division
  43. Plans to create an xbox 1 clan
  44. =VX9= Gaming Community
  45. PS4 Clan
  46. The Division Clan Portal
  47. Freedom Revived is recruiting (xbox1)
  48. The Killing Committee [Now Recruiting]
  49. My The division guild
  50. Looking for you!
  51. Looking for clan members on PS4.
  52. Looking for Online Co-op Friends
  53. Looking for people to play with
  54. Discussion on TS
  55. Triumphant Legion Recruiting
  56. NEW CLAN - Youtube - Sniper/Marksman/Leader - Recruiting now! Military Tactics!
  57. The Divison Clans
  58. Ex Inferno - PC Recruitment
  59. FACTION 5 In the Shadows, waiting patiently.
  60. NA | PC | Pandorum Gaming | Gaming Community |
  61. Lets start the ultimate X1 clan!!
  62. Anyone looking for a clan out there?
  63. Looking to form a guild (or what ever it may be called)
  64. ZephyrRising now recruiting for XB1
  65. (PS4) Zero Sum Axis recruiting
  66. The Prime-8's Clan [All Platforms]
  67. The Division Agents (TDA)
  68. Team SF is looking for Agents (PC Only)
  69. Looking for new friends!
  70. Security Response Team is actively recruiting (PS4)
  71. Community Members Immortalized in The Division Memoir
  72. [DAWN] Quantum Dawn Gaming is actively recruit for PC fireteams.
  73. Faction 5 - Startup Clan - Welcoming New members
  74. {The Silent Void}{NA PS4} {PvE Focused} {Non Skill Based}
  75. PS4 Zero Sum Axis Recruitment
  76. The Empire is looking for new members(Xbox One)
  77. PS4 - gauging interest for any older gamers
  78. Oceanic/Australian Group Recruiting (Pc Only)
  79. Looking for Relaxed but competitive players.
  80. "Divided We Fall" or "Eu's finest"
  81. Looking for a clan (PS4)
  82. ps4 adult clan with mic :)
  83. Clan with Military Experience?
  84. Strats is recruiting mature gamers for The Division
  85. \\\\\\\\\incoming_call\\\\\\\\\
  86. sNs clan recruiting
  87. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan is now recruiting
  88. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan is now Recruiting across all platforms
  89. Lfc
  90. Looking for two other players
  91. 사설프로토사이트 ⇔ ⇔ UsD79,cOm까똑: хаzа ⇔ ⇔ 사설프로토사이
  92. 사설토토사이트 ⇔ ⇔ UsD79,cOm까똑: хаzа ⇔ ⇔ 사설토토사이트 사
  93. 토토사이트 ⇔ ⇔ UsD79,cOm까똑: хаzа ⇔ ⇔ 토토사이트 토토사이트
  94. sNs clan recruiting
  95. TeamTridentsGaming Is Recruiting Ps4 Community for Gamers by Gamer!
  96. Looking for Mature Clan
  97. Looking for Mature Clan
  98. The Division PS4 Community!!!
  99. *=SAS=* Stars and Stripes ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)
  100. Looking for a PS4 Clan/Group for mature players
  101. Log Horizon is recruiting
  102. Looking for clan members [SHD]
  103. LF a PS4 Group/Clan to play Beta
  104. Looking For A Clan...
  105. [PS4] New Epoch clan recruitment!
  106. Looking for European clan
  107. Focal Point Recruitment
  108. Any role players hoping to take immersion a little further?
  109. Task Force 88..looking for fun, mature and respectful The Division Operators!
  110. Looking for Clan for Division
  111. friends to play with, uh huh. uk boy
  112. The Dark Zone Community
  113. Strats - multi platform community recruiting for The Division
  114. The Division Community Facebook Group (All Platforms)
  115. Xbox One Beta Players: Add me.
  116. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan - PS4
  117. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan - XBox One
  119. Add Me On PSN! Looking for Clan/Team
  120. 바카라사이트 よ shs282,c0mソ 온라인바카라
  121. 썬시티바카라 コ hww969。COMツ 하나카지노추천
  122. 바카라사이트\\シ 〔SHS282。COM〕シ\\태양성카지노
  123. Angeli-Tenebrae recherche joueur francophone
  124. (Recruiting) minute clinic XBONE Clan
  125. (RECRUITING) MinuteClinic XBONE CLAN
  126. Looking for friends [XboxOne]
  127. Looking for some people for Beta
  128. Looking for Mature UK based Clan?
  129. Digital Download Question
  130. Hope this is true
  131. Looking for a dutch clan or group
  132. I just received my Alpha key!
  133. [ALPHA] Looking for Group | GT: Clip V
  134. LFM for xbox one
  135. Urgent Help - Division Alpha Xbox One
  136. Looking For a Couple People To Group Up With Me In The ALPHA
  137. Mature Xbox One clan
  138. Looking for 2 or 3 people for alpha
  139. division squad
  140. Team Rainbow -- Recruiting!
  141. Alpha Time boys
  142. Londoner looking for Alpha compadres!
  143. LF matura Australian Agents for Alpha, MSG me on xbox live- DarkAngelSnipes
  144. PS4 MultigamingClan Ghost Recon SpecOps Unit sucht weiter Mitglieder (German)
  145. If you need a squad hit me up NOW playing alpha as soon as it drops tonight.
  146. Looking for one that will be playing at release tonight
  147. PS4 - PVP/PVE clan
  148. Xbox looking for others
  149. Looking for a partner for alpha
  150. My Friends Didn't Pre-order...Looking For Agents!
  151. 420th Mountain Division[XboxOne]
  152. Update....
  153. Belgium or Dutch people; form up!
  154. Looking for a group for alpha
  155. Alpha Teammates? North American CST
  156. Xbox one alpha recruitment
  157. Looking for teammates
  158. Division EST Players
  159. XBOX One clan! Contact us!
  160. XBOX ONE clan! Contact us!
  161. Much Alpha Action
  162. Division Alpha Forum: no permissions?
  163. LFM for XB1 Alpha
  164. add me
  165. looking for group
  166. LF people to do Darkzone
  167. LFG Xbox One
  168. LFM people
  169. Looking for Xbox one players
  170. Looking For Teammates Right Now
  171. Looking for a squad
  172. Alpha X1 LFG
  173. The DarkZone Friend or Enemy
  174. UK Players for next 2 days?
  175. Task Force 88 is looking to add Non-Competitive Casual Players
  176. Looking for Dark Zone team
  177. Looking for serious group of players
  178. Need a couple guys for xbox one
  179. Looking for people
  180. LFG I want darkZone buddys
  181. Looking for players for a Rogue Squad
  182. Looking for Aussies
  183. Need a few blokes to become my agent-mates
  184. The Division Xbox One Community
  185. Server is up and I need some cold hearted killers to roll with
  186. LFG Xbox One to play/test the Alpha
  187. looking for group for the alhpa
  188. Pure Defiance Clan
  189. Dark Zone Team
  190. Group (ages 18-22) for Dark Zone
  191. Looking for Brazilian Teammates
  192. Looking for a chill group
  193. Looking for 2 more members!
  194. The dark zone is harsh...
  195. PS4 Community
  196. LF DZ members
  197. LF2M for DZ!
  198. Is there a rouge clan?
  199. Looking for a skilled group to run the Dark Zone
  200. Haven't been able to download Alpha
  201. Severs down still?
  202. Looking for DZ Group - Right Now!
  203. Making a new clan/group for Alpha and beyond...
  204. Alpha Feedback Group
  205. Error
  206. Mike error
  207. Extend The Alpha!
  208. Dark Zone Warriors!!!
  209. Extend beta
  210. Join a Clan
  211. Looking for Xbox Players
  212. Urban Irregulars is recruiting! XB1 clan
  213. joʊmən recruting
  214. Join a Clan
  215. Looking for people to play with on Xbox One
  216. Dads of Destiny is recruiting agents!
  217. Companion app
  218. Warrior Nation - Fun - Mature - Community Focused
  219. What can we expect the game to a guild, clan or team ?
  220. Companions are more than Welcome.
  221. looking for a female player
  222. EU Based Synstick.com are recruiting
  223. NZ English Players :D
  224. Xgn wolfpack squad looking for division players!
  225. Dutch division players.
  226. Looking for mature clan!
  227. The Chicago Way: Any Chicago / US CST players out there LFG?
  228. Clan Distinction
  229. Looking for a mature, competitive, team-oriented group to play with
  230. RECRUITING : Black Wolf World Gaming Community
  231. Looking for serious gamers to start a small tactical unit
  232. Looking for some players or team from Czech Rep.
  234. Casual/hardcore player
  235. Over30clan.net
  236. Looking for clan or people to play with serious
  237. OutlawGaming
  238. Angels Of Death Recruitment Thread
  239. LF West Coast Division Players/Guilds.
  240. Waiting for The beta to arrive
  241. HoldSquare Reapers Gaming [PS4] [21+]
  243. New community sinister.gg (Multi Platform)
  244. Urban Irregulars Has Expanded To PC!
  245. Urban Irregulars is now Recruiting for PS4!
  246. Closed beta the division
  247. [PC] Operation Genesis Now Recruiting. 21+
  248. Mandalorian - Bounty Hunters For Hire
  249. Ill Soul Faction
  250. Communautée Fr the division