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  1. Lvl 30, looking for friends
  2. Looking for a friend to play with
  3. Level 1-14 Darzone, looking for more rogues.
  4. Ps4 daily mission group
  5. Looking for casual gaming group, lvl doesn't matter!!!
  6. looking for new friends
  7. Need help with daily mission
  8. Looking for group, clan, friends, etc
  9. Looking For Division Friends! Lvl 10+
  10. 20+ mature need players, in CA
  11. Need 1 more for WarenGate Power Plant (AT THE LAST CHECKPOINT) XBOX ONE
  12. Need 1 more for WarenGate Power Plant (AT THE LAST CHECKPOINT) XBOX ONE
  13. EU players lookingbfor clans/guilds
  14. |DCG| Dutch Community Gaming - Now Recruiting
  15. LF a squad/group that runs DZ farms, and Chalenge modes.
  16. DZ RANK 32, +100k DPS +80kHEALTH looking for DZ group.
  17. Looking for players that are competitive and squad up.
  18. Looking for people to play with
  19. looking for some people to play with EU
  20. Looking for a group in Japan.
  21. Challenge mode players needed xbox one
  22. Lvl 26 looking to farm some DZ!
  23. Lfg/ clan
  24. (PS4) Looking for Dark Zone Groip
  25. Looking for group or just people in general.
  26. looking for dudes and dudettes
  27. New people to GRIND with
  28. Unknown signal level 30 misson wont start
  29. Looking for people to play missions with and/or explore the Dark Zone
  30. Need players With mics for dark zone
  31. LFG, Finnish / English speaking, GMT+2, LVL 20 with microphone
  32. USA LF +1 Help Challenge near end
  33. (PS4) looking for group
  34. Lvl 12 player looking for people to play with. Xbox One
  35. South Africa...
  36. LFG for Daily Challenging Mission today at 5pm (GMT+1)
  37. Looking for group PC grind
  38. Looking for friends/people to play with, we dont have to be friends.would be nice tho
  39. Lvl30 Looking for people to run DZ/Dailys/Challenging Mode with
  40. Looking for a Group (lvl 15 - 20) [PS4]
  41. UK/EU 18+ group looking for more members
  42. Suche Clan zum Zusammenspielen!
  43. Top 1% Players - DZ 50+ Farming Groups
  44. [ru] Ищу игроков для совместной игры (в основн
  45. Full HIGH END tank/DPS LF healer/DPS for dz farm!
  46. PS4 Players.
  47. ps4 player looking for fun people to play with
  48. Aussie L30 lf more friends to DZ/Daily/Whatever else is left
  49. Looking to get a clan type group going.
  50. Looking for some mates
  51. Looking For Fellow Agents - Xbox Juan (One)
  52. Michael dufrane
  53. LFG Challenging Mode Russian Consulate
  54. Looking for like-minded players
  55. LFG for Russian Consulate Challenging
  56. Grumpy Old Men are looking for recruits (The Division)
  57. lvl30 Danish Agent LFG
  58. [PC] [PS4] Raven Guard Clan - Recruiting AUS/APAC/OC
  59. Suche aktive Spieler für Dark Zone & Herausforderungen.
  60. Division map boundaries
  61. PS4 LFG daily challenge
  62. Looking for a Dark Zone team/partner
  63. xbox dad's of the division
  64. Ps4 LFG daily challenge
  65. Dailys, Dark Zone, & Farm with a great group. [XB1]
  66. PS4 Challenge mode 2nd checkpoint
  67. #teamDVSN recruiting agents worldwide
  68. Who wants To Have fun in The DZ? Rare Loot, Phoneix Credits and a Hell Of A Time.
  69. LFM to Farm Dark Zone, Be Geared. PS4
  70. [DADS] DadsGaming is recruiting on Xbox One
  71. LfDZ 28-29
  72. [DADS] DadsGaming is recruiting on PS4
  73. Teammates for DZ/Daily's
  74. Looking for Arab group
  75. Looking for Agent
  76. PS4 DZ Boss Farm
  77. SIN recruiting XB1
  78. Feeling lost in the crowd?
  79. Dane looking for ppl to play with (DZ/Dailies)
  80. Xbox one Darkzone group
  81. UK players 18+ PS4
  82. Open to All
  83. Looking for teammates in missions/free roam
  84. Looking for buddies to play The Division.
  85. [PC] [Teamspeak] Looking for 1 more person for DZ Lv.30
  86. Looking for clan / team
  87. [PS4] looking for battle buddy
  88. Need 2 players to help with the harder daily missions and darkzone areas
  89. new 30 looking for continued group/clan
  90. Delta Error
  91. New players
  92. Lv 19 ps4 dark zone
  93. Looking for a group/clan
  94. Ps4 lv 19 dark zone
  95. If under 18, don't bother opening: 2 lvl 30's looking for two more
  96. half way through challenge mode mission need 1
  97. [PS4] Strat.co is look for active agents!
  98. Looking for players UK & EU for Dark Zone
  99. PS4 Connectivity
  100. looking for a team?
  101. Looking for lvl 30 agents to team up with
  102. Level 30 darkzone
  103. new to dark zone wanna team up?
  104. [FR-PC] AIE Clan // 18+
  105. Looking for NA lvl 13 ish players that have ts
  106. Looking for group who wants to have fun
  107. Looking for someone level 5-9
  108. Looking for a group to do DZ and daily missions with
  109. Lvl 15 casual player LFG for DZ and story mode
  110. Stash Contaminated Items Glitch
  111. Pothead Gaming. (XB1)
  112. [NA][PC] Drinks Well with Others
  113. DOA Disciples Of The Apocalypse Now Recruiting!!
  114. Romeo Error for a week
  115. The Division INDONESIA looking for group
  116. Looking for people to play with.
  117. need help
  118. Xb1 daily missions, zd after 1am est.
  119. Xbox One Group
  120. Need a good group to play with!
  121. Looking for people who needs "Mass Extraction" trophy
  122. PS4: Lexington a Tunnel Challenge High-End Farm
  123. Looking for Dark Zone grinders!
  124. LFG to farm darkzone!
  125. Mission breaking glitch - Grand Central Station
  126. Looking for 1 more last stage Russian consulate level 30 challenge mode
  127. Looking for Group XBOX1
  128. need people to farm challenge mode
  129. Need some friendly folks for challenge modes
  130. Looking for people to farm DZ bosses
  131. Lfg Dark Zone
  132. Looking for Dark Zone Players RANK 30 DZ RANK: 24
  133. L4G The Division
  134. Looking for a Serious Player DZ Lvl 65 or above.
  135. Older gamer looking for DZ group
  136. Aussie PS4 mates for The Division
  137. Migrating from PS4 looking for players to play with on Xbox1
  138. Looking for serious people to play with.
  139. Looking For People to Farm Challenge mode
  140. Migrating from PS4 to XBox One, looking players to play with and add to friends list
  141. looking for skilled players
  142. PS4 looking for Dark Zone farming group
  143. letar en svensk grupp.
  144. UK Player LF Community
  145. CHALLENGE daily.
  146. Operation Genesis [21+] [PC]
  147. 2 spelare till division squad
  148. Szukam Polaków 30+
  149. Looking for Roleplayers (pre-release trailer style)
  150. Szukam Polaków 30+
  151. Agents required
  152. Agents required
  153. Looking for members for crew
  154. Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint
  155. Lmntrix Community
  156. Searching for division players to coop with !)
  157. Lexington Challenge Mode LFG/LFG 150k/60k
  158. Daily challenge & dz 31-32 farming
  159. 187th Terran Guard Now recruiting for The Division Ps4
  160. 187th Terran Guard Now recruiting for The Division PS4
  161. Looking for skilled players to farm daily challenge
  162. [LV] Searching for Latvian players
  163. Pom Pom squad looking for players
  164. Grumpy Old Men Recruiting PS4 The Division
  165. looking for people to do challenge mode and dark zone
  166. Looking to start a DZ group!!!!!!!
  167. Just got game and looking for a serious group to play with.
  168. Looking for a group - pc only
  169. Double Tap Clan - Recruiting 18 +
  170. Chilled UK player looking for like minded agents
  171. Ps4 Daily mission farm super thread post here for group
  172. LOST is looking for mature Agents [16+] [Tactical Realism] [EU-NA] [RL-Vets]
  173. LF DZ Group
  174. Looking for people to farm DZ bosses
  175. Streamer looking for dedicated DZ group
  176. Looking for companionship
  177. New Division Guild - Fresh Cakes
  178. Need a group
  179. WHIT Gaming (What Hack Is That) is looking for new agents to join us
  180. WHIT Gaming (What Hack Is That) is looking for new agents to join us
  181. low lvl (11) looking for dark zone group
  182. DGC is looking for active agents!
  183. LF Challenge Mode Players
  184. Lf challenge mode and Dz
  185. looking for a group to run the daily with xbox
  186. Switched Consoles would anyone level 30 mind helping level real quick?
  187. Looking for group challenge daily
  188. Daily Challenge Mode
  189. Squad up
  190. Looking to run DZ Zone 5 to Rank and farm
  191. Need 2 for challenge difficulty at boss
  192. Looking for Group Level 19+
  193. [EU] Looking for clan/crew for challenge farming and DZ farming
  194. Need a tank for our group
  195. Looking for DZ / Challenge mode players
  196. L4G The Division lvl 8 - 10
  197. Looking for lv 30 DZ players
  198. [PC] Division Elite Recruiting: LFM: Incursion Squad, 18+, ENG Only, Have Mic
  199. [X1] DOM is Recruiting!
  200. DZ Lvl 30 Feel Free to Add.
  201. [PC] Division Elite Recruiting: LFM: Incursion Squad, 18+, ENG Only, Have Mic
  202. Looking For Friends To Play The Division
  203. Looking for a group im only rank 4
  204. lvl 22 looking for 3
  205. looking for dark zone group
  206. Looking for Group to run Lexington Center Challenge
  207. Need another sniper for Xbox one
  208. Xbox one team needed lvl 18-20 (mic required)
  209. Any other Aussies
  210. Letar efter grp
  211. looking for people to play with
  212. Bad frame rate?
  213. LOOKING FOR 1 for steam roll challange mode daily. Xbox 1.
  214. Need One More For Challenge
  215. Ps4 post your gamer tag lets link up
  216. Looking for people to play with?
  217. Looking for group to run missions level 8-10
  218. PC Special request
  219. Uplay name: knalknul - Looking for DUTCH friends for The Division!!
  220. LF PS4 group!!!
  221. Looking for Darkzone team lvl 15-19 only PS4!
  222. improvement wing mission
  223. [FR] [PC] Looking for french RP players ready for a little project
  224. Wondering, If I will be alone when I buy this game this weekend? (UK - 21YO)
  225. Looking for regular players on PS4 from AUS/NZ
  226. Looking for Group
  227. LF Consistent group for DZ or Runs(PC)
  228. Daily Challenge's & DZ leveling
  229. LFG for friends and group
  230. [PS4] NA - Binge Play starting 6pm EST
  231. Central Time Player needs Grp.
  232. looking for group. DZ farm
  233. Frame rate is more than bad
  234. Looking for a clan?? Click here! DOA!!
  235. Daily Challenging mission players[XBONE][UK][LVL30]
  236. Lfg dz farming ps4
  237. LF clan
  238. Lordvroux squad looking for team players
  239. LF 2 more addicted to division
  240. Xbox1 LF hardcore Challenge mode group to run with on a daily basis
  241. LF Group or guild for xbox one
  242. Lfg
  243. Looking For Group/Clan
  244. [FR] Recherche des joueurs
  245. Canadian Looking for Group in EST or CT
  246. Looking for like minded adults to team up with
  247. Looking to assemble or join a Role-Playing squad
  248. (PS4) Dark Zone Team Finder
  249. I am looking for players from Balkan...
  250. Looking for others for a regular PVE/DZ group.