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  1. [PC] Discord Gaming Community - Find players to play with | Create your own clan
  2. adD - Looking to Recruit
  3. Beta question
  4. PbO- The Lead Order is recruiting
  5. Team SiN.uk
  6. [PC] TSF - The Select Few (Fire Team) Recruiting
  7. Dark Clan Mexico Reclutando!! PVP, Balacera, Cartel, OP, GG WP. OIE ZI, SE COMO JOSE
  8. EU, 30+ or at least generally sane and composed.
  9. [PS4] Looking for a clan...
  10. [NA] Pandorum Gaming | Multi-Gaming | TS3 | 17+
  11. Looking for one person/group to play the Beta with, EU, UTC +2:00 +giving away key PC
  12. Disciples Union - Christian PS4 community (recruiting)
  13. Task Force Unity - A small, new, tactical, multi-gaming community.
  14. Urban Irregulars on PlayStation 4 - We're looking to recruit more!
  15. sNs recruiting
  16. ILL SouL Tactics Recruitment
  17. LHB recruitment nz/nc/aus only PC
  18. I Need A Code
  19. [PS4][PC] Strats Co. is looking for Agents for The Division!
  20. Looking for a casual group
  21. Looking for a tactical group interested in streaming
  22. East Coast Hardcore Gamer looking for clan
  23. [BETA] Deutschsprachige Team- und Taktikplayer
  24. Xbox One players and new friends: New Group: Protectors
  25. DW-Clan is recruiting german and norwegian players
  26. TMF- Twisted Minds Foundation Recruiting
  27. Laughing Coffin now recruiting! PK Clan XBOX ONE
  28. Royal.Exiled.Devils PK CLAN NOW RECRUITING! XBOX ONE
  29. Sentry of Afterlife - Xbox One - Recruiting
  30. New community looking to start clans for The Division on Xbox one.
  31. CO-OP Squad And Clan
  32. Looking for fellow agents
  33. Looking for Mature, Friendly players to group with.
  34. Looking for players to take back NY
  35. looking for group for beta! Xbone
  36. Level balancing in the darkzone and game overall
  37. Dead Citizens clan recruitment
  38. Looking for skilled teammates to play the division with. PC
  39. The Social Noob sleeper Agent. Division or Team, or Dream?
  40. Storm Ravens - Seeking loyal Agents
  41. Storm Ravens - PC- Seeking loyal Agents
  42. Xbox One Facebook Community
  43. casual clan
  44. Tin Foil Hat Clan
  45. Skilled RPG Player Looking for Team
  46. NightOwl looking for a Squad or Clan to take back the night....
  47. Vigilanties Wanted!
  48. Exclusive FUN CLAN RECRUITING !!!
  49. Anybody wanna team up for XB1 beta and full game?
  50. Looking to find some players to roll with in The Division? Post here!!
  51. Streaming on the 28th
  52. Streaming on the 28th
  53. Streaming on the 28th
  54. Streaming on the 28th
  55. CZ/SK komunita
  56. Looking for specific group to play the division beta.
  57. Community For The Players
  58. Calling all Xbox One players!
  59. 21 and Up Community Looking for Players
  60. Rabid Fox Clan
  61. Rabid Fox Clan-Xbox One
  62. [pc][us/eu]
  63. (Xbox One) STC is looking for Division players!
  64. 3-4 ANGEL Joint Task Force and Reconannaissance Group
  65. PS4 21 and Up Community
  66. [SSG] is recruiting a few more agents! [EU|UK]
  67. looking for a group
  68. 411 Gaming Recruiting for Xbox One (21+)
  69. Masters of War [ PC]
  70. Clan español The Division "Unidad de Contención" [PC]
  71. Dutch clan
  72. APEX clan
  73. CST player who also works Graveyard shift
  74. Seeking fellow Australian Agents/Groups
  75. [PC] Seeking fellow Australian Agents/Groups
  76. PS4 Division Beta recruitment
  77. UK Mature gamer looking for clan/people to group with
  78. [PC] <TAG> A TrapArmy Gaming Community is looking for you !
  79. Introducing the A.R.A.
  80. Missing email for beta download
  81. Urban Irregulars, Strategic Homeland Division
  82. Urban Irregulars, Strategic Homeland Division
  83. Looking for Canadian Players to join up with
  84. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan - PC
  85. *Recuiting Now* - NWE - Get in an active clan
  86. Looking for Group and Streaming all day 8]
  87. The Division: ETR (Elite Tactical Reponse) Unit (Clan Recruit)
  88. Tom Clancy's The Division Beta Team (PS4/XBO1 Gamers)
  89. Looking for a PS4 Clan
  90. [EU] LF roleplayers to form a relaxed, mature squad and experience the game together
  91. The Vault Group
  92. UK - Mature Gamer - Looking For Squad Mates for Beta
  93. Mature 20+ EU/PC
  94. LF Friends for division mar 8 PC
  95. Looking
  96. PS4 Players Look No Further!
  97. Need
  98. Looking for clan or group on ps4
  99. looking for Agents in the (dirty dirty) South with mics
  100. [PC] The Bearded Gamers are recruiting 18+
  101. [PC] The Bearded Gamers are recruiting 18+
  102. UK based gamer looking to team up
  103. Wanting a UK Xbox One Clan/Group
  104. Looking for a UK Based Clan/Group
  105. 'ello Looking for chill mates from Europe
  106. Mitglieder Suche "The Division"
  107. [.CS.] Cunning Stunts - Tactical shooter gaming community
  108. XBox One The Division Community facebook group!
  109. Looking for Serious Players (21+) for Unique Team Play
  110. Beta PC download
  111. Clan LOST is recuiting
  112. UK/Euro Players with Mics - PS4 Community
  113. Looking for Team mates Canada
  114. US Tz| Gamer Looking for group for weekend Beta
  115. Xbox One Facebook community
  116. The Ascended (TAS) Now Recruiting!
  117. The Ascended (TAS) Now Recruiting!
  118. [EU][PC] LF Age 19+ players for two small roleplaying squads
  119. Tactical Gaming is now recruiting!
  120. Tactical Gaming is now recruiting!
  121. Looking for a regular group to play with?
  122. Looking for EU players
  123. Looking for a small group
  124. (PC) The Division US Group Recruitment
  125. Xbox 1 - Tactical Gaming
  126. || Dark Zone Requisition Alliance ||
  127. || Dark Zone Requisition Alliance ||
  128. Deo Optimo Maximo [DOM] community recruiting Agents ! XBOX ONE AND PS4 !
  130. Ps4/aus
  131. Alpha/beta question
  132. Looking for a friends
  133. Xbox one Facebook group fan page.
  134. XB1 recruiting people to play the division with
  135. Dads of Destiny UK (PS4) clan member looking for a similar group.
  136. Looking for a clan
  137. I am looking for a group to play with tomorrow on the beta!
  138. Tactical Gaming PS4
  139. Spare code ?
  140. Eastern Time AM Player
  141. Iron-Blooded Gaming [NA/EU]
  142. Recruiting small group NA/SA.
  143. Australian looking for a beta group to run with.
  144. Unforgiven Recruiting for NA/PC 18+ mature
  145. Player search ( EU/NL)
  146. Xb1 Hardcore gamers
  147. 31 Year Old Mature Player - Looking For Team
  148. Looking for People to Play with as Soon as Beta Servers Go Live
  149. Looking for hardcore and casual gamers (ALL GAMERS WELCOME) beta + full release
  150. Xb1 division FB page
  151. Croatia
  152. I am going to play in 15 minutes when the beta starts! Any players that want to join?
  153. Nix Gravis Recruiting UK/EU/US (PC only)
  154. Problem downloading the beta to Xbox one
  155. Looking Team up with UK/Euro based PS4 players. Just add my PSN (Adults only)
  156. Any PINOY Player Around Here ? Willing to Team up with us ? [Excelleon Gaming PH]
  157. Getting Ps4 button actions come up on Xbox one
  158. Field data
  159. looking for a fun group of people to play with
  161. LFG for the beta, 20 year old girl from norway.
  162. Rogue Cell (Recruiting!)
  163. Xbox one beta, console looking for disc
  164. Spear beta code
  165. So, the beta isn't working when i purchesed the gold edition, thanks ubi.
  166. Error
  167. 81st Ranger Company looking for members for The Division
  168. Looking for a small group to play with (UK)
  169. <Ronin>
  170. graphics downgrade from alpha version :( plus encountered my very first bug ever ...
  171. what happend to my alpha data?
  172. LF someone interested in grouping up with me+friend? #norway
  173. Enemies not taking damage
  174. Beta is fun, encountered a bug from the start however...
  175. Looking for ps4 players
  176. Can't get in servers error message every time!!
  177. Looking for a small PVE - coop group
  178. Konvict Gaming
  179. Server Time?
  180. US, English, PVE, 7AM ET, Casual, Mature
  181. VPN Early Access?
  182. So anyone who wants to form a team for the dark zone?
  183. ★★★ Shadow Ravens Super Clan will be launching operations in The Division ★★★
  184. ★★★ Shadow Ravens Super Clan will be launching operations in The Division ★★★
  185. Reload bug
  186. Unable to select things in map veiw
  187. [LoH] Legion of Honor is looking for recruits!
  188. Norwegians --- PS4
  189. Looking for Non-Rogues to team up with!
  190. UK Gamer Looking For Group
  191. Looking for few more for tight nit group
  192. Looking for a group to play with during beta (18+)
  193. Quantum Shock
  194. Looking For PS4 Players To Team Up With
  195. PS4 Clan/Community Recruiting
  196. Looking for a chill group
  197. Anybody wanna team on ps4 for tomorrow?!
  198. Looking for a group right now.
  199. Looking for a group right now.
  200. Game changes language/Most Items from looting not allowing for pickup or display
  201. English Looking for players for beta will play all weekend.
  202. Looking for some cooperation.
  203. Looking for Squad to Run With.
  204. || Dark Zone Requisition Alliance ||
  205. Streaming and LFG to own the Dark Zone
  206. Looking for Players to join me!
  207. Looking for Agents
  208. Looking for Agents
  209. Any Asian (southeast?) wana team up for casual play?
  210. EU-Looking for players
  211. Looking for player
  212. WHATS UP!? Just got a code lookin' for peeps to play with. (21+ & MIC)
  213. Looking for beasts to roll with XB1
  214. Deutsch/English XBOX One
  215. Looking for players for the beta this weekend!
  216. LFG - TeamSpeak for beta weekend
  217. Looking for agents
  218. issue with joining frirnds in another instance
  219. Xbox One Facebook community (The division)
  220. XB1 PvPer LF some cool people to have fun with
  221. Problems With Sprint
  222. The Division Community for Xbox One Players Only
  223. The Division Community for Xbox One Players Only
  224. Want clan or coop in Dark Zone
  225. Beta test - intoxzone
  226. Looking for a group to play with
  227. Please add cool looking masks armour in final game
  228. looking for pvp and pve group DZ
  229. has anyone been able to play the division on PS4 yet
  230. Any update on Friday server maintenance?
  231. [EU/ENG/Relaxed/Mature] Finding new friends for the beta
  232. Good Morning Beta Players!
  233. TMF is recruiting
  234. How do we get BETA from ps4 digital pre-order?
  235. [PL] Looking for Polish players to join the beta struggle. / Szukamy Polskich graczy!
  236. Looking For PS4 Group
  237. Looking For PS4 Group
  238. Azure Twilight - PC Multigaming community - TS3/Website
  239. LFG 4 DZ - Older EST player
  240. Looking to make a female role playing team (PC)
  241. Bodacious Beta Budget Bros plays The Division
  242. lf a group that can tear through dark zones and chill
  243. Any problems connecting?
  244. Mike error
  245. Где моя игра ?!
  246. Ps4 group?
  247. Getting mike 20240078 error
  248. looking for arab speaking group [+18 /pc]
  249. Looking for group
  250. Looking for a team for DZ