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  1. Join The True Black Hand -Ps4- Clan 50+ Members.
  2. Base Upgrade partner on PC
  3. LFG for madision field hospitsl
  4. Hacker/cheater exposed ! With solid proof !
  5. Looking for friendly Division players
  6. Dark zone players
  7. Looking for team mates
  8. Help get last character lvl 30
  9. Looking for Mature Dark Zone Farmers
  10. looking for people do farming with level 30 must be
  11. [US/NA] Looking for casual laid back people for team plays
  12. looking for a crew
  13. DZ hackers
  14. Looking to help players Open chests and DZ bosses
  15. Looking for ppl to do the story and missions
  16. Loking for players from Romania ( EUR)
  17. Accidentally Deconstucted my Caduceus
  18. Searching for group to do CHALLENING missions!
  19. Dredd1973 looking to team up
  20. Collateral Damage Community is looking for members
  21. Melhorias no Jogo! Brasil The Division!
  22. Looking for Dark Zone farming group
  23. F N Warden LF Adult Team/Clan for Xbox One End Game
  24. Looking for DZ Group
  25. XB1 - Dark Zone Hunting/Farming Group
  26. Looking for Midwest Gamers to join up
  27. Looking for a dz group
  28. Looking for ppl to befriend.
  29. Russian consulate challenge mode farming
  30. Looking for Dark Zone farming group
  31. Grouping fireteams in darkzone.
  32. Looking for group DZ
  33. Farming/loot cave 8+ agents
  34. Problema con un echo
  35. Looking for uk based players
  36. Russian Consulate Loot Farm
  37. Casual Player looking for mature group.
  38. Player lfg for all activities
  39. Lv 30 Darkzone Group
  40. Looking for ppl to grind and loot dz with
  41. Looking for a team for DZ PvP
  42. Looking for a group/clan to roll with for end game activities.
  43. Looking for serious players to DZ with (LEVEL 68 DZ)
  44. Looking for group to farm finch
  45. Looking for a group to farm finch
  46. Looking for DZ rogue group/route group
  47. DZ and Challenge group
  48. Espa˝ol: Busco grupo de 3 personas para jugar de forma habitual al juego
  49. Looking for people to level up and DZ with.
  50. Looking to start doing DZ
  51. [PC] Cercasi ITALIANI SERI per DZ
  52. Looking for Agents to Run With
  53. NO exploits, NO glitches, definitely NO whiny *****es.
  54. Looking for East Coast NightOwl Team 11:00am-4:00am (above DZ level 40 preferably)
  55. ESt players looking for few semi-hardcore players.
  56. Look for experienced Slayers With Swag (;
  57. Crafting gear with higher armour value than Blueprint number bracket
  58. LFG Farming Challenge
  59. Guns keep deleting and mods turn off after each log off
  60. lincoln tunnel/russian consulate farm
  61. Dutch player looking for squad/players
  62. Solo player looking for friends
  63. Looking to join experiencied players
  64. Looking for Iowa Gamers
  65. Looking for English speaking group to do Challenging mode boss's/DZ
  66. LS- Last stand Recruitment PC World wide
  67. farming
  68. mr
  69. Pantheon Gaming is Recruiting More Bros
  70. Can't connect
  71. Russian Comsulate Xbone
  72. Looking for mature UK gamers 25 and over
  73. Lvl 25/ lvl 16 dz
  74. Looking For Other People To Live Stream The Dark Zone [ PS4 ]
  76. UK/EU 18+ group looking for more members
  77. Ethix Gaming - Recruiting
  78. Consulate Farm Runs
  79. Lincoln Tunnel / Consulate farming
  80. Looking for mostly DZ PvP-PvE group
  81. 200k dps 70k HP -looking f÷r dzone6 6team
  82. Phoenix Coalition
  83. Challenging Mission Farming
  84. Stash says full in dz but empty outside
  85. Looking for 2 more experienced lvl 30
  86. Russian Con. Challenging Farm
  87. Looking for 3 Solid Ps4 Players - Challenges/DZ/Incursions
  88. Xbox One looking for DZ group 30 plus
  89. Looking for DZ group lvl 47 DZ
  90. Looking for Some People
  91. Ps4 rank 24 deadzone rogue-ing/looting
  92. Connecting
  93. Looking for Darkzone6 team - 200k dps/70khp
  94. XGC Assasins Recruiting For The Division
  95. Bug
  96. Adc looking for a team
  97. Looking for lower level agents to team up with
  98. Looking for low level players
  99. Looking for Clan/Community to join
  100. Russian Con Hornet farm
  101. dark zone squad needed
  102. Looking for GEARED and Skilled Rouges.
  103. Fairly new and looking for friendly mature (acting) players
  104. Looking for challenge and dz group on xbox one
  105. Looking for LGBT or friendlies
  106. Just starting out, Have Teamspeak server
  107. Lincoln Tunnel/Russian Consulate PC
  108. Swedish oldschool pro? gamer Looking for DZ buddies
  109. Looking for a rogue group Add my gt- DHULSE
  110. Looking to play with friendly new players
  111. LF DZ5/6 Farming group Xbox one
  112. Challenge farming - EST
  113. Looking for fresh lvl 30 for grinding/just messing around
  114. LF people to go ROGUE with hahaha we need 1 or 2 no kids
  115. [PS4] Waltz of The Abyss Recruiting
  116. Manhunt group, need 3.
  117. Looking for clan/group etc....
  118. I have a problem whit my game
  119. Rouges
  120. Lincoln Tunnel /Consulate
  121. (PS4) Looking for guys to hang with...
  122. XBOX ONE - The Division - FARMING SQUAD - GT: theLoudBear
  123. Manhunt group, need 3.
  124. WHIT Gaming (What Hack Is That) is looking for new members to join us
  125. clan or group
  126. Looking for certain mission
  127. leveling
  128. I am the LAW! Trophy
  129. Skill Power Build LFG for DZ or Challenge Farming
  130. Dark Zone Rogue Status
  131. Something you dont wanna miss!
  132. LF Group for Hornet Boss Farming
  133. Stop screw around
  134. Looking for people to farm and gear up with. USA/NA Prefered!
  135. rG is Recruituing for its Growing Community
  136. Looking for a group.
  137. Looking for squad mates PS4
  138. Hornet farming
  139. Teaming up for anything
  140. Fresh level 30
  141. Looking to join a group or clan (DIVISION PS4)
  142. [AU] [PC] Looking for a small group
  143. AC397 looking for players to join our casual end-game group!
  144. Go die ubisoft scammers
  145. LFG or clan on pc UK/euro
  146. PvE Missions / Side Missions / Encounter Full Completion
  147. 200k+ DP/s , 100k+ Health , Armor% Cap , Dz80 Player LFG [Screenshots]
  148. NFLD XBONE Is recruiting!
  149. Looking for Indian players
  150. Looking for a group
  151. Looking for 1 to 2 others for dailies and DZ.
  152. Looking for English players, TS available
  153. Hi! A group of us have created a Division LFG app, and felt it could be useful here!
  154. Looking for group to do 8 man mission
  155. Looking for mid-high level group
  156. End of russian consulot need 1
  157. [FR/BE] Cherche deux joueurs expÚrimentÚs, geared et soucieux de l'opti. mumble/ts ON
  158. Dark Zone
  159. Wanting to join a squad of serious players
  160. Not a Big Fan of DZ but need help
  161. Challenging mission
  162. Making Division squad for youtube
  163. Looking for people/group to play with
  164. New Zealand Agent LF more people to play with
  165. [FR] Cherche joueurs
  166. Level 30 (41DZ) England based player looking for others to enter the Dark Zone 05/6
  167. Pandorum Gaming needs some agents!
  168. lookign for team
  169. SHD Hub
  170. Not a big fan of DZ but need mission help
  171. Lvl 13 ... Lfg.
  172. Lvl 13 ... Lfg
  173. LFG to help me power level my alt to 30
  174. Looking for group to do daily challenge mission
  175. Central Time Player needs Grp/Clan.
  176. looking for DZ group xbox one
  177. LF3 Lincoln tunnel farm
  178. won't let me pass the first screen connecting: vashstampe
  179. LF Skilled Group For DZ Manhunt
  180. Looking for a group
  181. Challanging Mode group
  182. Are there any abundantly West Coast NA Clans around?
  183. Consulate Loot Glitch
  184. looking for people on ps4 for DZ and incursions when they come out
  185. [PC] THEY GOT ALEX! [Hardcore][NA - East]
  186. Free Agent
  187. Looking for agents for day crew ops.
  188. Looking for dz group
  189. Anybody Tryin Play?
  190. [PC] Lookinf for *active* au TZ group (Challenging Missions and DZ)
  191. Challenge mode farming
  192. UK Based player looking for regular groupies
  193. Looking for new friends to group up with
  194. Looking for new players
  195. Looking For Fresh 30s
  196. Looking for players from Asia or philippines (preferred)
  197. Just reached 30 last night!
  198. Looking for group.
  199. farming
  200. Need good group for DZ
  201. Looking for challenge group
  202. DOA Recruitment!
  203. Recruiting Mature clan mates that are ready for endgame Darkzone and PVE
  204. Recherches joueurs Franšais
  205. Ravenfall Clan Taking Applications
  206. Looking for group/people to level up
  207. Looking for DZ crew for after 11pm EST
  208. Looking for clan (ps4)
  209. Rouge hunting
  210. Need some help getting HE gear & weapons
  211. Dear Ubisoft, please explain why you fix things and not bring other things up to par?
  212. Join The True Black Hand -Ps4- Clan 60+ Members.
  213. [Xbox One]LF2M Permanent members for our team
  214. Fresh 30 lfg
  215. Tactical Gaming (TG) Recruiting
  216. New Level 30 - Phoenix Credit Farming
  217. Looking for group of level 30's
  218. Lvl 30/36 looking for a group
  219. New friends
  220. farming Lexington event center
  221. Daily challenges
  222. LF group
  223. LF Incursion & Group
  224. Looking for 30's with mics to run Daily Challenges & Phoenix Farming
  225. Helping others level up to 30
  226. grinding to dz 50
  227. [WG] War Games Multigaming Community Now Recruiting for The Division
  228. Need someone who has completed all the echos
  229. Laggy tonight?
  230. Lf morning group
  231. Lf morning group
  232. Are you looking for a good Incursion team?
  233. Looking for good players for Incursion with lvl31 gear
  234. Wall glitch is very annoying and cheating cheap!
  235. Looking for likeminded players to friend/group with!
  236. LFG Level 30 British based
  237. Looking for players (PC)
  239. looking for level 30s with mics to do Challenging Missions and Farm Pheonix Credits
  240. Looking for Team
  241. Looking fror Incursion members (Xbox One)
  242. Need Help Leveling up
  243. Is this right?
  244. The Division
  245. Xiled Gaming Recruiting!
  246. New Player Looking for a friend / group
  247. Daily, Adult PS4 player looking for Clan
  248. LF2M Hornet farm. Have mics!
  249. LF2M Lex Speed farm
  250. LF2M Lex Speed farm